November / December 2022 Issue (Volume 55, Number 6)

The November/December 2022 issue features the annual Site Seekers' Guide: Location Profiles. Plus, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, renewable energy, infrastructure, and more.

First Word: A Look Back, And Ahead

It has been 20 years since I was tasked by my father, the late Ed Coene, to oversee the publishing duties of Business Facilities. The magazine needed a steady hand to guide it. My first issue as Publisher was January 2003. Back then, Business Facilities was published monthly, print magazines were still the rage, and advertisers didn’t pay for digital ads.

November / December 2022 Issue
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However, change was imminent, starting with the rise of the world wide web and a global recession that all but decimated print media. Social media came next and contributed to the fracture of readers’ attention. So, the team at Business Facilities focused on the future and started diversifying our brand. We doubled down on the internet, embraced social media as a marketing tool, and launched the event, Business Facilities LiveXchange which won a national award from Expo Magazine. Today, we are currently investing in data analytics which will be the next frontier in lead generation.

Along the way, I have had a tremendous group of colleagues—some who are still here and others that have moved on, but all of them have helped drive Business Facilities to great heights. And we have had a great time putting the magazine together. The time has now come to step down from my daily duties as Publisher of Business Facilities. It is with great pride that I announce in 2023, Joyce Wasserman will become the next Publisher of Business Facilities. Having been our national sales manager, Joyce is the right person to take over the magazine as she has gained the respect and admiration within the industry and has the detail-oriented approach necessary to thrive in the media business.

As for me, I will still be with Group C Media, the parent company, handling executive duties and taking over our burgeoning events business. This includes the LiveXchange franchise of course! So, as you can see this is not Good-Bye, but Au Revoir, or as we loosely translate into English, till I see you again!

Business Facilities November / December 2022 Issue

November / December 2022 IssueON THE COVER

SITE SEEKERS’ GUIDE: LOCATION PROFILES | Our Annual Site Seekers’ Guide, featuring in-depth profiles of the 50 states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and Canada, is a one-stop source in the search for the ideal location for a company’s relocation or expansion project.

* See the digital issue for our Location Profiles and Featured Locations Directory.


VIRGINIA GOVERNOR’S REPORT: REACHING OUT TO THE WORLD | In his first year in office, Governor Glenn Youngkin focused on talent and job creation, along with growing other aspects of the economy and quality of life.

RACE TO NET-ZERO ENERGY | An unprecedented transformation in the renewable energy sector is driving economic opportunity and growth.

ON SOLID GROUND | Here is a look at projects around the U.S. to advance ready access to a reliable infrastructure network for businesses.


ADVANCING THE LIMITS | Biotech and pharmaceuticals companies are growing rapidly, and locations are evolving to deliver the world-class resources these operations need to succeed.

DRIVING SUCCESS FOR SUPPLY & DEMAND | Electric cars, autonomous vehicles, and luxury amenities propel the evolution of where the automotive industry is choosing to operate.

TOURISM BOUNCING BACK | With people ramping up their travel after the pandemic, there are new and familiar places to explore for leisure and business operations.

RETAILERS ADAPTING TO THE MARKET | As consumers change the way they shop, the retail industry is making site decisions that respond.


  • GEORGIA INTERNATIONAL PROFILE: PREMIER DESTINATION FOR EAST-WEST TRADE AND INVESTMENT | At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, this nation offers businesses strategic location, educated workforce, and energy resources.
  • WHY… TENNESSEE? | Stuart McWhorter, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development, explores how the Volunteer State’s efficient economic growth strategy propels job creation and education.
  • Q&A: BALDWIN COUNTY, AL | Lee Lawson, President & CEO, Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance, shares why this coastal Alabama county is the seventh fastest-growing area in the nation.
  • Q&A: METRO HARTFORD, CT | Gene Goddard, MetroHartford Alliance, explains how a centuries-old insurance and finance foundation supports the city’s evolution to fintech and insurtech.
  • Q&A: JACKSON COUNTY, IN | Jim Plump of the Jackson County Industrial Development Corp. discusses why business in this South-Central Indiana region is on the move.

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