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The May / June 2021 Issue features a look at millennial magnets and customized training programs. Plus, how the manufacturing industry can keep and attract workers.
The May / June 2021 Issue features a look at millennial magnets and customized training programs. Plus, how the manufacturing industry can keep and attract workers.


Recent Issues

Latest: May / June 2021 Issue (Volume 54, Number 3) - The May / June 2021 Issue features a look at millennial magnets and customized training programs. Plus, how the manufacturing industry can keep and attract workers.

May / June 2021 Issue (Volume 54, Number 3)

May / June 2021
Concept rendering by Mason Innovation Partners / EYP

Business Facilities May / June 2021 Issue

May / June 2021
(Concept rendering by Mason Innovation Partners / EYP)


Millennial Magnets | They’re almost three-quarters of the workforce and they know what they want: to work where they really want to live, in a diverse place with a great quality of life, an affordable cost of living and a hip 24/7 work, live, play culture within walking distance. Check out the attraction strategies of locations that are bringing in the talent. Plus, Building The Top Tech Talent Pipeline In Virginia.


Finding The Perfect Fit | The training needed to close the 21st century skills gap in America is highly customized and it can take place in virtual space and laboratories as well as on factory floors—sometimes beginning before a recruit is hired. Take our tour of the customized training leaders.


Manufacturing: Jobs Multiplier | Nearly 500,000 jobs remain unfilled in manufacturing. Find out how the industry can retain and recruit workers in order to prevent a labor shortage that could end up costing the U.S. economy $1 trillion.

Industrial Parks: Building In Risk Resilience | By integrating resource efficiency, circular business practices and benefits of shared services, EIP practices can help industrial parks meet the demands of the post-COVID-19 world.

Turning Up The (Cargo) Volume | People have adjusted their purchasing habits, and the Port of Baltimore is ready as a leading e-commerce logistics hub.

Clear Skies, Strategic City | Henderson shines with Nevada’s highest per capita income, expanding healthcare sector and nationally recognized quality of life.

Poised For Liftoff In Alabama | Alabama is regaining the momentum it lost during the COVID-19 pandemic, with significant growth projects launching in key strategic industrial clusters.

Wilson Strong | Dealing with the effects of a natural disaster on top of the COVID crisis, this Tennessee county demonstrated the strength of its leadership and community resolve.

Creative Culture In Claremont, NH | This thriving New England mill town is full of forward-thinking, cutting edge manufacturers and creative entrepreneurs.

Collaborating For Success In York, NE | York County’s approach to economic development ensures access to all agencies and programs that can be of assistance to a project—with property and buildings ready to go.


North Carolina: Landing A Giant | Apple has chosen Research Triangle Park as the location of its first East Coast campus, a $1-billion project that will create 3,000 new jobs. The company also plans to establish a $100 million fund to support schools and community initiatives in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Delaware: Diverse Tech Talent Pipeline | The Delaware Prosperity Partnership (DPP) has completed a strategic plan to support a more diverse tech talent pipeline in the state.

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March / April 2021 Issue (Volume 54, Number 2)

March / April 2021

Business Facilities March / April 2021 Issue

March / April 2021ON THE COVER

Rethinking The Global Supply Chain | With traffic jams in ports that have container ships backed up miles at sea and the U.S. rapidly decoupling from China, the momentum to reshore overseas supply chains is building. Our experts tell us what to expect in the race to go “local for local.”


The Best Way From Here To There | Take our annual tour of the top logistics hubs and find out which locations are in the best position to serve your markets.

Standing Tall At The Crossroads | Gov. Gretchen Whitmer tells us in her own words what it was like to respond to the pandemic in Michigan while facing down domestic terrorists trying to overthrow the state government.

Adding Favor To FDI | Miami is the gateway to Latin America—and the world. This unique global address for high-tech players is a rapidly growing hub in a culturally rich community.


Regional Drivers Of Economic Growth | FTZs, located in or near U.S. customs ports of entry, enable duty-free movement of foreign and domestic merchandise.

Molecular Miracles | Successful introduction of mRNA vaccines has created a platform for the rapid development of new treatments.

Where Steel Turns Into Sugar | Sucro Sourcing will invest $19 million to transform the old Bethlehem Steel Mill in Lackawanna, NY into a sugar refinery.

Powerhouse For Growth In SC | Santee Cooper is South Carolina’s largest power provider and a favorable business partner, acting as a major driver of regional economic development.

Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Ariel C. Gruswitz, J.D., Delaware Prosperity Partnership | Gruswitz, DPP’s Director of Innovation, discusses the First State’s focus on innovation, and how it’s attracting growing companies.

Not Just A Pretty Face | The Grand Canyon State is proving it’s more than meets the eye, demonstrating success in a variety of key sectors in AZ.

Laying The Groundwork | Kentucky continues to invest in its communities and develop initiatives to prepare for sustainable growth.

Master-Planning For Success | The master-planned and deed-restricted 99.5-acre Tomball Business & Technology Park is fully served with all utilities and is minutes from major highways.

Building What Matters In Minnesota | The Minnesota Investment Fund is turbocharging growth in the thriving medical device and biotech sectors in the Land of the Lakes.

Industrial Enchantment | Despite the challenges of 2020, New Mexico saw growth and success across a wide range of industries and is preparing for even more growth in 2021.

10 Tickets To Success In Amarillo, TX | Whether looking to move operations, expand your company or start a brand new enterprise, Amarillo can help.


New Jersey: Partners With Israel | A world-class Institute for Future Technologies is coming to the NJIT campus in Newark.

Mississippi: Connecting At High-Speed | The Magnolia State is undertaking a $65-million installation of broadband service in rural areas.

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January / February 2021 Issue (Volume 54, Number 1)

January / February 2021

Business Facilities January / February 2021

January / February 2021ON THE COVER

State of the Year: North Carolina | A rising star with a global reach, North Carolina has been on our radar for several years. In 2020, NC was a top 10 state in our most important State Rankings categories. Now, the Tar Heel State has won our top honor for the first time.


2020 Economic Development Deal of the Year Awards

Gold Award: Cybertruck Gigafactory | Elon Musk likes to invent new words to describe his products and his manufacturing facilities. Tesla’s newest Gigafactory grabs our Gold Award for Greater Austin, TX.

Silver Award: Turning Renewables Into Diesel | Louisiana may be a fossil fuel giant, but the Pelican State has its eye on a green future. Our Silver prize goes to Louisiana Economic Development for the $9.2-billion Grön Fuels complex.

Bronze Award: Regional HQ in Charlotte | Centene’s transformative project delivers more than 3,000 new jobs and our Bronze Award to the City of Charlotte, NC. Plus, Honorable Mentions! 

Editor’s Picks: Top Utilities | Electricity consumption in the commercial sector during 2020 was down, but our top power players are all preparing for a robust recovery in 2021.

Preparation Is Key | States across the country are implementing certification programs that give available sites a shovel ready designation—labeling them primed and ready for economic development.

West Virginia: Rising To The Challenge | Governor Jim Justice gives BF an inside look at his successful strategy to distribute vaccines.

60 Seconds… with Ryan Combs, Research Triangle Regional Partnership | Combs, Executive Director at North Carolina’s Research Triangle Regional Partnership, discusses foreign direct investment, higher education, and biotech in the region.


Time For Lift-Off | Commercial aviation took a much harder hit than the defense industry last year, and it will take longer to recover as the hospitality industry struggles.

Bouncing Back | Florida continues to look for ways to regain its economic strength, and shine like it should.

The Future Will Be Electric | Electric vehicle sales, and the charging stations that power them, are still on the rise, despite reductions in general car usage.

Nurturing In The Natural State | Through the pandemic, Arkansas has defined resiliency, remaining open and ready for business.

Gigs Of Growth In Data Capacity | With more than 373MW of new data center capacity under construction, CBRE is forecasting that total data center inventory will grow by 13.8 percent this year.

Business Is Booming In Box Elder | This Utah county continues to learn and grow in order to help create a community where business can thrive.

Living Large In Life Sciences | With the need for new treatments more urgent than ever, private investors put more than $16 billion to work in the life sciences sector in the first half of 2020.

Making It Happen In Missouri | Joplin is a regional transportation hub and a thriving, diverse community of dreamers and doers.

Still Bigger, Still Better, Still Texas | The stars align to create the most advantageous business climate for expanding and relocating companies.

One-Stop Shop In NC | Food processing facilities are flocking to North Carolina thanks to its diverse agricultural economy and acclaimed food science resources.

On The Short List For Investment | The Edmonton Metropolitan Region has what the world needs to solve some of its biggest challenges.


Kansas: Setting The Table | Food processing is thriving in the nation’s breadbasket.

Louisiana: Producing More Plastics | Shintech invests $1.3 billion to expand its manufacturing and packaging facilities.

Nevada: Linking Hands With Canada | MineConnect will give rural northeastern Nevada access to the heart of the Canadian mining industry.

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November / December 2020 Issue (Volume 53, Number 6)

November / December 2020

Business Facilities November / December 2020

November / December 2020ON THE COVER

COVID-19: The Road To Recovery | It’s been our privilege to tell you about the heroic efforts of economic development organizations and state governments who have joined forces with local businesses to respond to the most urgent needs of the COVID-19 pandemic.


State Profiles | In this issue, we unveil our 21st Century Site Seekers’ Guide, featuring our new State Profiles. Spoiler Alert: We put each state’s most dazzling gems into our new showcase (and there’s a new Directory!)

Ready To Scale New Heights | Join us as Colorado Gov. Jared Polis explains how the Rocky Mountain State is getting the jump on climate change and growing a highly skilled workforce for emerging growth sectors like cybersecurity.

Wanting To Live Where You Work | Businesses and EDOs are vying to attract Millennials—and quality of life is key—making it crucial that talent attraction strategies address work-life balance as well as affordability.

Featured Locations Directory | As we were saying, we’re also debuting a new Site Seekers’ Guide Featured Locations Directory in this issue. If your eyes are tired when you get there, just scan it with your smartphone.


Insurance Capital Of The World | The Hartford Region offers a skilled workforce with an ideal and strategic location for cutting-edge advances in InsurTech innovation

From Skincare To Supplements | Find out how the business of biotech is branching out and becoming a coveted asset in a number of other industries.

Shifting Supply Chain Priorities | Minimizing lead times and lowering costs was a top do-do in Logistics, but COVID-19 moved ensuring critical supply chain resiliency to the number one spot.

Cutting The Red Tape In Kentucky | The Bluegrass State is putting expansions on the fast track with several new facilities in the works and job creation on the rise.

Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Matt Hurlbutt, Greater Rochester Enterprise | Hurlbutt, President & CEO, Greater Rochester Enterprise, discusses the region’s Economic Gardening program, along with its status as a high-tech, life sciences and food processing hub.

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September / October 2020 Issue (Volume 53, Number 5)

September / October 2020

Business Facilities September / October 2020

September / October 2020ON THE COVER

Cybersecurity 2.0 | The red-hot growth sector of cybersecurity has created an estimated 1 million jobs in the U.S., but at least half of these positions are going unfilled because of a severe shortage of workers with the specialized skills required for cyber jobs. Take our annual tour of the cyber sector and see which locations have put together the assets that are required to become a top cyber hub.


COVID-19: Response And Recovery | Economic development organizations and local businesses keep finding inspiring and innovative ways to join forces to meet the most urgent needs of this unprecedented crisis.

Planting The Seeds Of Growth | The most important metric in evaluating a startup ecosystem is how many startups succeed in putting down roots in a community. Find out which locations are nurturing startup ecosystems with access to skilled labor, angel investors and an affordable quality of life.

Staying Safe And Strong In Ohio | When the first coronavirus cases were announced in Ohio in early March, Gov. DeWine acted quickly, putting public health first and establishing best practices for staying safe and strong—which also is his blueprint for recovery in the Buckeye State.


Mississippi’s Battle Plan | Scientists at Vicksburg’s Engineer R&D Center have been deploying supercomputers to develop models illustrating how the coronavirus spreads.

Generating Growth In Genesee | Fast approval times along with preparation and delivery help maximize western New York’s abundant talent and power.

Putting Food On The Table | COVID-19 caused major disruptions to the agribusiness and food processing supply chain, but these locations have what it takes to bring goods from farm to market.

Lone Star State Can Take A Punch | Depressed oil prices and the coronavirus hit Texas like a one-two punch, but instead of hitting the deck, the heavyweight champ of state economies is punching back.

On The Front Lines | In locations throughout the nation, advanced manufacturing facilities and resources are being enlisted in the fight against COVID-19.

Find, Fund And Foster | Canada continues to position itself as a global cleantech leader with assistance from the Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC).

The Illinois Advantage | A great logistics network and a world-class education system enable the Land of Lincoln to generate the fifth-highest GDP among states.

Rolling On The River | River Ridge Commerce Center in southern Indiana has become an economic magnet for the entire region due to its logistical advantages.

