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September / October 2022 Issue (Volume 55, Number 5)

September / October 2022 Issue

First Word: Collaboration At The Core

From a very young age, we’re taught the value of cooperation and teamwork. There are, of course, many scenarios where individuality is the best approach. But when it comes to growing a business, a location, and an economy, working together is often the most impactful way to accomplish a goal. At the recent IEDC Annual Conference in Oklahoma City, President and CEO Nathan Ohle centered his opening keynote speech around collaboration. Speaking to the audience, Ohle told us to expect to hear that word—Collaboration—from him many times in the coming months. The reason, he shared, is that collaboration is a linchpin to growth.

Anne Cosgrove, Editorial Director, Business FacilitiesIn his speech, Ohle was addressing an audience of economic developers—those individuals who you as a site selector work with when making important decisions on where to locate or expand a business. But, as you undoubtedly already know collaboration is key in so many aspects of evaluating, exploring, negotiating, and eventually deciding where a new operation will lay down roots. Especially in the current economic and social climate, it’s become increasingly valuable to identify how all stakeholders in your site search might contribute to a successful decision.

Our cover story on advanced manufacturing shares insight about this burgeoning sector’s site selection process—and it includes collaboration. Throughout this issue, the potential of shared resources and open lines of communication is highlighted. From finding tech talent to cybersecurity to streamlined logistics, a common thread is the recognition that collaboration is a useful tool to gain ground.

Business Facilities September / October 2022 Issue

September / October 2022 Issue
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Advanced Manufacturing Sites | Manufacturing companies are seeking cutting-edge locations for their state-of-the-art production lines and processes.


Finding Tech Talent | Attract a skilled workforce and bolster growth in locations where ecosystems support the innate agility of tech businesses.

Kansas Governor’s Report | Underpinning record job growth is Governor Kelly’s Framework For Growth Plan.

The Cyber Frontier | The shortage of cybersecurity skills across the U.S. is being addressed in earnest by government and private industry.


Shoring Up Semiconductors | Across North America, companies and locations are moving semiconductor manufacturing and ecosystems closer to home.

Texas State Focus: The Lone Star State Expands | With low taxes and key incentives, the Lone Star State offers business wide open opportunity.

Arizona State Focus | A regulatory environment to streamline business is among the Grand Canyon State’s advantages.

Moving At Speed Of Business | Through ports, rail, roadways, and airports, the ideal location provides companies quick transport.

Feeding The Future | The growing global population calls for agribusiness operations to find locations with ready resources.

Illinois Driving Economic Growth | Programs focused on workforce training and tax credits for job creation are driving growth.

Advanced Manufacturing Advances In Iowa | The Manufacturing 4.0 initiative in the Hawkeye State aims to grow advanced manufacturing.

Utah Helps Local Businesses | Grant programs focused on modernizing manufacturing and readying sites for business are the latest in the Beehive State.

Innovation Hubs For New Ideas | At the intersection of tech resources and innovators, locations are growing what the future holds.


Alabama: Flying High | Aerospace remains a pillar of the state’s strengths, with other sectors diversifying the economy.

Florida: Navigating For Success | The Sunshine State attracts diverse investment, from boat making to fintech to food processing.

Kentucky: Expanding Horizons | Grants for exports along with significant expansion investments keep the Bluegrass State humming.

New York: Forward Momentum | Green CHIPS legislation aims to support semiconductors, while other sectors also grow.

Connect With Tennessee | Gig speed internet in Chattanooga and manufacturing growth are pushing advancement.

Virginia: Building A Green Future | Plan for offshore wind along with a flood of new and expanding business are shaping the state’s future.


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July / August 2022 Issue (Volume 55, Number 4)

July / August 2022 Issue

First Word: Challenges And Opportunity

This 18th annual Rankings Report issue presents a look at leading locations for business across more than 60 categories relevant to your site selection decisions. From broad evaluations like Best Business Climate to industry-specific lists and the impacts of renewable energy policies, the Business Facilities Annual Ranking Report holds a wealth of information that aims to help you and your teams in relocation and expansion decisions.

Anne Cosgrove, Editorial Director, Business Facilities

The renewable energy story brings you on a tour of infrastructure developments around the nation. From Rhode Island to Virginia and Arizona to Kansas, you’ll read about significant investments poised to impact business decisions.

If you have not explored the U.S. Qualified Opportunity Zone Program yet, take a look at the stories that provide an update and insights on if this program might benefit your upcoming projects. Established as part of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the opportunity zone program focuses on drawing investment to designated low-income tracts across the U.S.

Businesses are stepping up investment in 2022 even as we continue to navigate the changes wrought by the pandemic, global conflicts, and changing weather patterns. As the ground solidifies, this year’s Annual Rankings serve as one tool to help you navigate.

Business Facilities July / August 2022 Issue

July / August 2022 Issue


As business navigates an evolving landscape, take a look at the top ranked locations in our 18th Annual Rankings Report.

2022 Rankings Report: Top-Ranked States | Our annual State Rankings Report looks at Best Business Climate, workforce programs, industry-specific growth, and more.

2022 Rankings Report: Top-Ranked Metros | See which locations are ranked this year for business climate, tech-related growth, and a new category, Metros for Movers.

2022 Rankings Report: Global | As the global economy continues to shift, see what nations are leading in GDP, Manufacturing, FDI, and more.


Growing Green Energy | The U.S. renewable energy sector is expanding and evolving quickly with infrastructure investments from government, utilities, the private sector, and other stakeholders.

Opportunity Zones: Revitalizing Communities | The U.S. Qualified Opportunity Zone program introduced in 2017 shows promise to revitalize designated low-income tracts.

Investing in Opportunity Zones | A vehicle to reinvest capital gains, the U.S. Qualified Opportunity Zone program holds certain criteria.

Governor’s Report: No Slowing Down For Arizona | This southwest state’s economy is propelled by policies that kept business moving during and after the pandemic.


Healthcare Industry: Looking To A Healthy Future | Companies in the healthcare and medical devices space are growing, looking for locations.

Forward-Looking Financial Locations | Financial services firms seeking supportive ecosystems see growing number of promising places.

Corporate Headquarters: Finding A Home Base For Business | Where a company calls home is significant, even in the age of remote work.

Florida: The Sunshine State Is Bright For Business | Low costs and ready workforce are among the advantages in the Sunshine State.

California: Good Vibrations | With a large, diverse economy, this West Coast locale has much to offer.

Louisiana State Focus | The Bayou State’s strong energy sector includes legacy producers along with growth in low carbon technologies.

Mighty Mississippi Ready For Business | This southeast state stands ready for both new and expanding businesses to succeed.

Indiana: The Heart Of The Heartland | The Hoosier State is seeing growth in traditional and emerging industries.

Plastics On The Move | Demand for products from the eighth largest industry in the U.S. shows no signs of slowing.

(North) Carolina On My Mind | Infrastructure, R&D, and workforce foster business growth in this southeast locale.


Missouri: Show-Me State Shines Bright | Plan for an $800 million Meta data center in Kansas City has been announced.

Ohio: Capturing Attention, And Investments | Intel’s semiconductor plant and Ford’s EV plans are among big projects in 2022.


Why… New Mexico? | New Mexico Partnership President & CEO Melinda Allen shares why businesses should consider the Land of Enchantment.
Q&A: Pulling Together In Texas | A new Regional Economic Development Partnership focuses on growing the business community west of the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metro.
Q&A: Sevier County, UT | With a strategic location, two business parks, and a can-do attitude, Sevier County is ready for business.


Canada Leads With World-Class Workforce | Canada’s top-notch education, support for tech knowledge, and business-friendly programs deliver for companies from around the globe.

