May / June 2023 Issue (Volume 56, Number 3)

Business Facilities' May / June 2023 issue looks at the supply chain's impact on site selection. Plus, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, FDI, and our 1st Annual EDO Awards.

First Word: Making Connections

As business leaders and their teams grapple with myriad changes in the economic landscape, the site selection process and related activities continue to present new opportunities, along with challenges. Many companies are learning to be more nimble in their location decisions and resulting operations, while other find it serves their business best to stick to practices that have served them well over time. A common thread is that fostering communication and connection is a reliable way to ensure you’re positioning a business as well as possible.

Physical connections such as proximity to markets (Top Logistics Hubs) and access to labor markets (Workforce Focus) are historically important, and remain so. In today’s speed of business, these factors are prime factors in relocation and expansion decisions.

In conversations with corporate site selectors, site selection consultants, economic developers, and other stakeholders in our economic landscape, I often hear about the impactful shifts many are witnessing and experiencing. Post pandemic recoveries, renewable energy, social aspects, and technology are evolving and affecting site decisions. So, it’s fair to say that another type of connection has become increasingly important to success—those with people. Industry peers, community leaders, and partners in academia are a few examples.

Anne Cosgrove, Editorial Director, Business Facilities

In April, the 19th annual Business Facilities LiveXchange event in Myrtle Beach, SC was a place where professionals connected over meetings, conference sessions, and networking. Relationships were forged, and business decisions will benefit as a result. This issue also features our first Economic Development Organization Awards, recognizing EDOs for innovative and impactful initiatives—another way to help make connections between site selection stakeholders by sharing examples of the types of programs your business may want to utilize for your next project.

Business Facilities May / June 2023 Issue

May / June 2023 Issue
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Supply Chains On The Move | Geopolitical tensions, inflation, and labor continue to impact site selection for manufacturers and other globally connected companies.


Governor’s Report: Texas Takes On The Future | With companies choosing the Lone Star State, Governor Greg Abbott shares a look at what’s next for the business climate there.

FDI Activity Going Strong | In the U.S., foreign direct investment has historically been steady, and locations across the country are focused on meeting the needs of global businesses.

Top Logistics Hubs: Links To Success | Moving products at the speed of business relies on location and its intermodal infrastructure. This article looks at a selection of communities, cities, and regions with notable advantages.

1st Annual Economic Development Organization Awards | Business Facilities recognizes EDOs for innovative or impactful programs and initiatives aimed at improving the communities they serve.

LiveXchange Event Brings Business Together | In Myrtle Beach, SC, site selection professionals gathered location information in a fast-paced and friendly setting.


Ports & FTZs: Expand The Reach Of Commerce | Resources offered by ports and FTZs gives companies a leg up for moving goods in and out of their facilities.

Manufacturing Moves To Automation | Advances in technology across the board offer manufacturers new avenues.

Workforce Focus: Customized Training | Labor is a top priority for relocation or expansion, and quality of workforce programs may tip the scales.

Charging Up The Automotive Industry | With the auto industry undergoing a sea change, site decision factors are shifting in response.

Commercial Properties: The Lay Of The Land | As locations emphasize available sites, companies are discovering features that fit the bill.

Alabama Ups Its Game | “The Game Plan” revamps the playing field for business development in the state.

Delaware Levels Up Workforce | With its skilled workforce, The First State is home to industries ranging from life sciences to manufacturing.

Tech Thrives In New Hampshire | The Granite State is supporting new and existing business with tech-centric programs.

Nebraska Building Connections | The Sooner State is focused on expanding broadband access for business and residents.

Nevada Promotes Innovation | A five-year outlook from The Silver State has its sights on clean tech innovations.

Washington Delivers Technology | Touting supply chain advantages, The Evergreen State offers vast opportunity.


Arkansas: Growing The Great Outdoors | Recent legislation focuses on expanding The Natural State’s outdoor recreation industry.

Hawaii: Activity In The Aloha State | Key industries, like tourism and film, support post-Covid economic recovery, with programs for new and existing businesses available.


Q&A: Snake River EDA Values Partnerships | This regional group is building business in Western Idaho and Eastern Oregon.

Why… Louisiana? | An exclusive interview with Don Pierson, Secretary, Louisiana Economic Development.

The Last Word | Rosemary Coates, Executive Director of the Reshoring Institute and President of Blue Silk Consulting, shares advice on reshoring.

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