Getting Busy In Baltimore | Record cargo volumes and the biggest container vessels ever are surging into the Port of Baltimore, raising the economic tide in Maryland.

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July / August 2020 Issue (Volume 53, Number 4)

Business Facilities  July / August 2020

July / August 2020ON THE COVER

2020 Business Facilities Rankings Report | We put the impact of the pandemic in lockdown mode when we calculated the results for our 16th annual Rankings Report, so our red carpet still is reserved for the best of the best, as usual.

2020 Rankings Report: Top-Ranked States | We’ve got a new name for our workforce development ranking, a new category ranking the leaders in Digital Infrastructure and an early look at the states poised to dominate offshore wind power.

2020 Rankings Report: Top-Ranked Metros | Our Metro Rankings report features our first-ever ranking of the leading industrial parks. The top metro in our Millennial Magnets scoreboard may surprise you (hint: they’re also tall in the saddle).


Doubling Down On Renewables | The U.S. EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook 2020 forecasts a rapid decline of coal and nuclear power in this decade, the continuing expansion of renewables and the growth of U.S. exports of oil and gas.

Deadline Extended To Invest In Opportunity | The IRS has extended a critical deadline for investments in qualified opportunity zones until the end of 2020, hoping to entice investors who have largely sat on their money during the global pandemic.

COVID-19: Response And Recovery | EDOs and local businesses continue to join forces, finding inspiring and innovative ways to meet the most urgent needs of the crisis.


Florida’s Way Forward | The Sunshine State is used to making things grow, this includes its tech industry, where FL is sprouting thousands of new jobs.

Is It OK To Scream On The Roller Coaster? | Visitors to the most popular sites and attractions in the country will find them adjusted to the reality of life in a pandemic…but it’s still better than staying home.

Over-The-Horizon Resource Plan | Indiana-based Hoosier Energy is diversifying, integrating new energy-related possibilities in order to help address changing demands.

Making Space For New Priorities | To meet longer-term storage and cargo fluidity needs, Georgia Ports Authority purchased 145 acres adjacent to the Port of Savannah.

Louisiana Commissions Resilience | When COVID-19 rewrote business plans in 2020, Louisiana started charting a path toward safely reopening the economy and making the state more resilient for the long-term.

Tarheel Temptations Reel In Big Fish | Through two popular incentive programs, the NC Department of Commerce tailors grants to help attract jobs and the company making an investment.

Silicon Makes Gold In The Copper State | A semiconductor manufacturer’s $12-billion project announcement could set Arizona up with 1,600 new jobs.

More Than The Sum Of Its Parts | While the New England states fit together like a scenic puzzle, when you dig deeper it’s clear each has its own economic benefits and charm.

Enchanted Land For Logistics | Companies in the manufacturing and logistics sector are making major investments in New Mexico.

Consumers Energy: Energy And Beyond | Consumers Energy is committed to helping small businesses, nonprofits and communities prosper—in energy and beyond—now more than ever.

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May / June 2020 Issue (Volume 53, Number 3)

May / June 2020 Issue

Business Facilities  May / June 2020

May / June 2020 IssueON THE COVER

COVID 19: Response And Recovery | Economic development organizations have played a central role in distributing emergency financial relief to small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, acting as the point of contact for federal SBA loans and a plethora of new state and metro grants and loans aimed at providing a lifeline to the local economy. EDOs, businesses and higher ed resources have joined forces to create new supply lines for desperately needed personal protection equipment.


The Skills To Cope With Crisis | According to labor force experts, now is the time for companies to double down on their learning budgets and commit to reskilling in order to help workers adapt to rapidly changing conditions, strengthen businesses for future disruptions and address the pre-pandemic skills gap. Find out how some locations are handling this crisis and evolving technologies.


Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Mike Grundmann | Grundmann, Senior Vice President, Talent Solutions, Virginia Economic Development Partnership, discusses workforce development, recruitment and training, and the impact of COVID-19.

Biotech Campus Scales Up To Fight COVID-19 | Companies at Huntsville, AL’s HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology have increased lab testing capacity, rolled out point-of-care testing diagnostics, and continued work on antibody treatments for immune response.

Local For Local | Pandemic-related disruptions are forcing industry leaders to rethink supply chain and logistics strategies, with a trend toward localization.

Meet The HQ Magnets | Location is an important part of a company’s identity. Take a look at a few cities that pass the appeal test for corporate headquarters.

Tennessee Charts A Safe Reboot | A statewide initiative pledges to safely reboot Tennessee’s economy through guidance and best practices for employers, employees, businesses and consumers.

Amazon Gets Bigger In Delaware | The First State will soon be home to a third Amazon fulfillment center. The new Wilmington facility is expected to create more than 1,000 full-time jobs.

Hungry For High Tech | Now at the forefront of emerging sectors like cloud computing and cybersecurity, Virginia stands ready to push new boundaries as a U.S. leader in IT.

Healthcare In A Hub With Hometown Feel | See why Sierra Vista, AZ is uniquely positioned for businesses in the healthcare industry that are seeking to expand, relocate or launch a new enterprise.

Center Of Innovation In Scenic New Hampshire | Claremont, NH is a bustling mill town full of forward-thinking manufacturers and creative entrepreneurs.


Maryland: Recovery Effort | Six counties in Maryland, representing a majority of the state’s population, will work together along with federal and state partners to support economic recovery.

North Carolina: Goldenhome Grows | Customized cabinet system manufacturer will invest $86 million to establish its North American HQ in Concord, creating 257 jobs in Cabarrus County over five years.

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March / April 2020 Issue (Volume 53, Number 2)

March / April 2020 Issue

Business Facilities March / April 2020

March / April 2020 IssueON THE COVER

Manufacturing 4.0 | Innovative technology is catapulting manufacturing into a new age of efficiency across a plethora of industries from aerospace to medical devices. Discover some locations that have diversified their high-tech growth sectors, positioning them to thrive in this new age of efficiency.


Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Courtney Pogue, City of Dallas, TX | Pogue, Director of Economic Development, City of Dallas, TX, discusses information technology hosting and data center operations, foreign direct investment, renewable energy and more.

Biotech: Finding The DNA For Success | To prepare for the future and remain relevant in the ever-evolving business landscape, biopharma and medtech organizations will be looking for new ways to create value and new metrics to make sense of today’s wealth of data.

Show Me Success Story | Join us as we sit down with Gov. Mike Parson, who gives us an inside look at Missouri’s formula for success. It’s all about infrastructure — physical and human, with workforce development a top priority.


Revving Up To Go The Distance | Automotive revenues and profits have robustly rebounded in the U.S. since 2015, but how automakers respond to several transformative challenges they will face over the next five years will determine the long-term viability of sustainable growth in this sector.

On The Rise In Middle TN | Middle Tennessee is one of the fastest-growing regions in the nation, and Nashville International Airport (BNA) is growing with it.

Rebuilding An Empire | New York State is investing an additional $150 billion in the nation’s largest infrastructure program, reinforcing its prime location status.

Proteins And Pandemic Drive Demand | From health to hoarding, consumers are responding to both the power of plants and the power of panic with the demand for food.

Preparing For Tomorrow’s Jobs Today | Find out what strategies the Carolinas are employing to prepare their workforces for further development to meet changing industry needs.

Taking High-Tech To New Heights | Arizona manufacturing is at the forefront of innovation with a highly-skilled talent base, robust supply chain and low business costs near some of the world’s largest economies.

Metropolises Of Manufacturing | Take a look at a couple of the world’s largest industrial areas according to, and then learn about some closer to home.

Building A Sustainable Future | Locations in Florida and Virginia have taken leadership positions in facilitating sustainable development, proving you can make some green by going green.


New Jersey: Garden State Connects With Israel | A second successful economic mission for Choose New Jersey to Israel strengthened existing economic ties, cultivating further investment opportunities in the state.

Texas: Microsoft Regional Hub Growth | Microsoft will invest $31 million and add 575 new jobs to expand regional hub operations in Irving, TX.

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January / February 2020 Issue (Volume 53, Number 1)

January / February 2020 Issue

Business Facilities January / February 2020

January / February 2020 IssueON THE COVER

State Of The Year: Texas | We could have called it State of the Decade and the name of the winner wouldn’t have changed: the Lone Star State has lassoed our top honor for an unprecedented fourth time. Click here to find out how Texas keeps sitting tall in the saddle.



Power To The People | The U.S. Energy Information Administration says 42 gigawatts of new electric generation capacity will go online in 2020. Meanwhile, our annual Editor’s Picks: Utilities will electrify you.

Snapshots: 60 Seconds With Janet LaBar, Charlotte Regional Business Alliance | LaBar, Chief Executive Officer, Charlotte Regional Business Alliance, discusses Lowe’s $153M global tech center, tech jobs, and the region’s vision for economic growth.


Floating Your Economic Boat | See how far the economic reach of U.S. seaports extends from revenue generation to jobs creation.

Onward And Upward | Growth is expected for the Aerospace & Defense industry in 2020, after a decline in the commercial aerospace sector in 2019.

On The Cutting Edge Of Data | The exponential growth of data consumption is creating an imperative that requires data centers to be closer to their customers, resulting in more “edge” locations.

Lone Star Bright | The success of Texas economically is getting redundant. Learn about some of the locations contributing to this seemingly never-ending story.

More Than A Great Place To Run Out Of Gas | From massively talked about talent initiatives, to major business expansions and attractions, Topeka, KS is turning the corner on economic development.

Logistics Gem In Central Florida | See how West Melbourne offers international market access with small town friendliness close to the beach.


Shreveport: Ready For Prime Time | A maintenance, overhaul and repair shop is coming to Shreveport Regional Airport, getting this hub in northern Louisiana ready to reach new heights.

The Golden Goose In CA | The California Competes Tax Credit (CCTC) Committee approved $88.7 million in tax credits for 14 companies projected to create 2,327 new, full-time jobs and more than $1.5 billion in new investments across the State.

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September / October 2019 Issue (Volume 52, Number 5)

September / October 2019 issue

Business Facilities September / October 2019

September / October 2019 issueON THE COVER

Logistics: In It For The Long Haul | Record growth is taking place in America’s $1.64-trillion logistics and transportation industry. It seems everywhere you look, new and better ways are being found to move goods to market faster, cheaper and more efficiently. Join us on a tour of some of the hottest haulers.


Opportunity Zones: Window Of Opportunity | The U.S. Treasury Dept. has designated total of 8,764 Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZs) in all 50 states, offering federal tax credits for private investments in disadvantaged communities. Plus, a how-to on Understanding Opportunity Zone Guidelines.

Editor’s Picks: Business/Industry/Tech Parks | Business, industrial and technology parks are magnets for attracting a skilled workforce—a top priority for 21st-century growth sectors.

Mississippi Is Ready For Liftoff | The Magnolia State is surging to the top with a skilled workforce that is setting new standards for success in advanced manufacturing. Join us as Gov. Phil Bryant gives us his recipe for success.

Making Connections In Michigan | Advanced manufacturing makes up a huge part of Michigan’s business structure, blending its traditional work ethic and a high-tech innovative vision.


Advancing In The Inland Empire | InTech has been awarded a $700,000 grant to expand its advanced manufacturing apprenticeship program.

Starting Up Is Big In Texas | Is there anything that isn’t big in Texas? Learn how the Lone Star State is cornering the market for business startups.

Building A Better Maryland | A Better Maryland is the new state development plan that includes 10 goals—along with the visions, objectives and agencies that will achieve them.

Harvesting Growth In Stormy Weather | Although America’s farmers are feeling the impact of the current trade war with China, locations that have established strong agribusiness sectors continue to thrive.

Business Is Blossoming In MS | Mississippi has reduced the amount of capital investment and the minimum number of jobs required to receive aerospace and data center incentives.

Data-driven Doctors Will Text U Now | Digital transformation is driving innovation in the life sciences sector, with transparency as a top priority and a focus on relationship-driven partnerships.

World-class Workers In IL | One of Illinois’ greatest assets is its people. This talent pool of nearly 6.5 million is hard to match.


Tennessee: Select Sites Are Ready | TNECD has selected four counties to participate in the latest round of the Select Tennessee PEP, which helps communities identify opportunities for site development.

New Mexico: Permian Basin Booming | Southeastern New Mexico is upgrading its logistics network to facilitate growth generated by oil and gas production in the Permian Basin.

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July / August 2019 Issue (Volume 52, Number 4)

July / August 2019 Issue

Business Facilities July / August 2019

July / August 2019 IssueON THE COVER

2019 Business Facilities Rankings Report | Our 15th annual Rankings Report maintains BF’s standard for credible and comprehensive results. And while the rankings ecosystem is getting crowded and the categories may evolve over time, our commitment to an unbiased assessment of valid metrics never wavers.

2019 Rankings Report: Best States | If you want to know which state has the best business climate and who’s got the up-arrow mojo in cybersecurity, unmanned aerial systems, wind farms, data centers and a bevy of other growth sectors, head straight for our 2019 State Rankings.