A Force Of Change | Consumers Energy is moving forward with a landmark energy transformation plan that will reshape Michigan’s future.

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May / June 2022 Issue (Volume 55, Number 3)

May / June 2022 Issue

First Word: The People Part Of The Equation

The Great Resignation brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the workforce paradigm. As employees evaluate where they want to work, where they want to live, and how they want to spend their time, companies of all shapes and sizes have found themselves with a talent shortage. Companies are struggling to find talent, and when relocating or expanding operations the availability of a skilled workforce is a top concern.

Anne Cosgrove, Editorial Director, Business Facilities

In this issue, you’ll find coverage of workforce development programs—and a sampling of locations laser-focused on ensuring the talent pipeline is flowing. A companion piece on STEM Leaders hones in on regions where education and training in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are having significant success.

Meanwhile, growing awareness of the need for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives across society have pressed organizations to recognize the role of DEI goals. In 2021, the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) cemented its focus on equity with an Equitable Economic Development Playbook. IEDC described this as “a multi-year project.” Our cover story delves into how communities and all stakeholders can start thinking about equitable development.   

And with that, I’d like to take the opportunity to recognize a talent right here on our Business Facilities team—LuAnn Rathemacher, our production manager for the past 36 years. You’ll see her listed toward the top of the masthead for the last time as she retires at the end of May. The entire team wishes LuAnn the very best as she literally sails into the sunset on her beloved boat. For the better part of four decades, she has been a linchpin for this magazine (and its two sister publications). We thank her for her service, her humor, and patience!

Business Facilities May / June 2022 Issue

May / June 2022 Issue


Building An Equity-Driven Workforce | Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives are increasingly visible to level the playing field for workforce growth and economic gains for all.


Workforce Development to Get The Job Done | For companies considering where to relocate or expand, the ability to tap into a quality workforce is a priority.

STEM Leaders: This Will Be On The Test | Across the U.S., locations partner with educational entities to foster science, technology, engineering, and math skills to fill labor market demand.

When The (Work) Day Is Through | Choosing a place that offers a wide variety of recreation and leisure options is key to your next location.

Georgia Governor’s Report: Growth In Georgia Pushes Forward | The Peach State is leading in The Great Recovery with record-breaking job creation with advanced infrastructure and a talented workforce.

LiveXChange Streamlines Site Searches | Business Facilities’ annual event for site selectors this past April paved the way for LiveXchange Emerging Industries this Fall.


Higher Education Partnerships: Closing The Gap | Colleges and universities are making a clear impact on business today, especially when it comes to workforce training.

Locations For eCommerce And Distribution: Made To Order | As consumer buying patterns evolve, location-related assets for these businesses are also shifting.

Business Diversity Abounds In Virginia | Solid education, infrastructure, workforce programs, and resilient business climate are leading reasons attracting investment.

Delaware: Small But Mighty | The second smallest state by area, Delaware’s might lies in its location, tax climate, and more.

North Central Florida: Low Cost, High Opportunity | Talented workforce and robust infrastructure positions North Central Florida for strong industrial growth.

Massachusetts: Investing In The Future | Across Massachusetts, funding for higher education and STEM programs support next generation workers.

Growing In Nebraska | Revitalization funding boosts job training, small business growth, and affordable housing, while data mining finds a home in the Cornhusker State.

Nevada: Pot Of Gold | People once flocked to Nevada for its silver and gold; today, it’s the robust economy and quality of life.

New Hampshire: A New England Gem | New Hampshire may be among the smallest U.S. states, but it packs a big punch.

Sustainability Industry Focus | The growing green markets across the U.S. and Canada include recycling operations and electric vehicles.


Arkansas: Strong As Steel | Significant steel industry projects are in the works, but that’s not all that is happening in the state.

South Carolina: Full Steam Ahead | Across the Palmetto State, growth remains strong, with notable projects landing on its Atlantic coastline.


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March / April 2022 Issue (Volume 55, Number 2)

March / April 2022 Issue

First Word: The Times They Are a-Changin’

Bob Dylan wrote that famous song in 1964, but those lyrics still resonate today. All it took was a global pandemic and, most recently, the first major military conflict in Europe in more than 75 years to show just how vulnerable the global supply chain has become. And suddenly the supply chain was turned upside down.

Ted Coene
Ted Coene, Chief Business Officer, Business Facilities

A broken supply chain can lead to disastrous consequences such as lack of inventory, inflation and potentially recession. And now it has forced major manufacturers to rethink how they bring products to the market.

Tesla has managed to avoid the brunt of the crisis in semiconductor supply by building its own supply chain. When Tesla built its Gigafactory in Nevada, the goal was to control its battery supply chain and not rely on foreign parts. This decision gave Tesla more control over its software and battery components and provided the company with inherent flexibility which other manufacturers didn’t have.

Now others have followed suit. GM is working with a list of semiconductor companies on co-development, sourcing and manufacturing, helping to drive predictability in the supply chain. As Buckley Brinkman, CEO for the Wisconsin Center for Manufacturing and Productivity (WCMP) notes in our cover story this month, “you need to keep your manufacturing on your own shores and build up your inventories.”

Of course, the best part of keeping manufacturing and the supply chain on our shores is the increase in jobs that will benefit the economy. More job opportunities aligned with the manufacturing industry, which has long been a desired goal, could be an unintended consequence of the pandemic and supply chain shortage. And it could lead the United States back to a time when manufacturing was the biggest job producer in this country.

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

Business Facilities March / April 2022 Issue

March / April 2022 Issue


Linking The Global Supply Chain | A number of states are now in the matchmaking business, all trying to help companies solve their increasingly-complex and demanding supply chain issues. Can they be successful?


Governor’s Report: Building A New Image In Maryland | Governor Larry Hogan says that a combination of a great location, educated workforce and a streamlined attitude towards business is helping the state create the right image

Top Logistics Hubs: On The Move | Cities and counties are leveraging their locations, skilled workforce and intermodal services to keep goods moving along.

Foreign Direct Investment: A Foreign Affair | States are vying to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) funds as cross border investments pump much-needed funds into local economies.

Business/Industrial Parks: There’s No Place Like Home | Operators of business and industrial parks realize that they need to offer more of everything to attract new companies to their sites.


Connecticut Focus: Location Plus | Connecticut is situated between two major metro areas. But the Nutmeg State offers much more than just a great location.

Automotive Special Report: Driven To Success | The automotive category is hot and states are vying for their share of a growing and lucrative pie.

Manufacturing Industry Focus: On The Bright Side | Economic developers are going to great lengths to highlight their advantages as competition dramatically increases for new manufacturing sites.

Locations For The Ports & FTZs Industry | Ports and free trade zones have taken on much greater importance as supply chain issues increase and demand for products grow.

Life Sciences Industry Focus: The Circle Of Life | The Life Sciences field has taken on much greater significance in recent years. Economic developers are responding with more options to make their communities more appealing.

Arizona State Focus: Heading To The Desert | Arizona is offering great incentives and a business-friendly environment to attract new business.

New York State Focus: A New York State Of Mind | New York is much more than just New York City. Upstate offers tremendous opportunities, including a well-educated workforce.

Focus On Puerto Rico: Its Place In The Sun | Emerging business opportunities are thriving in Puerto Rico.


Connecticut Gets Back In The Show | Officials at AdvanceCT say that the Nutmeg State is ratcheting up its game to convince businesses—near and far—to take their business to a better place: Connecticut.

Why…West Virginia? | Mitch Carmichael, Secretary of West Virginia’s Department of Economic Development, has many reasons why businesses should consider the Mountain State. Here are some of the state’s many business-related activities and advantages.

