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Every year, Business Facilities bestows top honors for Economic Development Deal of the Year and State of the Year. From the March/April 2012 issue.
Every year, Business Facilities bestows top honors for Economic Development Deal of the Year and State of the Year. From the March/April 2012 issue.


Recent Issues

Latest: March/April 2012 Issue (Volume 45, Number 2) - Every year, Business Facilities bestows top honors for Economic Development Deal of the Year and State of the Year. From the March/April 2012 issue.

March/April 2012 Issue (Volume 45, Number 2)

Business Facilities: March/April 2012

First Word | Taking The Prize

Snapshots: 60 Seconds | with Joseph E. Zeis, Jr., Vice President and Chief Strategist, The Dayton Development Coalition

Business Report: Georgia – GT Info Security Center Supports Cyber Start-Ups | Georgia Tech Information Security Center start ups continue to attract capital funding for cyber security development.

Cover Story: Digital Media Takes The Prize | Millions of pixels are helping to create thousands of jobs in a new high-growth sector of the economy. From feature films to video games, digital media is spreading its computer-generated wings and flying, from traditional locations like California, Massachusetts and New York to up and coming industry leaders Utah, Louisiana and Rhode Island.

Feature Story: 2012 Economic Development Awards | Business Facilities is continuously adapting to meet the needs of our community. What better way to celebrate growth than with a gaggle of new Economic Development Awards? Our new standard of excellence crowns achievement in categories honoring the agencies and organizations who have established the best practices in our industry with measurable success.

Business Report: New Jersey – Transit Hub Tax Credit Fuels An Urban Renaissance In NJ | The Garden State’s Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit is a major tool for investment, development and employment.

Business Report: California – Finding The Lowest Denominator Of Business Cost | In a challenging economic environment, municipalities find that a low cost of business is the key that unlocks new jobs.

Industry Focus: The “Space” That Keeps Us Grounded | From the ground up, find out how the aerospace industry contributes to our safety and economy and advances our way of life.

Business Report: Texas – A Decade Of Prosperity | According to Gov. Rick Perry, low taxes, a fair legal system and a skilled workforce have helped put the Lone Star State on a decade’s long roll for job growth.

Location Focus: New York – A Wealth Of Everything | From the City that Never Sleeps to the City of Good Neighbors, the City by the Sea to the City of Parks, anything can and does happen in New York—and the Empire State is always ready for action.

Business Report: Arizona Is Challenging Its Homegrown Innovators | The Copper State is hoping to win the gold with a money-driven challenge for its dedication to innovation.

Feature Story: Memphis Bioworks – Breaking Ground On Medical Breakthroughs | The new Memphis Specialized Laboratory rising at the UT-Baptist Research Park in Tennessee will help speed the FDA approval process for new vaccines, orthopedics and drugs at one of the nation’s leading biomed hubs.

Industry Focus: Automotive Shifts Into High Gear | Learn why the automotive industry is roaring back to life and who is expected to come out on top.

Business Report: Indiana – A Warm Business Climate Grows A Multitude Of Jobs | The Hoosier State received a record number of job commitments last year and aims to keep pace in 2012.

Feature Story: Rhode Island Is Big On The Future | Gov. Lincoln Chaffee is positioning Rhode Island at the forefront of 21st century economic development by focusing on the building blocks of the new economy. Join us as the governor gives us the tour.

The Growth Specialist: Top Ten Things Local Officials Can Do To Promote Job Creation | The man who oversaw the U.S. government’s $787-billion stimulus program emphasizes a common-sense approach to job-creation based on planning, efficiency and shoe leather.

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January/February 2012 Issue (Volume 45, Number 1)

Business Facilities: January/February 2012

First Word | Bigger and Better

Snapshots: 60 Seconds | with Chris Cummiskey, Commissioner Of The Georgia Department Of Economic Development

Business Report: Louisiana Keeps Moving Up Way Down South | Best-in-the-nation workforce training and technology incentives are growing high-quality jobs in the Bayou State.

2011 Economic Development Deal Of The Year Awards

  • Gold: Kentucky-Ford Partnership
  • Silver: Continental Tire-South Carolina
  • Bronze: First Solar-Arizona
  • Honorable Mentions

State Of The Year: Utah | When the folks in the Beehive State climbed to the top of our flagship Best Business Climate ranking last summer, we knew it was only a matter of time before they planted their flag on our awards summit: Utah is our 2011 State of the Year.

Business Report: Mississippi Aims To Move To The Head Of The Creative Class | A new governor has the Magnolia State focusing on an emerging clean-energy industry and a creative economy.

Industry Focus: Ships, Planes, Trains And Automobiles | For the latest info on thriving distribution centers, all roads lead to our roundup.

Feature Story: Renewable Energy Is Generating Greenbacks | Sky-high expectations that renewable energy would be the growth driver of the new economy are giving way to market-driven realities. The outlook for alt energy is still sunny, and the smartest players have the wind at their backs.

Feature Story: Aerotropolis Update | Find out which airport cities are landing in the heart of 21st Century urban planning by embracing the aerotropolis concept for high-flying growth.

Business Report: Ontario – Going Green By Keeping Fit | A pioneering feed-in-tariff (FIT) program yields long-term pricing for electricity generated by alternative energy.

Business Report: Florida – Shines Its Light On Innovation | With its population increasing as fast as its GDP, the Sunshine State is tying its ambitious job-creation juggernaut to innovative industry clusters and high-wage jobs.

Business Report: Washington – Aerospace Aims Higher | The global aerospace manufacturing hub of the Pacific Northwest is focusing on new investments in training and a statewide coalition on competitiveness to maintain its lofty position as the industry leader.

Inside LiveXchange: 2012 | Our 7th annual LiveXchange event in San Diego matched site selectors with economic development pros for some intense, productive dealmaking. Here’s an inside look.

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Business Facilities & COVID-19

Fairfax County, VA Launches Virtual Career Fairs

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the FCEDA is presenting virtual career fairs to connect college grads with Northern Virginia companies seeking employees.

Indiana Serves 10,000 Small Businesses Through PPE Marketplace

Since launching in early May, the Indiana Small Business PPE Marketplace has received nearly 20,000 orders for personal protective equipment (PPE) and has fulfilled 10,000 orders.

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