2019 Rankings Report: Top Metros | We’ve added a couple of new blades to our rankings Cuisinart, slicing and dicing statistical chunks into easily digestible categories that serve up results for cities, counties and MSAs in our most comprehensive Metro Rankings to date.

2019 Rankings Report: Global Locations |We measure international locations’ progress on a range of factors, including artificial intelligence, renewable energy, economic growth potential, global competitiveness, and beyond.


Ready To Hit The Ground Running | Precertified sites—also known as shovel ready—speed up the development cycle for projects by cutting the read tape and lining up key approvals in advance of the site selection process. Take our tour and find out where the sites that are ready to go are waiting for you.

Special Reports

The Tourist Game Is Growing | With more than 450 commercial casinos across 24 states, the $261 billion U.S. casino industry supports 1.8 million jobs nationwide.

A Sunny Outlook In Florida | Commercial real estate projects brought $20 billion into Florida’s economy in 2018 and similar to the state’s population, the growth will continue.

An Impressive History | Partnerships with local communities and Hoosier Energy’s 18 member systems have resulted in more than $11.5 billion in new investments and 50,000 new jobs.

Southern Indiana Hot Spot On The River | With 6,000 acres located along the Ohio River, River Ridge Commerce Center boasts a $2.3 billion regional impact in Southern Indiana.

Next-Gen Workforce In MI | Michigan is gaining national attention as a preeminent place for business with its next gen workforce and amenities for talent.

The Copper State Goes For The Gold | Arizona’s pro-business climate is bringing more jobs, more companies and more opportunities to the state.

Public Power Fuels Growth In NC | NC’s Electricities’ nonprofit membership organization provides economic development support to 70 communities.

Peer-To-Peer Learning In Louisiana | LED is expanding its network of Small and Emerging Business Development Roundtables.

Yellow Light For Driverless Cars | Programming is turning out to be a bit more difficult than predicted, causing a slowdown in the anticipated early 2020s road release of fully autonomous vehicles.

New England: Rising Regional Tide | The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s 1Q 2019 report showed increased wages in all six New England states.

Cultural Hybrid As Business Model | Curaçao’s service environment and infrastructure are well suited for dealing with multicultural complexities.

New Mexico Enchants Digital Media | The state aims to become the go-to place for video game development with key incentives already in place.

The HQ Relocation Equation | Strategic, singular or a combination of many issues may be the drivers of analysis leading to relocation.

Business Reports

Kentucky: Unveiling A Super Car | GM will build the next-generation Chevrolet Corvette at their Bowling Green Assembly Plant.

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May / June 2019 Issue (Volume 52, Number 3)

May / June 2019 Issue

Business Facilities May / June 2019

May / June 2019 IssueON THE COVER

Global Investment: Destinations of Choice | The U.S. surge in incoming FDI has made foreign direct investment a top economic development priority for state and metro economic development organizations throughout the country. Some of the leading destinations for FDI are offering up the keys to their successful strategies. Take some time to learn from the best.


Leading By Example In Louisiana | Gov. John Bel Edwards has dug his way out of the deficit he inherited from his predecessor and restored full funding for education, but he didn’t stop there. During Edwards’ tenure Louisiana has become a national leader in cybersecurity and a global leader in water management and coastal restoration.

On The Front Lines Of The Cyberwar | The severe shortage of cyber security professionals around the world—there’ll be an estimated 3.5 million unfilled positions by 2021—is getting worse while cybercriminals get bolder and bolder. Find out which locations are ready to lead the battle.

Editor’s Picks: Tech Hubs | Tech hubs are complex organisms that draw nourishment from an environment in which startups flourish. Explore our Editor’s Picks for leading hubs that have developed viable startup ecosystems.

Snapshots: 60 Seconds With James Chavez, South Carolina Power Team | Chavez, SC Power Team President and Chief Executive Officer, discusses recent economic development successes, the Site Readiness Fund, workforce development and foreign investment.

Special Reports

Fostering Opportunity | Maryland’s governor announced a series of initiatives and legislation to further expand the thriving Maryland Opportunity Zones.

Smooth Sailing On The Delaware | Gulftainer’s multimillion-dollar investment is transforming the Port of Wilmington into the largest logistics facility on the Delaware River.

Logistics Is Moving Into A New Age | Digital transformation technologies rapidly are moving the logistics and distribution sector into what is broadly known as Industry 4.0.

Sizing Up Sites In Tennessee | Find out which five counties are benefitting from the latest round of the Select TN Property Evaluation Program, helping improve their inventory of industrial sites and buildings.

Setting the Bar High In Nevada | The Silver State’s shiny new law requires 50 percent of its electricity be generated from renewable sources by 2030.

Bioscience Boom Grows In Iowa | Iowa has a new cash crop. The Cornhusker State offers a number of benefits—including abundant access to raw materials—that make it a leader in the Bioscience industry.

Canada: Look West For Growth | Start. Grow. Thrive. in Sturgeon County, the second-fastest growing region in Canada.

Business Reports

April Showers (Of Jobs) In Arkansas | A banner month for job creation in Arkansas brought more than $200 million in investment & 900 new jobs.

A Materials Mega-Factory In North Carolina | Cree will invest up to $1 billion in a North Carolina expansion while Pella will invest nearly $20 million in a new operation in the Tarheel State.

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March / April 2019 Issue (Volume 52, Number 2)

Business Facilities March / April 2019 Issue

Business Facilities March / April 2019

Business Facilities March / April 2019 IssueON THE COVER

Putting Talent To Work | Your father’s workforce training doesn’t live here anymore. What used to be an on-the-job osmosis of acquired skills from senior co-workers now starts in college or even high school, and it’s a cooperative effort with locations leveraging higher ed and business resources to set the curricula. Jenny Vickers will tell you how they’re doing it.


Snapshots: 60 Seconds With Jose Lozano, Choose New Jersey | Lozano, President and Chief Executive Officer, Choose New Jersey, Inc., discusses the state’s workforce development plans, plus efforts to encourage its innovation ecosystem.

Manufacturing Growth | The U.S. manufacturing sector finally has regained the output levels lost during the Great Recession. Find out which locations have put in place the essentials to attract and sustain the high-tech manufacturing clusters that are turbocharging the U.S. economy.

Biotech Is Ready For The Big Time | The biotechnology sector has shown great promise for more than a decade, but until recently the path from the lab to the marketplace was a bumpy road. The surging science of genomics promises to speed things up, by deciphering the DNA in the formula for success.

Editor’s Picks: STEM Leaders | The U.S. is trailing in the critical race to develop a STEM-skilled workforce, with China outpacing us at a rate of almost 10-1. The only thing at stake is the global technology crown, which the U.S. has owned longer than the Stanley Cup. The good news: locations across the U.S. are busy creating an army of high-tech reinforcements.

Special Reports

Data Centers: Get Ready For 5G | The Industrial Internet of Things will be connected by 5G networks. Burgeoning clusters of data centers will be there at the creation.

The Best Are Moving To New Brunswick | International giants are finding it easy to support their global footprint while they enjoy the scenic wonder of Canada’s New Brunswick.

Making Green By Being Green | More and more places are hitching their growth wagon to green development and sustainability. Take our tour.

Recreational Development In New Mexico |  New Mexico is putting its spectacular landmarks and parks to work with a new Division of Outdoor Recreation.

Retail Is Rushing To Goodyear | Find out why the retail giants are falling all over themselves to plant their flag in the valley west of Phoenix, AZ.

Corridor Of Industry In Islip | You can’t get to the center of industrial growth on Long Island without going through the middle of Islip.

Growing Side By Side In Fairmont | Agribusiness, manufacturing and distribution are thriving shoulder-to-shoulder in this rural gem in south central Minnesota.

It All Comes Together In Sierra Vista | History, nature and education converge in Sierra Vista, AZ, a military outpost that has become a high-tech hub.

The Commonwealth Of Choice | The industries are diverse, the workforce is skilled and it seems like everyone wants to put their HQ in Virginia.

Business Reports

Texas Extends Its Bootprint | Tomball’s Business & Tech Park grows while state officials go to California looking for silicon cowpokes yearning to roam.

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January / February 2019 Issue (Volume 52, Number 1)

January / February 2019 Issue

Business Facilities January / February 2019

January / February 2019 IssueON THE COVER

State of the Year: Virginia | Virginia is doing it all. Already home to the nation’s top data center market and dozens of major corporate headquarters, VA’s top five projects in 2018 pulled in nearly $6 billion in capital investment and cemented the Commonwealth’s reputation as a high-tech leader.


2018 Economic Development Deal of the Year Awards

Gold Award: Amazon HQ2 Times Two |  Jeff Bezos’ decision to split up his Amazon HQ2 project resulted in the first tie in the history of our Gold Award, with Empire State Development and Virginia Economic Development Partnership sharing the top prize.

Silver Award: Mazda and Toyota Join Forces |  Alabama lands a coveted $1.6-billion auto assembly plant expected to bring 4,000 jobs to a 2,000-acre site in Huntsville.

Bronze Award: Detroit’s Crown Jewel |  Michigan Central Station Depot will be restored to greatness as the centerpiece of Ford’s 1.2 million-square-foot Corktown campus. Plus, our 2018 Honorable Mention Awards.

Editor’s Picks: Top Utilities |  These utility power players are energizing economic development and proactively diversifying their sources of energy for a rapidly adjusting market while offering old-school reliability combined with cutting-edge efficiency.

Snapshots: 60 Seconds With Eloisa Klementich, Invest Atlanta |  Eloisa Klementich, CEO, Invest Atlanta, discusses the factors that are making the city a thriving high-tech hub.

Special Reports

Onward and Upward |  The aerospace sector is poised to stay on its growth trajectory in 2019, led by commercial aircraft production and defense spending.

Staying Golden in California |  The California Economic Summit’s 2019 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity outlines how to make the “Dream” possible for more Californians.

Warming Up to the Digital Dish |  A majority of food processing professionals are developing a healthy appetite for digital transformation

The Beehive State Keeps Buzzing |  Utah keeps outperforming the U.S. economy with steady job growth while setting the standard for fiscal stability.

Getting Connected in Kansas |  The Kansas Office of Broadband Development is bringing high-speed broadband to rural parts of the Sunflower State.

Competitive Communities in Arkansas |  A new Initiative aims to make locations across Arkansas even more attractive for new and expanding businesses.

Ringing in the New Year Right |  If January is an indication of what 2019 will hold for Indiana, it is going to be a banner year for Hoosiers.

Secure a Spot While You Can |  The largest city in SW Florida, Cape Coral is only 50 percent built out. Here are some hotspots prime for investment.

Hub for Headquarters in TX |  Corporations are finding a comfortable home in the master-planned community of the Woodlands.

Business Reports

Methanol Behemoth on the Bayou |  South Louisiana Methanol and SABIC aim to create one of the world’s largest methanol production sites.

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September / October 2018 Issue (Volume 51, Number 5)

September / October 2018 Issue

September / October 2018 IssueBusiness Facilities September / October 2018


Foreign Direct Investment Lives Here | FDI begats more FDI. Locations that have successfully transformed themselves into FDI magnets are busy forming “recruiting committees” of transplants that already have put down roots in their community, targeting overseas players in the same industries. Join Jenny Vickers as she tours our Editor’s Picks of FDI magnets worth emulating.


Snapshots: 60 Seconds With Andrew Deye, JobsOhio | Deye, Managing Director for JobsOhio, discusses Ohio’s strategy to become a top U.S. destination for foreign direct investment.

Ports/FTZs: Critical Link In Global Chain | Ports and Foreign Trade Zones continue to upgrade their ability to move cargo in and out as critical links in the expanding global supply chain. Come aboard for our annual voyage.

A High-Tech Leader With Home-Grown Talent | Colorado is more than a great place to chill amid the scenic splendor of the Rockies—CO is a high-tech powerhouse poised to plant its flag atop a bevy of emerging growth sectors. Join us as we sit down with Gov. John Hickenlooper and analyze his formula for success.


Ontario Has Everything You Want | If you’re looking for a skilled talent pool, solid infrastructure, great universities, ease of access to global markets and an unmatched quality of life, look North. Ontario, Canada has it all.

Manufacturing Is Back | U.S. manufacturing is in the midst of an impressive resurgence. Here’s a report from the field on locations that are busy making things.

Mississippi: A Team Effort | Find out how the can-do cooperation between state, regional and metro EDOs in the Magnolia State can bring your project to fruition.

Mid-Sized Market With Maximum Reach | With quality of life a top site selection priority, big players are choosing Richmond, VA over larger metros.

Renewal In The Midwest | Renewable energy companies are flocking to Illinois to reap the benefits of IL’s Future Energy Jobs Act.

Colorado Is Aiming Higher | The Rocky Mountain State supports advanced industries with four types of grants and two global business programs.

Texas Is Big And Getting Bigger | The Lone Star State—the leading exporter among U.S. states for 16 years—shows no signs of slowing down.