Missouri: Showing The Way | G. Subash Alias, CEO of Missouri Partnership, said that the Show Me State is ideally positioned to attract businesses. Here is his outlook for the partnership and the state.

Sweet As Sugar (Land) | Sugar Land, TX boasts a sizable cluster of biotech companies, a strong advanced manufacturing industry, and various corporate headquarters, according to Elizabeth Huff, the city’s Director of Economic Development.

Canada: Supply Chain Partner For Businesses Seeking Stability, Growth | Canada’s advanced economy means that supply chains and the infrastructure to support them already exist in numerous industries, according to Katie Curran, Interim CEO, Invest in Canada.

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January / February 2022 Issue (Volume 55, Number 1)

January / February 2022 Issue

First Word: Winning Hearts And Minds

Abig congrats to Virginia, Tennessee and Massachusetts for being named winners of the three separate categories of the Best States in 2021 by Business Facilities magazine.

Seth MendelsonAs you will read in this issue, Virginia was named the state (commonwealth) with the Best Overall Business Climate, Tennessee was named the state with the Best Deals last year, and Massachusetts was named the state (commonwealth) with the best talent and educational system.

To the officials in each of these states, take a bow.

Now get back to work…STAT.

If anyone believes they can rest on their laurels in today’s super-hyper competitive environment, they are sadly mistaken. Every state in the country, plus regional economic development associations and city groups, are eagerly upping their games to attract new business development and relocations.

They have to. With the workplace changing as fast as anyone can say COVID-19, corporations throughout the land realize they have a great opportunity and need to search for the best location to place a new facility or even relocate existing operations, including regional, national or worldwide headquarters.

The battle is on. Officials in Virginia, Tennessee and Massachusetts should be admired and commended for what they accomplished last year and the great job they have done over the years to get their communities into that position.

But, they are not alone in this journey to entice corporations to their communities.

The struggle to win hearts and minds—and projects that bring capital investment and jobs to communities—in a rapidly-evolving post-COVID world is just beginning.

Seth MendelsonSeth Mendelson

Business Facilities January / February 2022 Issue

January / February 2022 Issue


STATES OF THE YEAR: Virginia, Tennessee, and Massachusetts | Despite intense competition from across the country, Virginia, Tennessee and Massachusetts stand out as the states with the overall best business climate, best deals and workforce/education respectively for 2021.



  • Gold Award | The Ford Motor Company and SK Innovation are investing about $5.6 billion to turn a previously-empty lot into a state-of-the-art battery and vehicle manufacturing plant in West Tennessee.
  • Silver Award | Samsung is coming back to central Texas to build a semiconductor manufacturing facility and invest $17 billion in the project.
  • Bronze Award | KORE Power chose the growing city of Buckeye, AZ for its next lithium-ion battery storage manufacturing facility. The deal will create about 3,000 new advanced manufacturing jobs.
  • Impact Awards | Business Facilities magazine picked 15 companies that had the most impact in their respective categories in 2021.

Top Utilities: More Power To You | From municipally-owned power providers to expansive regional entities, these top utilities of 2021 did much more than provide energy.

Digging In With Shovel-Ready Sites | Being prepared for any and every corporate relocation or expansion scenario is vital for any community seeking new business ventures. Certified sites are a good start.


The Aerospace Industry: Soaring Away | Expectations that the COVID-19 pandemic may soon ease is giving some hope to aviation and aerospace executives.

Locations For Intermodal Facilities: Connecting The Dots | Intermodal services are becoming much more important as supplies seek a faster way to market.

Processing A New World In The Food Chain | Quality and freshness remain the two top priorities in the food processing industry. Can suppliers keep up?

Florida Is Shining Bright | Changing lifestyle choices are helping Florida gain an edge against other states in the battle for awareness among corporate executives.

Kansas: Smack In The Middle | The Sunflower State wants to use a number of assets, including geographic location, to entice more companies to try it out.

The Eyes Of Texas | The Lone Star State remains at the front of the pack in terms of economic development. Interest in the state might just be starting to heat up even more.

Community Profile: Seeking Paradise In The U.S. Virgin Islands | The U.S. Virgin Islands offers companies looking for a new place to grow a plethora of impressive business advantages in a tropical paradise.

The Last Word | Even in the age of COVID-19, the process of selecting the right site for a business remains a crucial part of business activities across the country.


Louisiana Fights Back | The Cajun State is taking the right steps to come out strong after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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November / December 2021 Issue (Volume 54, Number 6)

November / December 2021 Issue

First Word: Man In The Arena

Has there ever been a time that requires a better knowledge of the business of doing business?

I don’t think so and that is exactly why I am here, ready to take on the challenge of continuing to educate our readership as the new Editorial Director of Business Facilities magazine.

Seth MendelsonBetween the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the battle between states and communities for relocations, expansions and startups, hybrid work environments and skyrocketing costs across most of the spectrum, those who decide the future of their companies need more information than ever from sources like ours.

I intend to continue this publication’s great tradition of offering our readers as much information as possible to allow them to make the right decisions on where to operate their businesses from.

But, I need your help. No journalist can successfully cover any marketplace or issue without help from those in the middle of the action. You are the experts, the people who can explain what is happening out in the real world and what steps need to be taken to benefit the most businesses and their employees.

So, I am asking you to reach out. Whether by phone (973) 650-0263 or email at, I hope that you feel comfortable enough to engage me—and educate me—as I start on my next adventure. All of us at Business Facilities have the same goals as you: to help businesses understand what locations and communities will help them be most successful in the years to come.

I am up for the challenge. I hope you come along for the ride.

Seth MendelsonSeth Mendelson

Business Facilities November / December 2021 Issue

November / December 2021 Issue


Site Seekers’ Guide: State Profiles* | Our Annual Site Seekers’ Guide, featuring in-depth profiles of all 50 states, is your one-stop source in your quest to find the best new location for your company’s expansion or relocation project.

Featured Locations Directory* | As a critical part of our Site Seekers’ Guide, our Featured Locations Directory provides all the economic development listings you’ll need to make your journey a success!

* See the digital issue for our State Profiles and Featured Locations Directory.


Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Felicia Howard, Dominion Energy | Howard, Dominion Energy’s new VP of Economic Development Strategy, discusses the future of economic development, clean energy, and the “new normal.”

Manufacturing: Building Back Fast | Despite turbulence caused by labor and supply chain challenges, the manufacturing industry is experiencing a positive trajectory as it recovers from the pandemic.

Automotive: The Road To Everywhere | While we’re still deep in the drive toward technical and autonomous, what’s old is new and what’s mine is yours when it comes to next year’s auto trends.

LiveXchange 2021 Review | Corporate executives and economic developers hailed the return of an in-person LiveXchange event in 2021 while participating in more than 265 one-on-one meetings.


Focus On Film Production  | Its many advantages—including incentives, facilities and skilled crews—make Louisiana a perfect host for film and TV production.

Tourism: Headed For Recovery | U.S. domestic travel is nearly at pre-COVID levels, but business and international are seeing a more uneven recovery.

Retail Trends Put Shoppers First | To keep customers happy and meet expectations in the year ahead, savvy retailers must focus on these five key trends.

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September / October 2021 Issue (Volume 54, Number 5)

September / October 2021 Issue (Volume 54, Number 5)

Business Facilities September / October 2021 Issue

September / October 2021 Issue (Volume 54, Number 5)


Startup Ecosystems Are Everywhere | A tidal wave of venture capital is fueling a boom in startup ecosystems around the world. Take our tour of locations that have put together the essentials that make them magnets for unicorns in a diverse group of emerging growth sectors.


Snapshots: 60 Seconds With Jeff Finkle, IEDC | Finkle, CEcD, President and CEO, IEDC, discusses the impact of COVID-19 and remote work on real estate and economic development, and more.

Centers Of Innovation | The Biden Administration has proposed up to $80 billion worth of investment in innovation centers to be located in regions that have historically been hampered by underinvestment but that still remain powerful centers for R&D.

Aiming To Stay On Top In North Carolina | In an exclusive interview with BF, Gov. Roy Cooper tells us how North Carolina is mounting a strong defense its 2020 State of the Year crown with an expanding tech talent pool and an equity-driven recovery plan.

Playing Catch-Up On Cybersecurity | The burgeoning cybersecurity sector now employs nearly 1 million people, but almost a half-million cybersecurity job openings across the country are waiting to be filled due to a shortage of skilled workers. There’s no shortage of new cyber threats.


Setting The Table | As the official list of agricultural products keeps growing, a new industry report projects U.S. exports of $177.5 billion in 2022.

Logistics: Delivering The Goods | A number of disruptions over the past year have caused supply chains to have to adapt even more than usual, with no end in sight.

The World Wants What Texas Has Got | Texas has been the nation’s No. 1 exporter for 19 years straight, and with a June total of $171.9 billion, exceeds that of the next three largest states combined.

Talent Is Tall In The Land Of Lincoln | Illinois’ talent pool has played a big part in attracting many innovative and iconic companies to the state.

Getting Big While Staying Small | Ottumwa, IA supports a $4 billion economy while still providing a feeling of connection with the community.

Arizona Wants You—To Visit | Gov. Ducey announced $101.1 million in federal American Rescue Plan for a new Visit Arizona Initiative.

Zones Of Opportunity | Federally designated Opportunity Zones are still a great place to reinvest your capital gains.


Tennessee: Serving Science | Thermo Fisher’s new manufacturing facility in Wilson County will lead to 1,400 new jobs.

Mississippi: Retooling For Growth | Milwaukee Tool expects to create 800 jobs in Grenada with a $60 million expansion, adding 400 jobs elsewhere.

New Mexico: Semiconductor Giant | Intel is planning a $3.5-billion chip fab expansion in Rio Rancho, with plans to create 700 jobs.

Alabama: Carbon-Fiber Wrappers | Hanwha Cimarron broke ground on a $130-million plant at Northeast Opelika Industrial Park.

GE Launches New Co-Creation Center In Connecticut | CoCREATE Stamford will merge innovation, education and inspiration, and bring small appliances manufacturing back to Connecticut.

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July / August 2021 Issue (Volume 54, Number 4)

July / August 2021 Issue

Business Facilities July / August 2021 Issue

July / August 2021 Issue


2021 Business Facilities Rankings Report | Our economic development community proved that it can fulfill its primary mission—to build a better future—while coping with the most disruptive crisis of our lifetime. The outlines of that future can by found on the pages of our 17th Annual Rankings Report.

2021 Rankings Report: Top-Ranked States | Our annual State Rankings Report addresses the growing importance of partnerships between industry and higher education in workforce development with our new Tech Talent Pipeline category.

2021 Rankings Report: Top-Ranked Metros | Find out who made the cut in our annual leaderboads for large, mid-sized and small metros with the Best Business Climate in our annual Metro Rankings Report. Plus, our annual Global Rankings.


Working Where You Wanna Be | Learn about affordable locations with a superior quality of life — offering a live/work/play balance with lots of choices for the live and play parts.

Leading From The Front | Hear Gov. Ned Lamont explain how aggressive testing helped Connecticut mitigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Eric Voyles, TexAmericas Center | Voyles, TexAmericas Center’s Executive Vice President & Chief Economic Development Officer, discusses military site remediation, the impact of COVID-19 on development, and low-cost, reliable electricity.


Getting Back Its Mojo | Southwest Louisiana is once again a growing magnet for economic development with a number of new projects in the works.

Fingertip Financials | There has been dramatic growth in FinTech during the pandemic and digital banking will be a new norm.

Headquarters Hunt | The location of the corporate headquarters is an important part of a company’s identity, playing a leading role in the perception of its customers and investors.

Global Gateway In Georgia | The Port of Savannah is adding more ship-to-shore cranes at the nation’s largest single-terminal operation.

Renewable Realization | Global commitments and actions for clean energy have grown, but are they growing fast enough?

Heading For The Hoosier State | The North American data center market is expected to reach $101B by 2026, with Indiana poised for a large share.

Power For The People | Along with advocating for public power communities at all levels, ElectriCities of NC provides administrative, technical and legal services to its member communities.

All Routes Lead To Florida | With access to global markets, the state’s 15 deep-water seaports and 19 commercial airports bring the world to Florida—and take your products everywhere.

ND Gets An Intermodal Upgrade | North Dakota’s recently launched intermodal rail service will reduce shipping costs to markets across the world.

Ins And Outs Of New England | Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine get down to business.

Source Diverse Source Local | A new partnership looks to strengthen inclusive procurement and a resilient California-based supply chain.

Maximizing Health Care Resources | One legacy of the pandemic is likely to be a renewed focus on collaboration across the health ecosystem.


Ohio: $680 Million PV Expansion | A new First Solar facility will scale its Northwest Ohio footprint to a total annual capacity of 6 GW.

Kansas: So Much To See And Do | Indoors and out, and above and below ground, Hutchinson brings the fun.

Canada: Hydrogen-Powered | Air Products is building the world’s largest net-zero hydrogen network in northeast Edmonton in Alberta, expected to be operational in 2024.

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May / June 2021 Issue (Volume 54, Number 3)

May / June 2021
Concept rendering by Mason Innovation Partners / EYP

Business Facilities May / June 2021 Issue

May / June 2021
(Concept rendering by Mason Innovation Partners / EYP)


Millennial Magnets | They’re almost three-quarters of the workforce and they know what they want: to work where they really want to live, in a diverse place with a great quality of life, an affordable cost of living and a hip 24/7 work, live, play culture within walking distance. Check out the attraction strategies of locations that are bringing in the talent. Plus, Building The Top Tech Talent Pipeline In Virginia.


Finding The Perfect Fit | The training needed to close the 21st century skills gap in America is highly customized and it can take place in virtual space and laboratories as well as on factory floors—sometimes beginning before a recruit is hired. Take our tour of the customized training leaders.

Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Peter Denious, AdvanceCT | Denious, AdvanceCT President and Chief Executive Officer, discusses foreign direct investment, why Millennials are flocking to Hartford, and Connecticut’s new long-term economic development strategy.


Manufacturing: Jobs Multiplier | Nearly 500,000 jobs remain unfilled in manufacturing. Find out how the industry can retain and recruit workers in order to prevent a labor shortage that could end up costing the U.S. economy $1 trillion.

Industrial Parks: Building In Risk Resilience | By integrating resource efficiency, circular business practices and benefits of shared services, EIP practices can help industrial parks meet the demands of the post-COVID-19 world.

Turning Up The (Cargo) Volume | People have adjusted their purchasing habits, and the Port of Baltimore is ready as a leading e-commerce logistics hub.

Clear Skies, Strategic City | Henderson shines with Nevada’s highest per capita income, expanding healthcare sector and nationally recognized quality of life.

Poised For Liftoff In Alabama | Alabama is regaining the momentum it lost during the COVID-19 pandemic, with significant growth projects launching in key strategic industrial clusters.

Wilson Strong | Dealing with the effects of a natural disaster on top of the COVID crisis, this Tennessee county demonstrated the strength of its leadership and community resolve.