Cyber Jobs Are Open In California | The Golden State is stepping up efforts to ensure that it has the skilled labor pool to support its cybersecurity sector.

World-Class Cluster In Tennessee | The Sullivan County region in Northeastern TN is home to a dynamic plastics and chemicals industry cluster.


New Mexico: Intel Expands Footprint | The microchip giant is developing a new class of faster, denser storage and memory tech in Rio Rancho.

South Carolina: Green Tech Grows | Cherokee County lands China-based Green Tech Solution’s $75-million recycling facility.

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July / August 2018 Issue (Volume 51, Number 4)

July / August 2018 IssueBusiness Facilities July / August 2018


2018 Business Facilities Rankings Report | Our 14th annual Rankings Report takes a close look at red-hot emerging growth sectors, including cybersecurity, unmanned aerial systems and artificial intelligence. Find out which locations are leading the way in new technologies.

2018 Rankings Report: Best States | Our solar and wind power kings still wear their crowns—and our heavyweight champ in workforce training still is undisputed—but you’ll find some surprising up-and-comers throughout or categories.

2018 Rankings Report: Top Metros | We’ve taken extra care in this year’s report to make sure that small- and medium-sized metros get their place in our spotlight alongside large cities and sprawling MSAs. Turn the page and see who takes a bow. Plus, don’t miss our 2018 Global Rankings Report.


The HQ of Corporate Headquarters | Join us as we visit a city in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex that has the most Fortune 1,000 corporate headquarters per capita than anyplace of a similar size in the United States.

Marshall Plan for Talent in Michigan | MI is investing in its workforce by backing a new partnership between educators and employers that promises to transform Michigan’s talent pipeline, attracting and developing in-demand talent.

VIAA: A Manufacturing Future | They can make just about anything in Southwest VA, from snack foods to HR software to advanced power systems for electric vehicles.

Hi-Tech, Creativity and Sunshine | While we sprawl on their beautiful beaches, Floridians are busy securing a bright future by producing 28,000 STEM grads per year.

Port Houston Has a 10-Year Plan | With shipping increasing exponentially, Port Houston is investing $1.2 billion on new cranes, gantries and container yard space.

Get Happy in South Louisiana | With Southern Living’s “Tastiest Town in the South’ (hint: it’s Lafayette, LA) in its midst, South Louisiana has the secret sauce for success. Take our tour and try not to spill any of that famous red sauce on our pages.

Agri-Business Is Growing Like Topsy | Agri-business generates more than 5.5 percent of the U.S. GDP, with $137 billion of that coming directly from U.S. farms. Fill your plate and enjoy our smorgasbord.

Patriots Opt For Zone Defense | With funding from a $1.5-million grant from the Department of Defense, the six New England states have created a Regional Defense Industry Collaboration.

Billion-dollar Boom in Arizona | Intel puts down $7 billion to finish its semiconductor fab in Chandler while Nikola Motor bets a billion on a million-square-foot hydrogen-electric powered truck plant.

Carolinas: No Boundary to Growth | North and South Carolina recently adjusted their 334-mile border, but there’s no boundary to their growth potential.

Innovation Meets Logistics in NV | Whether it’s testing unmanned aerial systems overhead or moving freight on the ground, Henderson, NV is ready to meet your business needs.


Wyoming: Microsoft Expands | Work on Microsoft’s $200-million data center expansion, first announced in 2015, finally gets underway.

Kansas: Visitors from China | A delegation from Henan Province, a “sister state,” takes an economic development tour of the Jayhawk State.

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May / June 2018 Issue (Volume 51, Number 3)

May / June 2018 Issue

May / June 2018 IssueBusiness Facilities May / June 2018


Training And Talent Acquisition | For several years now, we’ve been tracking the efforts of locations to meet the top priority in economic development: assuring that a skilled workforce will be available when big-ticket projects come knocking. Take this year’s annual tour of leading workforce training programs and learn how talent acquisition and recruitment have been added to the workforce development toolkit.


Snapshots: 60 Seconds…with Paul Helton, Executive Director, LED FastStart | Helton discusses the recruitment, training and support services at the heart of one of the nation’s top workforce development programs.

The Knowledge-based Heart Of Canada | Take a trip with us to Fredericton in New Brunswick, an entrepreneurial hub that is a one-stop shop where startups can have a single point of contact to access a variety of programs designed to spur new business ventures.

Editor’s Picks: Incentives | It’s getting tougher and tougher to make our picks from the increasingly creative and targeted incentives that are being offered to attract big-ticket projects. Turn the page and see who made the cut.

Betting Big On High Technology—And Winning | Nevada, a state that was hit hard by the Great Recession, has turbocharged its impressive recovery by putting out the welcome mat for high-tech growth sectors. In an exclusive interview with BF, Gov. Brian Sandoval shares us his formula for success.

Special Reports

Engine for Growth In RI | You can find 14 percent of Rhode Island’s manufacturing jobs at Quonset Business Park, a tally that keeps growing.

A Safer Supply Chain | As the logistics industry moves the global supply chain onto digital platforms, cybersecurity will be a key priority.

The World Is Coming To Tennessee | The Volunteer State’s red-hot financial sector, which has added more than 24,000 jobs in this decade, continues to attract foreign direct investment.

Call Centers Seek Instant Feedback | Call centers stay ahead of the curve with unified omnichannes and instant feedback from social media.

Business Is Welcome, Not New Taxes | If you’re looking for a place where there’s a big welcome mat for new business, but no personal income tax, corporate taxes or an inventory tax, then Nevada is for you.

Winning The Battle For Jobs In MA | Devens, a diverse and thriving community on a former army base, is now home to dozens of businesses.

Tourism Brings Top Dollar | The travel and tourism industry supports an estimated 8.6 million U.S. jobs. A 2017 dip in overseas visitor to the U.S. has led to the creation of the Visit U.S. Coalition.


Maryland: Cybersecurity Magnet | Maryland is home to a bevy of top cybersecurity players, including industry experts in data encryption and digital forensics, two critical components of cyber safety.

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March / April 2018 Issue (Volume 51, Number 2)

March / April 2018 Issue

March / April 2018 IssueBusiness Facilities March / April 2018


Cybersecurity Takes Center Stage | You just need to glance at the latest headlines to know that the cyber crime threat is growing exponentially. Here’s the good news: at least a dozen states are competing for a leadership position in the emerging cybersecurity sector. You are cleared to take our tour.


Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Jason Ford, Greater Houston Partnership | Jason Ford, CEcD, Greater Houston Partnership’s VP of Regional Economic Development, discusses his city’s recovery from Hurricane Harvey, and opportunities for startups, foreign direct investment, and technology.

Biotech: Hungry for Big Deals | Industry analysts are predicting that 2018 will turn out to be a banner year for merger and acquisition activity in the biotech/pharma sector, a side effect of the federal tax overhaul.

From the Boardroom to the Governor’s Mansion | Gov. Matt Bevin is bringing his CEO skills to the dealmaking table, and the results are spectacular: an annual record of $9.2 billion in capital investment in the Bluegrass State.

The Cobots Are Coming | Collaborative robots—the type that work alongside human workers—are the next big thing in advanced manufacturing. Join us as we rub shoulders with our new automated friends on the factory floor.

Editor’s Picks: STEM Leaders | Here are our choices for the locations that are ahead of the curve in filling the STEM gap: the shortage of workers with science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills.


New Mexico’s Energy Capital | Lea County produces more oil than 43 states, but diversity is the hallmark of its energy initiatives, including a $4 billion nuke facility.

Aiming for the Leading Edge | The need to be near end-users is driving an uptick in the expansion of smaller satellite markets in the data center sector.

A Niagara of Revitalization in NY | The restoration of the Gorge at Niagara Falls is part of an effort to give a shot in the arm to the tourism industry.

Retail: Alive and Kicking | Reports of the demise of the retail sector are a bit premature. Online sales may surge, but bricks and mortar shops are still here.

There’s Good Karma in the Valley | Moreno Valley is booming in the heart of Southern California’s Inland Empire adding more than 8.4 million square feet of industrial space during the past two years.

Asian Markets Like Minnesota | More than $7 billion in goods were shipped from MN to Asia in 2017, lead by a 30 percent surge in exports to Japan.


Arizona: A Bridge, Not a Wall | AZ heralds a new era of cross-border commerce with SkyBridge, the first international air cargo hub to house customs operations for the U.S. and Mexico.

New Jersey: A Feast in South Jersey | The food processing sector is thriving in Vineland, a gem that offers ease of access to key markets along the East Coast and in Canada.

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January / February 2018 Issue (Volume 51, Number 1)

January / February 2018 Issue

January / February 2018 IssueBusiness Facilities January / February 2018

ON THE COVER – State of the Year: South Carolina | With BMW and Volvo doubling down on their investments and Samsung opening a new appliance plant in SC, the Palmetto State is expanding the foundation of its already impressive manufacturing base while diversifying into new growth sectors.

2017 Economic Development Deal Of The Year Awards

Gold Award: Foxconn’s Mega-Project | It was no contest for the top honor in our annual dealmaking contest—the judges were unanimous: Foxconn’s choice of Wisconsin for a new LCD flat-screen panel plant that will create 13,000 new jobs.

Silver Award: Digital Transformation Center | Louisiana continues to set the standard for high-tech hubs as DXC Technology agrees to bring its digital gumbo to the Central Business District of New Orleans.

Bronze Award: An Exxon-Saudi Partnership | Corpus Christi, TX wins Gulf Coast Growth Ventures’ new ethane cracker. a project with a direct economic impact of $11.3 billion. Plus… Honorable Mentions!

Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Greg Canfield, Secretary, Alabama Department of Commerce | Canfield discusses landing Toyota-Mazda’s $1.6B investment, workforce development initiatives, foreign direct investment, food processing, and more.

Arkansas Is On Everybody’s Radar | In an exclusive interview with BF, Gov. Asa Hutchinson gives us the lowdown on the ultra-friendly business climate that’s creating new jobs at a record pace in the Natural State.

Editor’s Choice: Top Utilities | Size counts—but so do smart grids and renewable energy—as we make our picks for the leading U.S. powerhouses.

Sometimes Bigger Is Better | Even with a decrease in automotive sales expected in 2018, automakers can still bank on sales of SUVs and CUVs. Take our industry tour.

Armed To The Teeth | Warfare technologies and demand for cost-efficient production are driving revenue growth in the U.S. Aerospace & Defense industry.

Business Blooms In Buckeye State | Ohio’s business climate consists of a $2-billion budget reserve, a high credit rating and a competitive tax structure.

You Are What You Eat | Transparency is the buzzword in the food processing industry. Fill up your plate with our industry focus.

Corridors of Growth In South Carolina | The North Eastern Strategic Alliance Region in SC attracted more than $850 million in investments in 2017.

Side-By-Side In Stamford, CT | Development in Stamford, CT expands a strong and diverse commercial, industrial and retail business base.

Adapting To The Shape of Water | Building resilient infrastructure in the Port Lands will increase Toronto’s capacity to adapt to climate change.

California Made | The Golden State is increasing benefits for manufacturers that participate in its CA Made state labeling program.

Florida: Sea-Worthy Production | Maverick Boat Group will build a new boat manufacturing facility in Fort Pierce, creating 100 jobs and investing $7 million in the local economy.

Michigan: Fiat Chrysler Ramps Up | Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will invest more than $1 billion in its Michigan manufacturing operations.

Louisiana: Ready To Entertain You | Deep South Studios will be the state’s first Qualified Entertainment Company under a new program that cultivates sustainable jobs for the entertainment sector.

Texas: Gartner Grows In Irving | Gartner, Inc. will expand in Irving with 800 new jobs and over $12 million in investment thanks to a $3.9 million TEF grant.

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September / October 2017 Issue (Volume 50, Number 5)

Business Facilities September / October 2017Business Facilities September / October 2017

ON THE COVER – Centers of Technology: The Future is Now | Locations far and wide have figured out the formula for leveraging their higher ed assets and planting the seeds that grow into high-tech hubs. Join Jenny Vickers as she tours the tech centers where innovation and commerce have joined forces.

New Mexico: Catalyst for High-tech Growth | In an exclusive interview with BF, Gov. Susana Martinez gives us her blueprint for transforming New Mexico into a business friendly growth leader that is outpacing the competition for big-ticket projects, including a big “like” from Facebook.

Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Terry Gill, Secretary, Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development | Gill discusses the commonwealth’s workforce revolution, distribution and logistics industry, STEM-related jobs, and Build-Ready Certification.

Mississippi Has the Winning Ticket | Mississippi has proven time and again that it has a winning combination—including a skilled workforce, low tax rates and one-stop permitting process—for stimulating corporate growth and success.

The Rise of the Machines | The logistics industry has seen a major shortage of truck drivers over the past few years, but the rise of autonomous road transportation eventually may render this issue moot.

Advanced Manufacturing: Smarter and Faster | Smart sensors and digital process controls are poised to exponentially improve the efficiency and safety of U.S. advanced manufacturing operations.