Creative Culture In Claremont, NH | This thriving New England mill town is full of forward-thinking, cutting edge manufacturers and creative entrepreneurs.

Collaborating For Success In York, NE | York County’s approach to economic development ensures access to all agencies and programs that can be of assistance to a project—with property and buildings ready to go.


North Carolina: Landing A Giant | Apple has chosen Research Triangle Park as the location of its first East Coast campus, a $1-billion project that will create 3,000 new jobs. The company also plans to establish a $100 million fund to support schools and community initiatives in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Delaware: Diverse Tech Talent Pipeline | The Delaware Prosperity Partnership (DPP) has completed a strategic plan to support a more diverse tech talent pipeline in the state.

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March / April 2021 Issue (Volume 54, Number 2)

March / April 2021

Business Facilities March / April 2021 Issue

March / April 2021ON THE COVER

Rethinking The Global Supply Chain | With traffic jams in ports that have container ships backed up miles at sea and the U.S. rapidly decoupling from China, the momentum to reshore overseas supply chains is building. Our experts tell us what to expect in the race to go “local for local.”


The Best Way From Here To There | Take our annual tour of the top logistics hubs and find out which locations are in the best position to serve your markets.

Standing Tall At The Crossroads | Gov. Gretchen Whitmer tells us in her own words what it was like to respond to the pandemic in Michigan while facing down domestic terrorists trying to overthrow the state government.

Adding Favor To FDI | Miami is the gateway to Latin America—and the world. This unique global address for high-tech players is a rapidly growing hub in a culturally rich community.


Regional Drivers Of Economic Growth | FTZs, located in or near U.S. customs ports of entry, enable duty-free movement of foreign and domestic merchandise.

Molecular Miracles | Successful introduction of mRNA vaccines has created a platform for the rapid development of new treatments.

Where Steel Turns Into Sugar | Sucro Sourcing will invest $19 million to transform the old Bethlehem Steel Mill in Lackawanna, NY into a sugar refinery.

Powerhouse For Growth In SC | Santee Cooper is South Carolina’s largest power provider and a favorable business partner, acting as a major driver of regional economic development.

Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Ariel C. Gruswitz, J.D., Delaware Prosperity Partnership | Gruswitz, DPP’s Director of Innovation, discusses the First State’s focus on innovation, and how it’s attracting growing companies.

Not Just A Pretty Face | The Grand Canyon State is proving it’s more than meets the eye, demonstrating success in a variety of key sectors in AZ.

Laying The Groundwork | Kentucky continues to invest in its communities and develop initiatives to prepare for sustainable growth.

Master-Planning For Success | The master-planned and deed-restricted 99.5-acre Tomball Business & Technology Park is fully served with all utilities and is minutes from major highways.

Building What Matters In Minnesota | The Minnesota Investment Fund is turbocharging growth in the thriving medical device and biotech sectors in the Land of the Lakes.

Industrial Enchantment | Despite the challenges of 2020, New Mexico saw growth and success across a wide range of industries and is preparing for even more growth in 2021.

10 Tickets To Success In Amarillo, TX | Whether looking to move operations, expand your company or start a brand new enterprise, Amarillo can help.


New Jersey: Partners With Israel | A world-class Institute for Future Technologies is coming to the NJIT campus in Newark.

Mississippi: Connecting At High-Speed | The Magnolia State is undertaking a $65-million installation of broadband service in rural areas.

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January / February 2021 Issue (Volume 54, Number 1)

January / February 2021

Business Facilities January / February 2021

January / February 2021ON THE COVER

State of the Year: North Carolina | A rising star with a global reach, North Carolina has been on our radar for several years. In 2020, NC was a top 10 state in our most important State Rankings categories. Now, the Tar Heel State has won our top honor for the first time.


2020 Economic Development Deal of the Year Awards

Gold Award: Cybertruck Gigafactory | Elon Musk likes to invent new words to describe his products and his manufacturing facilities. Tesla’s newest Gigafactory grabs our Gold Award for Greater Austin, TX.

Silver Award: Turning Renewables Into Diesel | Louisiana may be a fossil fuel giant, but the Pelican State has its eye on a green future. Our Silver prize goes to Louisiana Economic Development for the $9.2-billion Grön Fuels complex.

Bronze Award: Regional HQ in Charlotte | Centene’s transformative project delivers more than 3,000 new jobs and our Bronze Award to the City of Charlotte, NC. Plus, Honorable Mentions! 

Editor’s Picks: Top Utilities | Electricity consumption in the commercial sector during 2020 was down, but our top power players are all preparing for a robust recovery in 2021.

Preparation Is Key | States across the country are implementing certification programs that give available sites a shovel ready designation—labeling them primed and ready for economic development.

West Virginia: Rising To The Challenge | Governor Jim Justice gives BF an inside look at his successful strategy to distribute vaccines.

60 Seconds… with Ryan Combs, Research Triangle Regional Partnership | Combs, Executive Director at North Carolina’s Research Triangle Regional Partnership, discusses foreign direct investment, higher education, and biotech in the region.


Time For Lift-Off | Commercial aviation took a much harder hit than the defense industry last year, and it will take longer to recover as the hospitality industry struggles.

Bouncing Back | Florida continues to look for ways to regain its economic strength, and shine like it should.

The Future Will Be Electric | Electric vehicle sales, and the charging stations that power them, are still on the rise, despite reductions in general car usage.

Nurturing In The Natural State | Through the pandemic, Arkansas has defined resiliency, remaining open and ready for business.

Gigs Of Growth In Data Capacity | With more than 373MW of new data center capacity under construction, CBRE is forecasting that total data center inventory will grow by 13.8 percent this year.

Business Is Booming In Box Elder | This Utah county continues to learn and grow in order to help create a community where business can thrive.

Living Large In Life Sciences | With the need for new treatments more urgent than ever, private investors put more than $16 billion to work in the life sciences sector in the first half of 2020.

Making It Happen In Missouri | Joplin is a regional transportation hub and a thriving, diverse community of dreamers and doers.

Still Bigger, Still Better, Still Texas | The stars align to create the most advantageous business climate for expanding and relocating companies.

One-Stop Shop In NC | Food processing facilities are flocking to North Carolina thanks to its diverse agricultural economy and acclaimed food science resources.

On The Short List For Investment | The Edmonton Metropolitan Region has what the world needs to solve some of its biggest challenges.


Kansas: Setting The Table | Food processing is thriving in the nation’s breadbasket.

Louisiana: Producing More Plastics | Shintech invests $1.3 billion to expand its manufacturing and packaging facilities.

Nevada: Linking Hands With Canada | MineConnect will give rural northeastern Nevada access to the heart of the Canadian mining industry.

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November / December 2020 Issue (Volume 53, Number 6)

November / December 2020

Business Facilities November / December 2020

November / December 2020ON THE COVER

COVID-19: The Road To Recovery | It’s been our privilege to tell you about the heroic efforts of economic development organizations and state governments who have joined forces with local businesses to respond to the most urgent needs of the COVID-19 pandemic.


State Profiles | In this issue, we unveil our 21st Century Site Seekers’ Guide, featuring our new State Profiles. Spoiler Alert: We put each state’s most dazzling gems into our new showcase (and there’s a new Directory!)

Ready To Scale New Heights | Join us as Colorado Gov. Jared Polis explains how the Rocky Mountain State is getting the jump on climate change and growing a highly skilled workforce for emerging growth sectors like cybersecurity.

Wanting To Live Where You Work | Businesses and EDOs are vying to attract Millennials—and quality of life is key—making it crucial that talent attraction strategies address work-life balance as well as affordability.