Revival in the Heartland | Reinstatement of the EDGE program puts Illinois in contention for an auto manufacturing plant which could hire 4,000 workers.

Moving to the Top of the Class | A newly enacted, public-private initiative aims to ensure at least 70 percent of Iowa’s workforce has a post-secondary education.

Jump-starting Rural Development | Blueprint 2.0 leverages state partnerships in Colorado to address economic development goals of rural areas.

MD is Commercializing Clean Energy | The University of Maryland’s new Green Energy Institute will develop and attract private investment and commercialize clean energy innovations and deployment solutions.

The Grand Parkway to Success | Tomball’s Business & Technology Park offers quick access at an ideal address on nearly 100 acres.

Tennessee: Tyson Foods Expansion | The company plans to spend approximately $80 million to add 25,000 square feet to its Union City facility.

New Mexico: Aerospace and Oil | While Raytheon adds 60 jobs to its Albuquerque operations, the SE oil patch is seeing a flow of investments.

South Carolina: Growth Leader | In Q1, York County had the highest employment percentage increase of the nation’s 346 largest counties.

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July / August 2017 Issue (Volume 50, Number 4)

July / August 2017

July / August 2017Business Facilities July / August 2017

ON THE COVER – 2017 Business Facilities Rankings Report | As always, the 13th Annual edition of the most credible and comprehensive rankings in our industry has evolved to give you critical benchmarks in emerging 21st-century growth sectors, including cyber security and offshore wind energy.

2017 Rankings Report: Best States | Texas, Utah, California and North Carolina posted strong overall results in our state rankings, with the Lone Star State grabbing first place in our flagship Best Business Climate category. Colorado achieved an unprecedented Rocky Mountain high as no. 1 in Economic Growth Potential.

2017 Rankings Report: Top Metros | We’ve refined our criteria and expanded our categories to give you the most detailed evaluation yet of the metros who are staying ahead of the curve—and ahead of the pack—in a wide variety of critical economic development priorities.

The Sky’s The Limit In The Lone Star State | In an exclusive interview with BF, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott explains how his credo of “restrained” government (especially when it comes to taxes and regulations) is fueling skyrocketing growth sectors, including a few that literally are aiming for the stars.

Tennessee: Energy Of The Future Live Here | There is a reason Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley in Tennessee is considered a mecca for renewable and alternative energy.

Florida: Sunny Side Up | Florida’s business climate is warming up growth with a favorable tax structure, streamlined regulatory environment and competitive costs.

Data Centers: Hyper-Serving The Cloud | Data Center projects expected to be completed this year may finally help meet the demands of expanding cloud providers.

Food Processing: Having Their Cake And Eating It | When taken together, all of the parts that make up the food processing sector have proven to be a formidable force, putting the icing on the cake for a 2017 feast.

Arizona: A Grand Ecosystem Out West | Arizona offers the tools and support that attract the early-stage entrepreneurs and tech-savvy talent necessary for innovation.

Less Is More: Patriots Run Up The Score | New England seems to have perfected the art of staying low when it comes to unemployment.

Surge In Southwest Louisiana | The Five-Parish area of SWLA has more than $44 billion worth of mega-projects under construction.

Minnesota: Expanding Exports | Strong export activity is helping to drive a healthy and growing Minnesota economy.

Kansas: Raising The Bar For Higher Ed | Kansas State University is aiming to become a top-50 public research university by 2025.

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May / June 2017 Issue (Volume 50, Number 3)

May / June 2017Business Facilities May / June 2017

Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Matt Hurlbutt, Greater Rochester Enterprise | Hurlbutt, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Greater Rochester Enterprise, discusses the Economic Gardening program, local talent, food processing, photonics, higher education and the importance of water.

ON THE COVER – Logistics Leaders | New technology is poised to digitally transform the supply chain from end to end, bringing logistics and tech services closer together as system-guided manual processes at distribution centers move to full automation. Join Jenny Vickers as she takes our annual tour of the locations that are leaders in logistics and distribution, moving the goods by land, by rail, on the water and in the air.

Ports and FTZs: Perfect Together | With the nation’s ports handling a record amount of shipping, importers are getting more bang for their buck by moving their goods through the duty-free foreign trade zones located within or adjacent to ports. Find out how and where you can gain these financial advantages in one of the more than 230 foreign trade zones or nearly 400 subzones in the United States.

LiveXchange 2017 Review | A five-time U.S. Olympian, a spirited debate on the future of free trade and unparalleled face-to-face dealmaking between corporate site selectors and prime locations. All of this was to be had at BF’s 13th Annual LiveXchange event, held in the scenic splendor of Park City, UT. Check out our review and get the skinny on next year’s event.

Maryland’s Winning Combo | Harford County offers a strategic position on the I-95 corridor along with a highly skilled workforce and business friendly environment.

Risk and Reward | After a tough year in 2016, new immuno- and gene therapies are leading the way for a much stronger biotech performance in 2017.

A Global Water Management Mecca | Coastal rebuilding projects are driving the growth of the water sector in Louisiana, with the state aiming to become the Silicon Valley of the global water industry.

Tennessee: Prime Destination for FDI | Businesses across the globe are eager to make huge investments in Tennessee, which already has more than 900 foreign-based companies operating in the state.

Small Business Leads to Big Things | After getting clobbered in the Great Recession, Nevada’s economic recovery has been led by small businesses and fueled by functional policies.

The Symbiotic Sector | Travel and Tourism offers “both sides of the coin” benefits—with tourists enjoying what they spend money on and destinations benefitting from the money they spend.

Fired Up and Ready To Go | The competition for projects requires sites that are ready on demand. Find out which locations have certified sites programs that streamline the approval process.

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March / April 2017 Issue (Volume 50, Number 2)

Business Facilities March / April 2017 Issue

Business Facilities March / April 2017 IssueBusiness Facilities March / April 2017

Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Stephen Moret, Virginia Economic Development Partnership | Moret, President and CEO of the VEDP, discusses the commonwealth’s top priorities for 2017, including becoming one of the South’s fastest employment growth states.

ON THE COVER – The Next Generation Workforce | As U.S. manufacturing rebounds, the need to fill the shortage of skilled workers is intensifying. This makes our annual tour of workforce development programs required reading. Join Jenny Vickers as she showcases the locations busy training the next generation.

Top Utilities: The Power Behind Growth | High-tech growth sectors are making the availability of low-cost power a top priority in their final site-selection decisions, and leading utilities are finding innovative ways to seal the deal and maintain their leadership positions in the power pecking order.

Energizing Louisiana’s Future | In an exclusive interview with BF, Gov. John Bel Edwards gives us the coming attractions on Louisiana’s lock on global hegemony as the top LNG exports hub and its national leadership in cybersecurity.

Heading for the Outer Limits | The aerospace and defense industry will see healthy growth in 2017, with revenues expected to surge due to higher defense spending. Buckle your seat belt, put your tray tables up and prepare for liftoff.

An Enchanting Combination | New Mexico’s scenic beauty, available workforce and logistical benefits continue to help support an enticing business climate.

From Bluegrass to Blue Skies | Amazon’s new air hub has pushed Kentucky further down the runway to its destination as a global air-freight logistics leader.

Manufacturing Accelerates | According to industry analysts, overall growth in manufacturing is expected to speed up in the second half of this year and grow even more in 2018.

A Technology Empire Grows in NY | New York’s $5-billion advanced materials processing industry provides the “enabling technology” for electronics, telecommunications and aerospace.

Land of the Lakes Looks Skyward | The nation’s first “integrated” wind and solar hybrid project will begin producing power outside of Red Lake Falls in northwest Minnesota later this year.

Retail Paradise in Cape Coral | The Florida city offers a low cost of doing business and a relaxed, tropical environment with plenty of room for expansion.

Illinois: Ecosystem for Startups | A community investment program hopes to strengthen Illinois’ start-up and small business ecosystem.

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January / February 2017 Issue (Volume 50, Number 1)

January / February 2017

January / February 2017Business Facilities January / February 2017

Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Robert Buckhorn, Mayor, Tampa, FL | Mayor Buckhorn discusses Tampa’s fast-growing job market, highly-ranked business tax structure, infrastructure improvements, and efforts to become a leader in STEM-oriented manufacturing.

ON THE COVER – State of the Year: Texas | The Lone Star State, the first winner of our top honor in 2007 and a repeat winner in 2012, hits the trifecta in 2016 as it continues to grow the most dynamic and diverse state economy in the nation.

50 Years of Building Inspiration | With this issue, BF commences its 50th volume and commemorates Group C Media’s half-century of building upon Ed Coene’s enduring legacy as a publishing entrepreneur and visionary.

2016 Economic Development Deal of the Year Awards

  • Gold Award: Mississippi Lands Continental Tire | The Magnolia State, already an automotive powerhouse, becomes an epicenter of tire production with Continental’s $1.45-billion plant, a project that will directly create 2,500 new jobs.
  • Silver Award: GM Doubles Down in Tennessee | General Motors is investing $789 million in an expansion of its Spring Hill, TN plant, a project expected to yield an estimated economic impact for the region of $3 billion in the next decade.
  • Bronze Award: Honeywell Picks Georgia | A partnership with Georgia’s university system to train skilled workers brings Honeywell’s new software development center to Atlanta.

Auto-tech is Revving Up | Auto manufacturers are joining forces with tech giants in a race to hit the road with the latest vehicle advancements.

Food Processing Gets Productive | Compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act, controlling costs and workforce training are among top industry priorities.

Buzz Grows Around the Beehive State | According to a recent report, 2016 was a good year for Utah economically and continued success lies ahead.

Big Data is Getting Even Bigger | Demand continues to surge in the Data Center sector, with cloud computing playing a bigger role.

Hesperia, CA Has It All | A strategic location with a thriving community and low costs all around—Hesperia is ready for your business.

Louisiana: Leading LNG Export Hub | Venture Global LNG will invest $13 billion in a natural gas liquefaction facility and LNG export terminal in Plaquemines Parish, making the Pelican State an LNG export leader.

Kansas: GM Grows Its Footprint | GM is expanding near its Fairfax assembly plant in Kansas City, leasing an 830,000-square-foot industrial building.

Florida: The Sound of Success | A bid to make Jacksonville a base for F-35 fighters could land an annual economic impact of $100 million.

Texas: Expanding a Global Reach | Governor Greg Abbot is working to expand trade relations and commercial ties with Taiwan and Belgium.

Arkansas: A Bang-bang Consolidation | Airgun makers Daisy and Gamo Outdoor team up.

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September / October 2016 Issue (Volume 49, Number 5)

September / October 2016

September / October 2016Business Facilities September / October 2016

ON THE COVER:  Keeping up with Advanced Manufacturing | The advanced manufacturing sector is expected to create 3.5 million new jobs in coming decade, but as many as 2 million may go unfilled if the U.S. doesn’t close its skills gap. Join Jenny Vickers as she tours the front-runners.

Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Van Hale, Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development | Van Hale, Executive Director, Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development, discusses the Beehive State’s growing financial services sector, its position as a data centers hub, and efforts to keep its growing youth population living and working in Utah.

Ports and FTZs: Gatekeepers for Growth | Exports directly from U.S. foreign trade zones have more than trippled in the past five years, while about a fifth of the goods imported into the U.S. are coming in through FTZs. Get on board for our annual cruise through the nation’s gatekeepers for growth.

New Jersey: A Garden of New Ideas | Learn how Nestlé and other food-processing giants are collaborating with biotech and pharmaceutical players in New Jersey’s brain belt, improving their recipes with 21st-century chemistry.

Iowa: Certified for Development | Finding a suitable location for business has never been easier than it is right now in Iowa. The Hawkeye State has certified sites—ranging from 150 to almost 500 acres—in more than 10 communities that are shovel ready for your latest project.

Ready to Rule the World | The U.S. is poised to dominate the emerging global market for liquified natural gas as U.S. production outpaces domestic demand.

Louisiana: Business as Usual in the Bayou | An energy slump and record floods can’t keep the Pelican State down. Louisiana is bouncing back with a proactive plan of action.

Mississippi: Southern Hospitality | Be it through city-by-city renewal, county-by-county certifications or statewide incentives, Mississippi always has a way of gaining a top position when it comes to business, offering distinct advantages for all involved.

Logistics: $1.4 Trillion and Counting | It’s a buyer’s market as systemic improvements in cost efficiency are delivering better pricing to the logistics sector, but gaps in infrastructure and the accelerating imperative for speed may cloud the sunny outlook. Get the lowdown on the sector that moves everything from here to there.

Texas Talent Toasts the Competition | Travis, Harris and Collin Counties topped Emsi’s tracked talent attraction and retention list, outperforming some heavy hitters in states like Florida and California.

Indiana: Hoosiers Have a Regional Vision | Seven regions in the Hoosier State have lined up more than $3.78 billion in public/private investments for The Indiana Regional Cities Initiative.