Featured Locations Directory | As we were saying, we’re also debuting a new Site Seekers’ Guide Featured Locations Directory in this issue. If your eyes are tired when you get there, just scan it with your smartphone.


Insurance Capital Of The World | The Hartford Region offers a skilled workforce with an ideal and strategic location for cutting-edge advances in InsurTech innovation

From Skincare To Supplements | Find out how the business of biotech is branching out and becoming a coveted asset in a number of other industries.

Shifting Supply Chain Priorities | Minimizing lead times and lowering costs was a top do-do in Logistics, but COVID-19 moved ensuring critical supply chain resiliency to the number one spot.

Cutting The Red Tape In Kentucky | The Bluegrass State is putting expansions on the fast track with several new facilities in the works and job creation on the rise.

Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Matt Hurlbutt, Greater Rochester Enterprise | Hurlbutt, President & CEO, Greater Rochester Enterprise, discusses the region’s Economic Gardening program, along with its status as a high-tech, life sciences and food processing hub.

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September / October 2020 Issue (Volume 53, Number 5)

    September / October 2020

    Business Facilities September / October 2020

    September / October 2020ON THE COVER

    Cybersecurity 2.0 | The red-hot growth sector of cybersecurity has created an estimated 1 million jobs in the U.S., but at least half of these positions are going unfilled because of a severe shortage of workers with the specialized skills required for cyber jobs. Take our annual tour of the cyber sector and see which locations have put together the assets that are required to become a top cyber hub.


    COVID-19: Response And Recovery | Economic development organizations and local businesses keep finding inspiring and innovative ways to join forces to meet the most urgent needs of this unprecedented crisis.

    Planting The Seeds Of Growth | The most important metric in evaluating a startup ecosystem is how many startups succeed in putting down roots in a community. Find out which locations are nurturing startup ecosystems with access to skilled labor, angel investors and an affordable quality of life.

    Staying Safe And Strong In Ohio | When the first coronavirus cases were announced in Ohio in early March, Gov. DeWine acted quickly, putting public health first and establishing best practices for staying safe and strong—which also is his blueprint for recovery in the Buckeye State.


    Mississippi’s Battle Plan | Scientists at Vicksburg’s Engineer R&D Center have been deploying supercomputers to develop models illustrating how the coronavirus spreads.

    Generating Growth In Genesee | Fast approval times along with preparation and delivery help maximize western New York’s abundant talent and power.

    Putting Food On The Table | COVID-19 caused major disruptions to the agribusiness and food processing supply chain, but these locations have what it takes to bring goods from farm to market.

    Lone Star State Can Take A Punch | Depressed oil prices and the coronavirus hit Texas like a one-two punch, but instead of hitting the deck, the heavyweight champ of state economies is punching back.

    On The Front Lines | In locations throughout the nation, advanced manufacturing facilities and resources are being enlisted in the fight against COVID-19.

    Find, Fund And Foster | Canada continues to position itself as a global cleantech leader with assistance from the Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC).

    The Illinois Advantage | A great logistics network and a world-class education system enable the Land of Lincoln to generate the fifth-highest GDP among states.

    Rolling On The River | River Ridge Commerce Center in southern Indiana has become an economic magnet for the entire region due to its logistical advantages.

    Getting Busy In Baltimore | Record cargo volumes and the biggest container vessels ever are surging into the Port of Baltimore, raising the economic tide in Maryland.

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    July / August 2020 Issue (Volume 53, Number 4)

    Business Facilities  July / August 2020

    July / August 2020ON THE COVER

    2020 Business Facilities Rankings Report | We put the impact of the pandemic in lockdown mode when we calculated the results for our 16th annual Rankings Report, so our red carpet still is reserved for the best of the best, as usual.

    2020 Rankings Report: Top-Ranked States | We’ve got a new name for our workforce development ranking, a new category ranking the leaders in Digital Infrastructure and an early look at the states poised to dominate offshore wind power.

    2020 Rankings Report: Top-Ranked Metros | Our Metro Rankings report features our first-ever ranking of the leading industrial parks. The top metro in our Millennial Magnets scoreboard may surprise you (hint: they’re also tall in the saddle).


    Doubling Down On Renewables | The U.S. EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook 2020 forecasts a rapid decline of coal and nuclear power in this decade, the continuing expansion of renewables and the growth of U.S. exports of oil and gas.

    Deadline Extended To Invest In Opportunity | The IRS has extended a critical deadline for investments in qualified opportunity zones until the end of 2020, hoping to entice investors who have largely sat on their money during the global pandemic.

    COVID-19: Response And Recovery | EDOs and local businesses continue to join forces, finding inspiring and innovative ways to meet the most urgent needs of the crisis.


    Florida’s Way Forward | The Sunshine State is used to making things grow, this includes its tech industry, where FL is sprouting thousands of new jobs.

    Is It OK To Scream On The Roller Coaster? | Visitors to the most popular sites and attractions in the country will find them adjusted to the reality of life in a pandemic…but it’s still better than staying home.

    Over-The-Horizon Resource Plan | Indiana-based Hoosier Energy is diversifying, integrating new energy-related possibilities in order to help address changing demands.

    Making Space For New Priorities | To meet longer-term storage and cargo fluidity needs, Georgia Ports Authority purchased 145 acres adjacent to the Port of Savannah.

    Louisiana Commissions Resilience | When COVID-19 rewrote business plans in 2020, Louisiana started charting a path toward safely reopening the economy and making the state more resilient for the long-term.

    Tarheel Temptations Reel In Big Fish | Through two popular incentive programs, the NC Department of Commerce tailors grants to help attract jobs and the company making an investment.

    Silicon Makes Gold In The Copper State | A semiconductor manufacturer’s $12-billion project announcement could set Arizona up with 1,600 new jobs.

    More Than The Sum Of Its Parts | While the New England states fit together like a scenic puzzle, when you dig deeper it’s clear each has its own economic benefits and charm.

    Enchanted Land For Logistics | Companies in the manufacturing and logistics sector are making major investments in New Mexico.

    Consumers Energy: Energy And Beyond | Consumers Energy is committed to helping small businesses, nonprofits and communities prosper—in energy and beyond—now more than ever.

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    May / June 2020 Issue (Volume 53, Number 3)

    May / June 2020 Issue

    Business Facilities  May / June 2020

    May / June 2020 IssueON THE COVER

    COVID 19: Response And Recovery | Economic development organizations have played a central role in distributing emergency financial relief to small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, acting as the point of contact for federal SBA loans and a plethora of new state and metro grants and loans aimed at providing a lifeline to the local economy. EDOs, businesses and higher ed resources have joined forces to create new supply lines for desperately needed personal protection equipment.


    The Skills To Cope With Crisis | According to labor force experts, now is the time for companies to double down on their learning budgets and commit to reskilling in order to help workers adapt to rapidly changing conditions, strengthen businesses for future disruptions and address the pre-pandemic skills gap. Find out how some locations are handling this crisis and evolving technologies.


    Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Mike Grundmann | Grundmann, Senior Vice President, Talent Solutions, Virginia Economic Development Partnership, discusses workforce development, recruitment and training, and the impact of COVID-19.

    Biotech Campus Scales Up To Fight COVID-19 | Companies at Huntsville, AL’s HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology have increased lab testing capacity, rolled out point-of-care testing diagnostics, and continued work on antibody treatments for immune response.

    Local For Local | Pandemic-related disruptions are forcing industry leaders to rethink supply chain and logistics strategies, with a trend toward localization.

    Meet The HQ Magnets | Location is an important part of a company’s identity. Take a look at a few cities that pass the appeal test for corporate headquarters.

    Tennessee Charts A Safe Reboot | A statewide initiative pledges to safely reboot Tennessee’s economy through guidance and best practices for employers, employees, businesses and consumers.

    Amazon Gets Bigger In Delaware | The First State will soon be home to a third Amazon fulfillment center. The new Wilmington facility is expected to create more than 1,000 full-time jobs.

    Hungry For High Tech | Now at the forefront of emerging sectors like cloud computing and cybersecurity, Virginia stands ready to push new boundaries as a U.S. leader in IT.

    Healthcare In A Hub With Hometown Feel | See why Sierra Vista, AZ is uniquely positioned for businesses in the healthcare industry that are seeking to expand, relocate or launch a new enterprise.

    Center Of Innovation In Scenic New Hampshire | Claremont, NH is a bustling mill town full of forward-thinking manufacturers and creative entrepreneurs.


    Maryland: Recovery Effort | Six counties in Maryland, representing a majority of the state’s population, will work together along with federal and state partners to support economic recovery.

    North Carolina: Goldenhome Grows | Customized cabinet system manufacturer will invest $86 million to establish its North American HQ in Concord, creating 257 jobs in Cabarrus County over five years.

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    March / April 2020 Issue (Volume 53, Number 2)

    March / April 2020 Issue

    Business Facilities March / April 2020

    March / April 2020 IssueON THE COVER

    Manufacturing 4.0 | Innovative technology is catapulting manufacturing into a new age of efficiency across a plethora of industries from aerospace to medical devices. Discover some locations that have diversified their high-tech growth sectors, positioning them to thrive in this new age of efficiency.


    Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Courtney Pogue, City of Dallas, TX | Pogue, Director of Economic Development, City of Dallas, TX, discusses information technology hosting and data center operations, foreign direct investment, renewable energy and more.

    Biotech: Finding The DNA For Success | To prepare for the future and remain relevant in the ever-evolving business landscape, biopharma and medtech organizations will be looking for new ways to create value and new metrics to make sense of today’s wealth of data.

    Show Me Success Story | Join us as we sit down with Gov. Mike Parson, who gives us an inside look at Missouri’s formula for success. It’s all about infrastructure — physical and human, with workforce development a top priority.


    Revving Up To Go The Distance | Automotive revenues and profits have robustly rebounded in the U.S. since 2015, but how automakers respond to several transformative challenges they will face over the next five years will determine the long-term viability of sustainable growth in this sector.

    On The Rise In Middle TN | Middle Tennessee is one of the fastest-growing regions in the nation, and Nashville International Airport (BNA) is growing with it.

    Rebuilding An Empire | New York State is investing an additional $150 billion in the nation’s largest infrastructure program, reinforcing its prime location status.

    Proteins And Pandemic Drive Demand | From health to hoarding, consumers are responding to both the power of plants and the power of panic with the demand for food.

    Preparing For Tomorrow’s Jobs Today | Find out what strategies the Carolinas are employing to prepare their workforces for further development to meet changing industry needs.

    Taking High-Tech To New Heights | Arizona manufacturing is at the forefront of innovation with a highly-skilled talent base, robust supply chain and low business costs near some of the world’s largest economies.

    Metropolises Of Manufacturing | Take a look at a couple of the world’s largest industrial areas according to, and then learn about some closer to home.

    Building A Sustainable Future | Locations in Florida and Virginia have taken leadership positions in facilitating sustainable development, proving you can make some green by going green.


    New Jersey: Garden State Connects With Israel | A second successful economic mission for Choose New Jersey to Israel strengthened existing economic ties, cultivating further investment opportunities in the state.

    Texas: Microsoft Regional Hub Growth | Microsoft will invest $31 million and add 575 new jobs to expand regional hub operations in Irving, TX.

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    January / February 2020 Issue (Volume 53, Number 1)

    January / February 2020 Issue

    Business Facilities January / February 2020

    January / February 2020 IssueON THE COVER

    State Of The Year: Texas | We could have called it State of the Decade and the name of the winner wouldn’t have changed: the Lone Star State has lassoed our top honor for an unprecedented fourth time. Click here to find out how Texas keeps sitting tall in the saddle.



    Power To The People | The U.S. Energy Information Administration says 42 gigawatts of new electric generation capacity will go online in 2020. Meanwhile, our annual Editor’s Picks: Utilities will electrify you.

    Snapshots: 60 Seconds With Janet LaBar, Charlotte Regional Business Alliance | LaBar, Chief Executive Officer, Charlotte Regional Business Alliance, discusses Lowe’s $153M global tech center, tech jobs, and the region’s vision for economic growth.


    Floating Your Economic Boat | See how far the economic reach of U.S. seaports extends from revenue generation to jobs creation.

    Onward And Upward | Growth is expected for the Aerospace & Defense industry in 2020, after a decline in the commercial aerospace sector in 2019.

    On The Cutting Edge Of Data | The exponential growth of data consumption is creating an imperative that requires data centers to be closer to their customers, resulting in more “edge” locations.

    Lone Star Bright | The success of Texas economically is getting redundant. Learn about some of the locations contributing to this seemingly never-ending story.

    More Than A Great Place To Run Out Of Gas | From massively talked about talent initiatives, to major business expansions and attractions, Topeka, KS is turning the corner on economic development.

    Logistics Gem In Central Florida | See how West Melbourne offers international market access with small town friendliness close to the beach.


    Shreveport: Ready For Prime Time | A maintenance, overhaul and repair shop is coming to Shreveport Regional Airport, getting this hub in northern Louisiana ready to reach new heights.

    The Golden Goose In CA | The California Competes Tax Credit (CCTC) Committee approved $88.7 million in tax credits for 14 companies projected to create 2,327 new, full-time jobs and more than $1.5 billion in new investments across the State.

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    September / October 2019 Issue (Volume 52, Number 5)

    September / October 2019 issue

    Business Facilities September / October 2019

    September / October 2019 issueON THE COVER

    Logistics: In It For The Long Haul | Record growth is taking place in America’s $1.64-trillion logistics and transportation industry. It seems everywhere you look, new and better ways are being found to move goods to market faster, cheaper and more efficiently. Join us on a tour of some of the hottest haulers.


    Opportunity Zones: Window Of Opportunity | The U.S. Treasury Dept. has designated total of 8,764 Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZs) in all 50 states, offering federal tax credits for private investments in disadvantaged communities. Plus, a how-to on Understanding Opportunity Zone Guidelines.

    Editor’s Picks: Business/Industry/Tech Parks | Business, industrial and technology parks are magnets for attracting a skilled workforce—a top priority for 21st-century growth sectors.

    Mississippi Is Ready For Liftoff | The Magnolia State is surging to the top with a skilled workforce that is setting new standards for success in advanced manufacturing. Join us as Gov. Phil Bryant gives us his recipe for success.

    Making Connections In Michigan | Advanced manufacturing makes up a huge part of Michigan’s business structure, blending its traditional work ethic and a high-tech innovative vision.


    Advancing In The Inland Empire | InTech has been awarded a $700,000 grant to expand its advanced manufacturing apprenticeship program.

    Starting Up Is Big In Texas | Is there anything that isn’t big in Texas? Learn how the Lone Star State is cornering the market for business startups.

    Building A Better Maryland | A Better Maryland is the new state development plan that includes 10 goals—along with the visions, objectives and agencies that will achieve them.

    Harvesting Growth In Stormy Weather | Although America’s farmers are feeling the impact of the current trade war with China, locations that have established strong agribusiness sectors continue to thrive.

    Business Is Blossoming In MS | Mississippi has reduced the amount of capital investment and the minimum number of jobs required to receive aerospace and data center incentives.