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July / August 2016 Issue (Volume 49, Number 4)

July / August 2016

Business Facilities July / August 2016

July / August 2016

Snapshots | 60 Seconds … with Michelle Brown, President and CEO, Choose NJ, Inc.

COVER STORY: 2016 Business Facilities Rankings Report | It’s hard to believe we’ve being giving you the lowdown on the best of the best for a dozen years now, but we haven’t cut any corners for our 12th Annual Rankings Report. This year’s evaluation is our most comprehensive to date of the state, metro and global leaders.

2016 Rankings Report: Best States | The Lone Star State achieved the best across-the-board results we’ve ever seen in our State Rankings. Texas made our top 10 in a record-shattering 18 out of 24 categories, including four first-place rankings. UT, FL, CA and GA also ranked among the cream of the crop.

2016 Rankings Report: Top Metros | Need to know which metro has the Best Cost of Living or the Lowest Cost of Doing Business? Are you on the lookout for thriving hubs teeming with data centers, STEM jobs or tech startups? Or maybe you’re just looking for a great place to live. It’s all here.

The Future is Welcome in New Mexico | Last year, we sat down with Gov. Susana Martinez and listened intently as she outlined a bold agenda of forward-thinking initiatives designed to turbocharge job creation in NM. Here’s the sequel, and it’s filled with an impressive array of results.

Sonic Boom | The Sunshine State is on a roll with a bright future led by an aerospace sector that shows no signs of being grounded.

Changing Tastes | Competition in the food market is every growing and those who respond to consumer demand will end up on top of the food chain.

The Makings to Manufacture | New England’s leading research institutions, sought-after talent pool and supportive network of innovators and co-location facilities are spurring growth in the advanced manufacturing sector.

Growing Every Which Way | Not only is Arizona seeing population growth at twice the national rate, the Grand Canyon State also is bursting with incentives, job-training assistance and R&D assets.

Design of the Future Arrives | Chicago’s UI Labs Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute is paving the way for advanced manufacturing breakthroughs of the 21st century.

Kentucky: Biotech Bonanza | Lexington is in the midst of a biotechnology surge with the recent addition of a specialized startup and the expansion of an established pharmaceutical plant.

Kansas: Experiencing Fulfillment | Amazon’s new Kansas City fulfillment center will create more than 1,000 jobs and is the second large distribution facility the tech giant has placed in Kansas this year.

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May / June 2016 Issue (Volume 49, Number 3)

May / June 2016
May / June 2016 Issue (Volume 49, Number 3)

May / June 2016Business Facilities May / June 2016

Snapshots | 60 Seconds … with Craig Spohn, Executive Director/President, Cyber Innovation Center, Bossier City, LA.

COVER STORY – Engineering a Skilled Workforce | Filling the shortage of skilled workers in the U.S. remains Job One—and the competition for skilled workers has gone global. The good news is that a majority of states are meeting the challenge. Join Jenny Vickers on her annual tour of locations that are tops in training.

So Many Ways to Get There | It’s had some ups and downs in shifting economic tides, but the ship of the state of logistics has kept its bow pointed in the right direction, heading for a land of plenty. Come on board and cruise the sector.

Sooner is Better in Oklahoma | Oklahoma is staying ahead of the curve on the critical priorities for economic development. Join us as Gov. Mary Fallin gives BF an exclusive look at OK’s impressive blueprint for success.

Liquid Gold | Greater Memphis holds the gold standard for water with a 100-trillion-gallon supply at its Memphis Sands Aquifer.

Breaking Records in TN | Tennessee’s business development team landed 25,837 new job commitments in 2015 and is aiming to bring in 28,000 new jobs in 2016.

Together We Stand | Business, Research and Industrial Parks are proliferating in today’s economic landscape and can play an essential role in a company’s success.

NV: A Sure Bet on a Game of Skill | Nevada’s a prime vacation spot for folks looking to put down a risky wager, but the Silver State has improved the odds for business success by building a skilled workforce.

The Road Ahead in the Carolinas | While North and South Carolina are in the process of resolving a long-standing geographical dispute, the future holds new infrastructure and economic promise for both.

A New Century of Scenic Wonders | The National Park Service is celebrating its centennial year of welcoming visitors to the nation’s hundreds of scenic treasures. Join us as we hike to some of the best.

Michigan: Adding Horsepower | Flex-N-Gate Corp. will invest $95 million in a new 500,000-square-foot production facility.

Wisconsin: Tools to Get the Job Done | Milwaukee Tools will expand its Brookfield headquarters by 200,000 square feet, creating hundreds of jobs.

Canada: New Growth in Quebec | Bridgestone America will increase capacity in Joliette.

Alabama: From Farm to Market | Companies across Alabama are investing millions of dollars in specialty food-processing operations.

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March / April 2016 Issue (Volume 49, Number 2)

March/April 2016

March/April 2016Business Facilities March / April 2016

Snapshots  | 60 Seconds … with Dennis Davin, Secretary, Pennsylvania Dept. of Community & Economic Development

COVER STORY – Global Biotech Report | The global life sciences industry is cautiously optimistic that it is achieving sustainable growth, but no one expects a return to the pre-Recession boom. Join our overseas correspondent, Stephanie Ramsperger, as she takes her annual tour of the biotech sector.

2016 Economic Development Awards | We adjusted our annual awards categories to shine our spotlight on locations that are leading the way in addressing today’s hot-button issues, including funding infrastructure upgrades, initiating smart grid modernization and pioneering offshore wind farms.

Accelerating Innovation in NY | The Innovate NY Fund, along with the Partnership Fund for New York City, is helping to spur the development of a biotech cluster in the Big Apple.

The Aerospace Industry – Gaining Altitude | While the performance of the aerospace and defense industry has been less than stratospheric in recent years, it looks as if job creation in this key sector is ready to soar to old heights.

Bluegrass is Looking Green | With advantages in geography, shipping and logistics, Kentucky is in demand as a prime location for new facilities and expansions.

From Processes to Products | Here are some leading locations ahead of the curve in welcoming cutting-edge advanced manufacturing.

Retail: Shopping for New Jobs | The retail industry has an impact on more than just the clothes in our closets and our daily coffee fix.

Expect the Unexpected in Arkansas | Siloam Springs, AR is one of the few places where old-school community meets new school opportunity.

The World Comes to New Mexico | New Mexico is growing as a leading center of commerce, drawing in manufacturers to produce their goods with access to more markets around the country and the world.

Business Report – Nebraska: Expanding Horizons | The State’s Economic Development Dept. has awarded Community Development Block Grant funding to the City of York for assistance with a facility expansion.

Business Report – Texas: Regional Approach to Jobs | The Tri-Agency Workforce Initiative will assess local economic activity, examine workforce challenges and opportunities and consider innovative approaches to meeting the state’s workforce goals.

Business Report – Illinois: Adopting Best Practices | The Land of Lincoln forms a non-profit organization to focus on sales, marketing and exceptional customer service to attract job-creating investments.

Business Report – New Jersey: Garden of Expansions | E-commerce venture,, and Allied Specialty Foods are growing in The Garden State, adding jobs and expanding facilities.

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January/February 2016 Issue (Volume 49, Number 1)

Business Facilities January/February 2016Business Facilities January/February 2016

Snapshots: 60 Seconds… with Don Pierson, Secretary, Louisiana Economic Development

COVER STORY – State of the Year: Alabama | With Mercedes-Benz expanding auto production in Tuscaloosa, Airbus ready for liftoff in Mobile and a new $600-million Google data center, the Crimson Tide rolls into BF’s top annual honor.

2015 Economic Development Deal of the Year Awards

Gold Award: Mega-campus in Houston | Daikin Industries’ Goodman Group is building a 4.1-million square-foot consolidated campus that will integrate manufacturing, offices, distribution and R&D under one roof for the HVAC systems maker.

Silver Award: Volvo Drives into SC | The Palmetto State takes a giant leap up the list of top-tier automotive manufacturing powerhouses by rolling in Volvo’s first North American auto plant, rising on a site in Berkeley County.

Bronze Award: Louisiana Lands Formosa | What may be the largest petrochemical complex on Earth will rise on a 1,000-acre greenfield site in Louisiana’s St. James Parish.

Honorable Mentions | BF’s Economic Development Deal of the Year contest attracted a record number of project submissions from across the country, seven of which were singled out for a tip of the hat by our judges.

Good Eats for a Bulging Bottom Line | Recent mega-mergers of major food companies are not slowing the growth of food processing hubs. Pull up a seat at our dinner table and chow down on the hottest foodie locations.

Hitting on All Cylinders | 2015 was recorded as the best year ever for the U.S. auto industry—but can it keep the pedal to the metal in 2016?

Shining on the Sunflower State | With numerous business advantages in place, it’s no wonder Kansas has experienced significant growth and emerged as a business leader in various industry sectors.

The Golden Standard | Renovate America’s HERO program has helped create thousands of local jobs in California while at the same time helping to increase energy efficiency.

Exceeding Expectations | Utah has proven that sometimes predictability is the best thing for business.

Business Report – Georgia: A Record Year for Ports | The Port of Savannah moved 3.73 million 20-foot equivalent container units, an 11.7 percent increase over 2014.

Business Report – Florida: Rolling for Dollars | Gov. Rick Scott calls for a new Florida Enterprise Fund on his “1 Million Miles for 1 Million Jobs” bus tour across the Sunshine State.

Business Report – Louisiana: Megadeals in Chemicals | Chemical giants Axiall Corp. and Lotte Chemical Corp. are investing a combined $3 billion in two new manufacturing facilities in Lake Charles.

Business Report – Iowa: Growing Bushels of Jobs | The Iowa EDA recently awarded direct financial assistance and tax benefits to four companies for job creation and expansion projects.

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September/October 2015 Issue (Volume 48, Number 5)


business facilities september / october 2015Business Facilities September/October 2015

Business Report -Tennessee: DENSO Manufacturing Expanding in Maryville | DENSO, Blount County’s largest employer, will expand its auto components and systems manufacturing plant, investing $400 million and creating 500 new jobs.

Cover Story: U.S. Innovation Hubs: Inventing the Future | Seven of nine planned federally funded national manufacturing innovation institutes are getting a head start on tomorrow’s high-growth technologies.

State Focus: Regional Plans Are Hopping In The Hoosier State | Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s Regional Cities Initiative, enacted this year, envisions more than 400 projects drawing nearly $4 billion in investments.

Panama Canal: Bigger, Better and Ready to Rumble | The expanded Panama Canal will be completed in April, dramatically altering the global shipping paradigm. Get the latest on ports and FTZs.

Feature Story: Logistics Networks Are Getting Back On Track | Lower fuel prices, a surge in railroad hiring and the need to get goods to market faster are boosting growth and profits in the logistics sector.

State Focus: Texas Diversity | Texas is a magnet for business and individuals for a reason—rather, for many reasons, one of which is the tax climate.

State Focus – Iowa: Growing Jobs As Well As Corn | Iowa offers a lot more than fertile soil. It’s got a low cost of living and a business-friendly environment filled with innovators.

State Focus: New Jersey – Garden of Opportunity | The Garden State offers a “brain trust” with a highly skilled and educated workforce that makes it easy to recruit top talent.

Business Report: California – Largest Solar Facility On Earth Goes Operational | BHE Renewables’ 579-megawatt solar project in Antelope Valley, CA is now fully connected to the California ISO grid.

Business Report: North Carolina – Growing Innovation Throughout The Tarheel State | North Carolina doubles down on growth plans for technology and innovation, with new funding and a new university-led program, InnovateNC.

State Focus – Louisiana: Where Partnerships Propel Innovation and Investment | Learn how Louisiana is bringing together state, regional and local partners in intelligent collaborations yielding sustainable growth.

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July/August 2015 Issue (Volume 48, Number 4)


Business Facilities July/August 2015

Snapshots: 60 Seconds… | With New Jersey Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno

Business Report: Missouri – Manufacturing Millions | Owens Corning will invest $90 million to build a new manufacturing facility in Joplin.

Cover Story: 2015 Business Facilities Rankings Report | Our 11th Annual Rankings Report is the most comprehensive evaluation we’ve ever produced, with more than 50 categories of state, metro and global benchmarks and more than 500 ranking results.

Cover Story: 2015 Rankings Report – Best States | Texas, California and Indiana notched the best across-the-board showings in our 2015 state rankings results, each garnering double- digit appearances on our top-10 lists.

Cover Story: 2015 Rankings Report – Top Metros | Does your hometown rule the roost in economic growth potential, tech jobs, logistics, tax climate and more than a baker’s dozen of other categories? To find out, head straight for our Metro Rankings.

Industry Focus: Digital Media On The Move | Utah and New Mexico are two big players in a digital media game that looks to have an infinite number of levels.

State Focus: Much More Than Fun In The Sun | Florida’s business climate matches its weather with bright, clear skies ahead leading to an even brighter economic development future.

State Focus: Arizona Is Ready For A High-Tech Future | The Copper State is home to quite a few locations that deserve the gold for industry success, market accessibility and a great quality of life.