    Data-driven Doctors Will Text U Now | Digital transformation is driving innovation in the life sciences sector, with transparency as a top priority and a focus on relationship-driven partnerships.

    World-class Workers In IL | One of Illinois’ greatest assets is its people. This talent pool of nearly 6.5 million is hard to match.


    Tennessee: Select Sites Are Ready | TNECD has selected four counties to participate in the latest round of the Select Tennessee PEP, which helps communities identify opportunities for site development.

    New Mexico: Permian Basin Booming | Southeastern New Mexico is upgrading its logistics network to facilitate growth generated by oil and gas production in the Permian Basin.

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    July / August 2019 Issue (Volume 52, Number 4)

    July / August 2019 Issue

    Business Facilities July / August 2019

    July / August 2019 IssueON THE COVER

    2019 Business Facilities Rankings Report | Our 15th annual Rankings Report maintains BF’s standard for credible and comprehensive results. And while the rankings ecosystem is getting crowded and the categories may evolve over time, our commitment to an unbiased assessment of valid metrics never wavers.

    2019 Rankings Report: Best States | If you want to know which state has the best business climate and who’s got the up-arrow mojo in cybersecurity, unmanned aerial systems, wind farms, data centers and a bevy of other growth sectors, head straight for our 2019 State Rankings.

    2019 Rankings Report: Top Metros | We’ve added a couple of new blades to our rankings Cuisinart, slicing and dicing statistical chunks into easily digestible categories that serve up results for cities, counties and MSAs in our most comprehensive Metro Rankings to date.

    2019 Rankings Report: Global Locations |We measure international locations’ progress on a range of factors, including artificial intelligence, renewable energy, economic growth potential, global competitiveness, and beyond.


    Ready To Hit The Ground Running | Precertified sites—also known as shovel ready—speed up the development cycle for projects by cutting the read tape and lining up key approvals in advance of the site selection process. Take our tour and find out where the sites that are ready to go are waiting for you.

    Special Reports

    The Tourist Game Is Growing | With more than 450 commercial casinos across 24 states, the $261 billion U.S. casino industry supports 1.8 million jobs nationwide.

    A Sunny Outlook In Florida | Commercial real estate projects brought $20 billion into Florida’s economy in 2018 and similar to the state’s population, the growth will continue.

    An Impressive History | Partnerships with local communities and Hoosier Energy’s 18 member systems have resulted in more than $11.5 billion in new investments and 50,000 new jobs.

    Southern Indiana Hot Spot On The River | With 6,000 acres located along the Ohio River, River Ridge Commerce Center boasts a $2.3 billion regional impact in Southern Indiana.

    Next-Gen Workforce In MI | Michigan is gaining national attention as a preeminent place for business with its next gen workforce and amenities for talent.

    The Copper State Goes For The Gold | Arizona’s pro-business climate is bringing more jobs, more companies and more opportunities to the state.

    Public Power Fuels Growth In NC | NC’s Electricities’ nonprofit membership organization provides economic development support to 70 communities.

    Peer-To-Peer Learning In Louisiana | LED is expanding its network of Small and Emerging Business Development Roundtables.

    Yellow Light For Driverless Cars | Programming is turning out to be a bit more difficult than predicted, causing a slowdown in the anticipated early 2020s road release of fully autonomous vehicles.

    New England: Rising Regional Tide | The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s 1Q 2019 report showed increased wages in all six New England states.

    Cultural Hybrid As Business Model | Curaçao’s service environment and infrastructure are well suited for dealing with multicultural complexities.

    New Mexico Enchants Digital Media | The state aims to become the go-to place for video game development with key incentives already in place.

    The HQ Relocation Equation | Strategic, singular or a combination of many issues may be the drivers of analysis leading to relocation.

    Business Reports

    Kentucky: Unveiling A Super Car | GM will build the next-generation Chevrolet Corvette at their Bowling Green Assembly Plant.

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    May / June 2019 Issue (Volume 52, Number 3)

    May / June 2019 Issue

    Business Facilities May / June 2019

    May / June 2019 IssueON THE COVER

    Global Investment: Destinations of Choice | The U.S. surge in incoming FDI has made foreign direct investment a top economic development priority for state and metro economic development organizations throughout the country. Some of the leading destinations for FDI are offering up the keys to their successful strategies. Take some time to learn from the best.


    Leading By Example In Louisiana | Gov. John Bel Edwards has dug his way out of the deficit he inherited from his predecessor and restored full funding for education, but he didn’t stop there. During Edwards’ tenure Louisiana has become a national leader in cybersecurity and a global leader in water management and coastal restoration.

    On The Front Lines Of The Cyberwar | The severe shortage of cyber security professionals around the world—there’ll be an estimated 3.5 million unfilled positions by 2021—is getting worse while cybercriminals get bolder and bolder. Find out which locations are ready to lead the battle.

    Editor’s Picks: Tech Hubs | Tech hubs are complex organisms that draw nourishment from an environment in which startups flourish. Explore our Editor’s Picks for leading hubs that have developed viable startup ecosystems.

    Snapshots: 60 Seconds With James Chavez, South Carolina Power Team | Chavez, SC Power Team President and Chief Executive Officer, discusses recent economic development successes, the Site Readiness Fund, workforce development and foreign investment.

    Special Reports

    Fostering Opportunity | Maryland’s governor announced a series of initiatives and legislation to further expand the thriving Maryland Opportunity Zones.

    Smooth Sailing On The Delaware | Gulftainer’s multimillion-dollar investment is transforming the Port of Wilmington into the largest logistics facility on the Delaware River.

    Logistics Is Moving Into A New Age | Digital transformation technologies rapidly are moving the logistics and distribution sector into what is broadly known as Industry 4.0.

    Sizing Up Sites In Tennessee | Find out which five counties are benefitting from the latest round of the Select TN Property Evaluation Program, helping improve their inventory of industrial sites and buildings.

    Setting the Bar High In Nevada | The Silver State’s shiny new law requires 50 percent of its electricity be generated from renewable sources by 2030.

    Bioscience Boom Grows In Iowa | Iowa has a new cash crop. The Cornhusker State offers a number of benefits—including abundant access to raw materials—that make it a leader in the Bioscience industry.

    Canada: Look West For Growth | Start. Grow. Thrive. in Sturgeon County, the second-fastest growing region in Canada.

    Business Reports

    April Showers (Of Jobs) In Arkansas | A banner month for job creation in Arkansas brought more than $200 million in investment & 900 new jobs.

    A Materials Mega-Factory In North Carolina | Cree will invest up to $1 billion in a North Carolina expansion while Pella will invest nearly $20 million in a new operation in the Tarheel State.

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    Rankings & Awards

    Business Facilities magazine

    Don’t Miss Out! 2022 Deal Of The Year Deadline Extended

    Submissions for Business Facilities’ 2022 Economic Development Deal of the Year Awards will now be accepted until Thursday, December 15, 2022. Winners will be featured in the January/February 2023 issue of Business Facilities.
    September / October 2022 Issue

    September / October 2022 Issue (Volume 55, Number 5)

    Business Facilities' September / October 2022 issue takes a look at sites for advanced manufacturing and finding tech talent. Plus, cybersecurity, semiconductors, and more.

    Business Facilities Featured Location Spotlight

    Location Spotlight: Consumers Energy

    If you’re expanding or relocating, consider Michigan and Consumers Energy – let’s work together to accelerate your business.

    Business Facilities Featured Location Videos

    [VIDEO] Made Possible in Lehigh Valley

    The region has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing economies in the nation and is just a short drive away from major mid-Atlantic cities including New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.