Feature: Certified And Ready To Go | Site selectors are zeroing in on certified sites, which reduce develop- ment costs and put projects on a fast track to success. Join Jenny Vickers on our tour of locations that are fired up and ready to go.

State Focus: The World Comes To Illinois | The Land of Lincoln has built a $700-billion economy on a solid foundation of global commerce and growth sectors including finance and advanced manufacturing.

Special Report: Ready To Save Lives Today | The medical device industry is making great technologi- cal advances, but also facing significant regulatory challenges in bringing 21st-century tech to market.

Feature: Governor With A Global Reach | Gov. Nathan Deal has been piling up the frequent-flyer miles pitch- ing Georgia’s exports and attracting FDI to the Peach State. He gives BF the lowdown on his recent trip to Brazil in an exclusive interview.

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May/June 2015 Issue (Volume 48, Number 3)

Business Facilities May/June 2015business-facilities-may/june-2015

First Word | Precious Commodity

Snapshots: 60 Seconds… | With Val Hale, Executive Director, Utah GOED

Business Report: New Hampshire – A Welcome Move | A neighbor’s loss is New Hampshire’s gain as High Liner Foods puts its a new headquarters in Portsmouth.

Cover Story: Global Bio Report | If there’s one bright spot in the economic gloom enveloping most places in Europe, that glimmer of hope is pulsing out of the Old Continent’s burgeoning biotech sector. Join BF contributing editor Stefanie Ramsperger as she navigates the new terrain of Europe’s bio map and updates the latest from leading labs in the U.S.

Industry Focus: Manufacturing High-Tech Growth | In terms of its contribution to U.S. GDP, the advanced manufacturing sector is punching well above its weight, producing $2.7 trillion in value-added economic activity.

Cousins With Coastal Clout | While obviously not twins, North and South Carolina share enough similarities to make them look like business kin.

Business Report: Maryland – Records, Set, Go | Exports from Maryland reached a record high last year, spurred by trade with Canada, Saudi Arabia and China.

Business Report: Alabama – Investment Tide Keeps Rolling | There were 392 new projects in Alabama in 2014, bringing in nearly $3.4 billion in investments.

Thumbs Up For Business Expansion | They’ve got more than a green thumb in Michigan’s thriving 1-69 region, where a bevy of industries have discovered a prime location within reach of key markets.

Far From Thirsty | Greater Memphis wants you to know they have a 100-trillion-gallon supply of pure, sweet water in one of nature’s underground wonders.

Special Report: New Heights In Washington | The Evergreen State’s economy is experiencing historic growth fueled by a diverse group industry sectors with products and services that have changed the world.

Feature: A Rising Star In The Southwest | Whether it’s wiping out a budget deficit while cutting taxes 24 times, doubling trade with Mexico or giving 70,000 students the skills they need for 21st-century jobs, New Mexico is one step ahead of the competition. Gov. Susana Martinez gives BF the secrets to NM’s success.

Special Report: Reaching For The Wild Blue Yonder In Nevada | A major player in national security, Nevada’s aerospace and defense industry has a long, rich history and a bright, innovative future.

Special Report: Reigning Supreme In The Southeast | With so many projects and new jobs announced in Tennessee recently, the Volunteer State shows no signs of giving up its grip on our State of the Year trophy.

Special Report: Nothing Common About Its Wealth | Left, right and center, Massachusetts looks every which way to bring new business home. And once it succeeds, the Bay State is ready to deliver.

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March/April 2015 Issue (Volume 48, Number 2)

Business Facilities: March/April 2015bfcover:mar-apr:2015

First Word | Job One

Snapshots: 60 Seconds… | With Jon Barela, Cabinet Secretary, New Mexico Economic Development Dept.

Business Report: New Mexico – New Mexico Notches Record-Breaking Export Growth | Total exports from the Land of Enchantment reached an all-time high of $4 billion in 2014, with shipments of New Mexico goods to Mexico nearly doubling.

Cover Story: Workforce Training  Is Job One | The first thing businesses eyeing sites for new facilities want to know is whether there’s a workforce with 21st century skills ready to go.

Industry Focus: Aerospace Moving Onward And Upward | In the aerospace sector: the demand from airlines for fuel efficient jets is speeding up the retirement of older planes and driving up orders for new ones.

Feature Story: 2015 Economic Development Awards | Targeted incentives, better workforce training programs, and plentiful innovation hubs are among the award winners this year.

Business Report: Texas – First Data’s TeleCheck Services HQ Relocates To Sugar Land | Sugar Land, El Paso, LEDA and Texas Tech University, Houston, Tomball, Enterprise Business Park in Allen, Seguin and Texas becomes FDI Frontlines leader.

State Focus: New York – A Startup Empire Grows In New York | Success breeds success; all kinds of businesses are lining up to join the more than 70 companies already occupying START-UP NY’s tax-free zones.

Industry Focus: Logistics – Winding Roads | The logistics industry has trucked over some bumpy roads, but the path forward is paved with a smooth surface for high-speed growth.

Business Report: Illinois Innovation Council Targets Global Competitiveness | Gov. Bruce Rauner’s newly created Innovate Illinois Advisory Council aims to foster opportunity and increase the state’s global competitiveness.

Business Report: Nebraska Receives Infusion Of Small Business Funding | The Cornhusker State has received another infusion of SSBCI funds to assist with new business development, job creation and angel investments.

Special Report: Call Centers/Back Office – Making A Connection In Southwest Missouri | Southwest Missouri is an emerging call center hub with a skilled workforce, advanced connectivity and a low cost of doing business.

State Focus: Minnesota – The Road To Growth Starts Here | With a robust economy in The Land of the Lakes, officials are expanding their horizons in international markets.

Business Report: Mississippi – Delta-Energy Group Locating Operations In Natchez | A $45-million corporate investment by resource recovery player Delta-Energy Group will create 91 new jobs at a former International Paper mill in Natchez.

State Focus: Destined For Success In Arkansas | The Natural State is strategically sound with a central location, vast transportation network, variety of industries and low unemployment rate.

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January/February 2015 Issue (Volume 48, Number 1)

Business Facilities: January/February 2015BF-Jan:Feb-2015-cover

First Word | Ahead Of The Curve

Snapshots: 60 Seconds… | With Greg Canfield, Alabama Secretary of Commerce

Business Report: Iowa – BIVI Plans $110-Million Expansion Of IA Biotech Facilities | BIVI invests $110 million in its facilities in Fort Dodge and Ames.

Cover Story: 2014 Economic Development Deal Of The Year AwardsBusiness Facilities Deal Of The Year winners: Tesla in Nevada with Gold, Boeing in Washington with Silver, and Comcast in Pennsylvania with Bronze.

Feature Story: Tennessee State Of The Year AGAIN! | The state wins the Business Facilities award for the second year in a row based on its strong auto showing, educational programs, and infrastructure.

Business Report: Louisiana – Matheson Tri-Gas Expands In Southwest Louisiana | Matheson’s $8.1-billion petrochemical complex will result in thousands of jobs in the Lake Charles area. Elmer’s expansion is a $40 million investment.

Feature Story: 3D Printing Is Shaping Up | From aerospace components to artificial limbs, additive manufacturing is going to change the way we make just about everything.

Industry Focus: Food Processing – Food Facts | Pleasing the knowledge palate can mean big bucks for the food processing industry.

State Focus: Industry Is Not The Only Thing Buzzing In Utah, The Beehive State | Utah’s slogan is Life Elevated, and they’re not just talking about mile-high mountains.

Feature Story: Tennessee Governor’s Report – Staying Ahead Of The Curve | In this exclusive interview, Gov. Bill Haslam provides insight into how Tennessee is keeping its job creation momentum in high gear.

Business Report: Kansas – Logistics Park Kansas City Grows In Edgerton | LPKC is growing by leaps, with Flexsteel and Kubota coming on board. Wichita expands its exporting goals, and Overland Park welcomes Black & Veatch.

Business Report: Missouri – E-Commerce Fulfillment Center Set For Kansas City | Kansas City, Missouri will now have, with a $3.3 million capital investment and 44 new jobs.

Industry Focus: Automotive – Hitting On All Cylinders | From driverless cars to all-electric vehicles, the auto industry gets ready to roll into the future.

Business Report: Georgia – Mercedes-Benz USA Relocates Headquarters To Atlanta | Mercedes is relocating its North American headquarters, bringing 800 jobs to Metro Atlanta. Osmose Utilities brings another 100 jobs to Georgia.

Business Report: Alabama – Polaris Industries Bringing 2,000 Jobs To Huntsville | Polaris Industries plans to build an off-road vehicle manufacturing facility that will create up to 2,000 jobs.

State Focus: Southern California – Where The Leading Edge Lives | Take a tour of So Cal’s leading facilities for advanced materials, clean transport systems and green energy.

Special Report: Licking County, OH – A Center Of Innovation And Manufacturing | Learn why Licking County is a premier location for manufacturing and technology in the middle of Ohio.

Consultant’s Corner: Incentives For Economic Development – A Good Or Bad Idea? | Recommendations for the public and private sectors.

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September/October 2014 Issue (Volume 47, Number 5)

BF September October 2014 High Tech Hubs Cover.

Business Facilities: September/October 2014 BF September October 2014 High Tech Hubs Cover.

FIRST WORD | Look At The Bright Side

SNAPSHOTS: 60 Seconds… | with Larry Parman, Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce

COVER STORY: High-Tech Hubs | Federal funding initiatives are turbocharging advanced manufacturing and putting everyone in a 21st century state of mind.

LOCATION FOCUS: Texas – Big and Getting Bigger | Infrastructure has helped Texas become the top overall exporter in the U.S., and in January, the state also became the country’s top exporter of technology.

STATE FOCUS: Iowa – Keeps Attracting Major Business Expansions | Fiscal stability, a low cost of doing business and a skilled workforce are a formula for growth in the Hawkeye State.

FEATURE STORY: Logistics – Big Wheels Keep On Rollin’ |  A recent decline in logistics’ percentage of GDP is traced to lower volumes and lower spending on transportation and services.

BUSINESS REPORT: California – Sacramento County Plans For The “Next Economy” | Take a look inside at the Capital Region’s Prosperity Plan to create an ecosystem for entrepreneurs.

STATE FOCUS: Oklahoma – Oil, Cattle and Much, Much More | Find out how Oklahoma is defying expectations and diversifying into several hot growth sectors, including data centers.

STATE FOCUS: Indiana – A State Of Action | Indiana isn’t leading in manufacturing job growth by accident.

BUSINESS REPORT: North Carolina State – Next Generation Power Electronics Hub | North Carolina will be home to the $140-million Next Generation Power Electronics Manufacturing Institute.

FEATURE STORY: Michigan Governor’s Report – Reinventing Michigan | The Wolverine State has transformed its business climate, and Gov. Rick Snyder shares some of his successful growth strategies.

INDUSTRY FOCUS: Ports & FTZs – Drivers For Commerce And Trade | FTZs and ports are playing a greater role in development efforts geared to increased imports and exports.

INDUSTRY FOCUS: Call Centers – Welcome Home | Changes in technology, rising overseas labor costs and language barriers leading to customer dissatisfaction are some reasons for the offshoring reversal.

LOCATION FOCUS: New Jersey – The Place For Giant Opportunities | New Jersey fields a powerful lineup of assets for business, including game-changing tax incentives.

STATE FOCUS: Mississippi’s Got It All | Low energy/operating costs, customized incentives and a skilled workforce make the Magnolia State the place to be.

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July/August 2014 Issue (Volume 47, Number 4)

BF July/Aug 2014 cover

Business Facilities: July/August 2014 BF July/Aug 2014 cover

FIRST WORD | All Arrows Point Up

SNAPSHOTS: 60 Seconds… | with Bill Hagerty, Commissioner, Tennessee Department Of Economic And Community Development

BUSINESS REPORT: Four Cities To Pilot Kansas Statewide Broadband Initiative | Four Kansas cities will participate in a pilot program that will help the state develop strategic plans to meet broadband needs and priorities.

COVER STORY: 2014 Business Facilities Rankings Report | After numerous twists and turns—and more than a few jarring dips—most locations are safely back on track and climbing again.

COVER STORY: 2014 Business Facilities – Metro And Global Rankings | Tech growth in Austin, TX bounces this city to the top this year, with Baton Rouge, LA in second place.

BUSINESS REPORT: Missouri – Commerce Bank Puts New HQ In Joplin Tornado Recovery Zone | A Commerce Bank branch that was destroyed in 2011 by an F5 tornado in Joplin will rise again, bigger and better; parts supplier LMV Automotive expands in Liberty.

INDUSTRY FOCUS: Global Aerospace Production Soars To New Heights | The surge in commercial aircraft production is offsetting declines in the global defense sector.

LOCATION FOCUS: Florida – Rebounded And Ready | The Sunshine State is on its way toward economic redemption with some strategic investments made possible by a new state budget.

BUSINESS REPORT: Georgia – Latvian Fiberglass Producer Puts U.S. HQ in Dublin, GA | A Latvian fiberglass maker finds everything is peachy in Georgia and decides to put its U.S. headquarters there. Plus, new Meridian 75 Logistics Center in Forsythe is ready to go.

LOCATION FOCUS: Illinois – Trying To Make Headway In Every Way | Gov. Pat Quinn and state agencies are using many tools to help grow the state’s economy, preparing for a future of fiscal stability.

FEATURE STORY: Public-Private Partnerships – An Alliance For Progress That Works | Find out why more locations are choosing to organize their economic development programs into public-private partnerships that operate at the speed of business.

BUSINESS REPORT: Arizona – Santa Cruz Is Shovel-Ready | The Ak-Chin Indian Community offers an industrial site with state and metro area advantages.

BUSINESS REPORT: Greater Akron – A Magnet For Investment And New Jobs | The Greater Akron Chamber helped more than a dozen companies locate or expand in the region in 2013 alone.

FEATURE STORY: Georgia’s Governor’s Report – Rising And Ready For The Future | Georgia Gov. Deal discusses his state’s workforce and talks about other business factors including foreign investment in the state.

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May/June 2014 Issue (Volume 47, Number 3)

BF May-June 2014

Business Facilities: May/June 2014 BF May-June 2014

FIRST WORD | Covering The Bases

SNAPSHOTS: 60 Seconds… | with Michael Finney, President And CEO, Michigan Economic Development

BUSINESS REPORT: A Rising Tide Of New Jobs, Investment Rolls Into Alabama | Nearly 17,000 new jobs and more than $4.4 billion in capital investment came to Alabama in 2013, according to a new report released by Gov. Robert Bentley.

COVER STORY: Global Biotech Report | A resurgent bioscience sector pulls Europe into recovery, while U.S. biotech leaders train the next generation of an essential skilled workforce.

BUSINESS REPORT: Wisconsin Spurs Milwaukee Redevelopment With Brownfield Grants | Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. grants will be deployed to prime former Pabst, Schlitz brewery sites and two other projects for redevelopment.

INDUSTRY FOCUS: Food Processing — The Process Of Consistency | Food processing plays a central role in enhancing everyone’s quality of life. Find out which locations are growing a new crop of jobs in their established food-processing hubs.

FEATURE STORY: Indiana Governor’s Report – Homegrown Success In The Hoosier State | In this exclusive Indiana Governor’s Report, Gov. Mike Pence gives BF an upfront look at how the state’s economic development effort has been ramped up to match the speed of business.

FEATURE STORY: Feature Story: Shovel-Ready Sites – Fired Up, Ready To Go | Pre-certified, shovel-ready sites are essential to attract expansions and relocations in today’s fast-moving business environment.

BUSINESS REPORT: Coca-Cola Bottling Recommits To Chattanooga | Coca-Cola—which opened its first bottling plant in Chattanooga more than a century ago—has doubled down on its commitment with a new distribution center in the city.

LOCATION FOCUS: The Carolinas – Growth Climate Warms In The Carolinas | The Carolinas are setting out the welcome mat for innovation and manufacturing, drawing in numerous new projects.

BUSINESS REPORT: Maryland – Howard County Opens 3D Printing Prototype Lab | C3D Maryland unveils its new Innovation + Prototyping Lab, dedicated to the advancement of the hot growth sector of additive manufacturing.

INDUSTRY FOCUS: Data Centers – To Serve And Protect | A successful business expansion strategy can’t ignore data storage needs.

LOCATION FOCUS: Washington – Scenic Vistas And Soaring Industry Side By Side | In the Pacific Northwest, world-class ports and a renewed commitment from Boeing are lifting the growth potential in Washington.

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March/April 2014 Issue (Volume 47, Number 2)

BF March-April 2014

Business Facilities: March/April 2014 BF March-April 2014

FIRST WORD | We’re No. 1

SNAPSHOTS: 60 Seconds… | with Lesley Whatley, Director, START-UP NY

BUSINESS REPORT: Lindt Expands To Add Ghirardelli Line In Stratham, NH | A 100,000-square-foot expansion will allow Lindt to produce Ghiradelli chocolates in Stratham.

COVER STORY: New Energy Powers Growth | An Energy Revolution has put the U.S. back on top as the world’s leading energy producer. Take this panoramic tour of the locations that are powering growth by unlocking vast reserves and hooking up renewable energy to their transmission grids.

FEATURE STORY: 2014 Economic Development Awards | The magazine has trained its scope on all of the initiatives and programs that came its way in the past year and has picked out those that set the standard for excellence.

LOCATION FOCUS: New York – The Empire State Leverages Its Strengths | Find out how the Empire State is allowing new and expanding businesses to capitalize on its educational campuses and communities.

BUSINESS REPORT: Businesses Are Finding It’s Better In The Bluegrass State | Thanks to its ability to give businesses the tools they need, the Bluegrass State has seen a surge of investments.

INDUSTRY FOCUS: Logistics – Going With The Flow | Here’s the lowdown on how tailored logistics and transportation solutions are the essential link in the growth chain.

INDUSTRY FOCUS: MidAmerica’s World-Class Flow Chart | Learn how strategic water planning gave a 9,000-acre industrial park in Oklahoma a leg up on the competition.

STATE FOCUS: Minnesota’s Formula For Success | Minnesota’s favorable business climate and quality workforce have steadily increased the state’s economic activity.

BUSINESS REPORT: Garden State Growth Zones Aim to Lift New Jersey’s Cities | NJ’s Garden State Growth Zones offer special incentives to developers who invest in urban centers.

BUSINESS REPORT: GEICO Expansion Brings 1,000 New Jobs To Katy, TX | Openings, expansions and relocations will bring more than a thousand jobs to the Lone Star State in the near future.

STATE FOCUS: Arkansas – Easy To Reach, Easy To Grow | A strong transportation infrastructure makes Arkansas an ideal location for businesses that want to move bulk commodities and consumer goods.

BUSINESS REPORT: Chicago Will Host Digital Manufacturing And Design Innovation Institute | The Windy City will be home to a new $320-million Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute.

BUSINESS REPORT: Oilfield Supplier Tejas Tubular Sets New Plant in Norfolk, NE | Tejas Tubular will build a 350,000-square-foot facility and create more than 200 jobs in the greater Norfolk area.

STATE FOCUS: Pennsylvania – Built To Advance | The Keystone State is on a mission to invent the next era of business innovation while taking care to support the needs of industries today.

FEATURE STORY: Aiming For The Top In Utah | Gov. Gary Herbert is closing in on his goal of making Utah the most dynamic state economy. In this Governor’s Report interview, the Beehive State’s chief executive shares the state’s formula for success.

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January/February 2014 Issue (Volume 47, Number 1)

Business Facilities

Business Facilities: January/February 2014 Business Facilities

FIRST WORD | And The Winners Are

SNAPSHOTS: 60 Seconds… | with Larry V. Parman, Secretary, Oklahoma Department of Commerce

FEATURE STORY: 2013 Economic Development Deal of the Year Awards | Gold, Silver and Bronze award winners are profiled in this article. Honorable Mentions are also included.

BUSINESS REPORT: Georgia – A Harvest Of Ripe Jobs | GA notched a 10-percent surge in job creation in fiscal 2013, with 389 companies investing $6 billion.

FEATURE STORY: Governor’s Report – Ringing The Bell For Growth | Join us as we ride shotgun with Gov. Tom Corbett, who gives us an exclusive overview of the dynamic growth strategy yielding solid results in the Keystone State.

STATE FOCUS: Utah – Business And Life Are Elevated In The Beehive State | Like the mighty Rockies looming over everything, Utah’s business development is reaching for the sky.

COVER STORY: State Of The Year – Tennessee | The Volunteer State motors into our winner’s circle with a versatile growth engine that’s hitting on all cylinders and creating thousands of jobs from Kingsport to Memphis.

BUSINESS REPORT: Florida – AeroTurbine Opens HQ In Miramar As Florida Aerospace Grows | AeroTurbine’s new HQ in Miramar expands the Sunshine State’s bounty of more than 2,000 aviation companies.

BUSINESS REPORT: Ontario – Ontario Unveils Plans To Achieve Energy Balance | The Ministry of Energy unveils its most ambitious plan yet to ensure that Canada’s economic engine is fully powered.

BUSINESS REPORT: Indiana – Hat World Puts Expanded Headquarters In Zionsville, IN | Hat World, parent of the LIDS retail chain, invests $21.8 million in its Zionsville HQ and distribution ops.

FEATURE STORY: Workforce Training – Workforce Development Programs…The Recipe For Success | This article takes an in-depth look at some of the most innovative workforce development programs in the nation.

STATE FOCUS: Kansas – Kansas Focuses On The All-Around | It’s time to tap your red shoes together and find out why Kansas offers one of the most business-friendly environments in the U.S.

BUSINESS REPORT: Missouri – Joplin Area Rises From The Rubble And Reaches For New Heights | Prepare to be inspired as we give you and update of Joplin’s amazing recovery from 2011’s monster tornado.

BUSINESS REPORT: Virginia – Stafford County, Where Connectivity And Opportunity Intersect | With a new dark-fiber network, Stafford County will meet the 21st-century needs of tech leaders.




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September/October 2013 Issue (Volume 46, Number 5)

Business Facilities: September/October 2013 

First Word | Turning the Page

Remembering Ed Coene

Cover Story: Shovel-Ready Sites Are Growing From The Ground Up | More and more states are lining up to introduce site-certification programs to consolidate the timeline for bringing new projects to fruition.

Feature Story: The Cultural Roots of High-Tech Growth | Find out how locations that have a history of nurturing enterpreneurship may have a head start on spurring startups and developing high-tech hubs that yield high-growth sectors.

Business Report: The Carolinas – Regional Utilities Are Busy Powering Growth In The Carolinas | Powerhouses Duke Energy Progress and Santee Cooper maintain more than infrastructure in north and South Carolina—they’re driving development and site readiness.

Location Focus: Indiana – More And More Roads Are Leading To “The Crossroads Of America” | The Hoosier State is ripping away the red tape and laying out the welcome mat for new business.

State Focus: Lassoing Jobs In Texas | Visit some prime locations in the Lone Star State, where low taxes an a growing population of skilled workers are an unbeatable combination for luring new business.

Community Profile: Opportunity Knocks In Southwest Louisiana | World-class infrastructure, a burgeoning energy sector and a cornucopia of available sites await expanding businesses looking for the perfect place to put down roots and nurture growth.

Business Report: Georgia – Automotive Suppliers Are Multiplying In The Peach State | The automotive industry is speeding ahead at full throttle in the Peach State, with Kia Motors the focal point.

Feature Story: Game-Changer In The Heartland | Get an up-close look at the Midwest Inland Port and ADM’s new intermodal freight shipping and receiving facility, which is moving Decatur, IL into the top tier of world-class logistics hubs.

Location Focus: Sooner Or Later You’ll Choose Oklahoma | Find out why there’s an advantage to planting your new facility in the geographic center of the U.S.

Special Report: Greater Fort Lauderdale – Magnet For Biotech/Pharma Growth | The Sunshine State’s Atlantic Coast is winning in the global competition for new biotech business.

Feature Story: Governor’s Report – Talking The Talk And Backing It Up With Results | Gov. Rick Perry’s been popping up all over the U.S. extolling the virtues of doing business in the Lone Star State. In This Governor’s Report, he sat down and gave us the keys to the huge success in Texas.

Business Report: New York – Fracking Boom Spurs Growth Of Supply Chain In Upstate NY | Buffalo will be home to a $102-million steel pipe plant that will serve drilling ops in the Marcellus Shale region.

Special Report: Huntley, IL Has Capacity, Connection And Cooperation | Take a close look at a Golden Corridor gem that’s laid the cable and pulled together a major data hub.

Business Report: New California Incentives Offer Credits For Job Creation | Scheduled to begin in 2014, a trio of tax credit programs will be rolled out by the Golden State  to modernize incentives and spur job growth.


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Business Facilities & COVID-19

Post-Pandemic Industrial Parks: Risk-Resilient, Resource Efficient

Industrial parks can mitigate social, health and environmental risks by embracing a resource-efficient eco-industrial concept.

Canada: Your Investment Destination For Supply Chain Resiliency 

Brand, market access, and talent are among the numerous advantages Canada enjoys amid the reshaping of global supply chains.

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Business Facilities Featured Location Spotlight

Location Spotlight: Santee Cooper – CAMP HALL

Camp Hall is a first-of-its-kind, master-planned industrial work space located in a business epicenter of the South and at the heart of modern Southern culture — Charleston, S.C.

Business Facilities Featured Location Videos

BF Location Video: Industrial Parks in Oswego County, NY

Situated in Upstate New York, Oswego County is located centrally to New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Toronto and Montreal, with over 80 million people within a 300-mile radius. Many factors place Oswego County at the top of the list for manufacturing clusters such as metal fabrication and food processing.