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This issue takes a look at 3D printing, logistics clusters, automotive supplier site selection specifics, and economic development opportunities in Thailand. From the May/June 2013 issue.
This issue takes a look at 3D printing, logistics clusters, automotive supplier site selection specifics, and economic development opportunities in Thailand. From the May/June 2013 issue.

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May/June 2013 Issue (Volume 46, Number 3)

Business Facilities: May/June 2013

First Word | The Shape Of Things To Come

Snapshots: 60 Seconds | with Eric Borgerding, Executive Vice President, Wisconsin Hospital Association.

Business Report: West Virginia – Marcellus Shale Brings Italy Closer To WV | Find out how the energy bonanza from drilling in the Marcellus Shale formation is bringing manufacturers to West Virginia from near and far.

Cover Story: Advanced Manufacturing  – Creating Jobs In Three Dimensions | Join us as we explore the brave new world of 3D printing, which is moving out of the labs and into the marketplace as fast as you can, well, “print” a finished part from a downloaded design. Get the skinny on the new technology that promises to revolutionize manufacturing worldwide.

Feature Story: Logistics Clusters – Magnets For Growth | Logistics clusters are getting bigger while global supply chains are shrinking. Go figure. Actually, these two trends are related responses to the same dynamic: the need to get product to customer faster than ever.

Business Report: Maryland – Mega Data Hub For Feds | The Social Security Administration has finally broken ground for its new $192-million data center in Urbana, which will replace a 34-year-old facility.

Business Report: Iowa – Doubling Down On Wind Power | MidAmerican Energy is investing $1.9 billion in new capacity, adding 1,050 megawatts by 2015.

Business Report: Minnesota – Fortune 500 Firms Flock | The tally for Fortune 500 firms calling the Land of the Lakes home is now 19, including giants UnitedHealth Group, Target and Best Buy.

Special Report: The Carolinas Are Bringing The Business | A Recession that sent employment below sea level is just a bad memory as the recovery begins to rock in these two coastal cousins.

Business Report: Wisconsin – Partners With Energy To Grow | Wisconsin Wind Works has put together a consortium of 300 vendors and suppliers to the wind energy industry in the Badger State.

Industry Focus: More Than Just Production And Plating | It’s all you can eat as we serve up a hefty portion of the most dynamic food processing locations we can find across the fruited plain.

Special Report: Devens – Secret Weapon In The Battle For Business | A 4,400-acre former military base in the heart of Massachusetts is helping startups and industry leaders succeed and conquer. Join this tour of Devens, a unique place to live and work.

Business Report: Tennessee – Alcoa Expands Auto Sheet Operation In Blount County | The metals giant is counting on a fourfold increase in the amount of aluminum in cars by 2015 to keep its expanding Blount County facility running at full capacity.

Business Report: Arkansas – Dassault Invests $60 Million In Little Rock Expansion | Dassault Falcon Jet is introducing 3D design at its Arkansas production facility, investing $60 million in an expansion that will grow the plant to 1.25 million square feet.

Special Report: Critical Site Location Factors For Automotive Suppliers | Mark Williams, president of Strategic Development Group and a perennial LiveXchange speaker gives the lowdown on the key factors that go into site selection for automotive OEMs and suppliers.

Feature Story: Thailand – Nuanced Nation, One-Stop Shop | When we sent correspondent Bill Trüb to the other side of the planet, we knew he’d return with a fresh look at an exotic, emerging economic power. Sit back and enjoy Bill’s informative, entertaining first person account of his tour.

Inside LiveXchange: LiveXchange Review | Disasters—natural and man-made—were a common theme at this year’s event. Here are highlights from two of the more provocative presentations.

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March/April 2013 Issue (Volume 46, Number 2)

    Business Facilities: March/April 2013

    First Word | Delivering The Goods

    Snapshots: 60 Seconds | with Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, State of New Jersey

    Special Report: Steadfast And Strong In The Wake Of Superstorm Sandy | The unprecedented and deadly devastation wrought by last fall’s catastrophe demolished entire communities from Montauk Point to Cape May. A $60-billion rebuilding effort is underway. In this Special Report, BF takes a detailed look at each state’s chosen path to recovery and provides a handy guide to available aid.

    Cover Story: Global Biotech Report | As the global financial system continues to mend, venture capital is flowing back into the biotech sector. So there’s no better time for us to roll out our most comprehensive tour to date of biotech leaders on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Feature Story: Economic Development Awards |
    It’s time to give out our annual honors to the organizations that have
    established and consistently executed the best practices in service to their locations. And our annual Achievement Awards pay homage to the programs that succeed in matching their tools to their growth targets, delivering the goods.

    Business Report: Texas | There’s always a good time to be had at the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin. This year’s hoedown brought more than 30,000 eager participants to the state capital to sample an eclectic mix of high-tech and culture.

    Location Focus: United It Stands | Don’t let that regional map of agencies fool you, New York’s empire of development is focused on a common goal.

    Feature Story: Accelerating In Alabama | Nestled in the piney woods down South is a rising economic powerhouse charging to the top of our automotive and aerospace rankings and putting competitors in its rear-view mirror. In our exclusive interview, Gov. Robert Bentley tells us why global giants like Airbus and Mercedes have put down deep roots in Alabama.

    Feature Story: The Story Of Storage | With ever increasing, pertinent information housed in data centers, the evolution from large and complex to leaner and greener was inevitable.

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    January/February 2013 Issue (Volume 46, Number 1)

      Business Facilities: January/February 2013

      First Word | Making The Call

      Snapshots: 60 Seconds | with Greg Canfield, Secretary, Alabama Department of Commerce

      Business Report: Utah – Life Sciences Grow High-Wage Jobs In The Beehive State | Utah’s life science industry has been on the rise, increasing job numbers and wages along the way.

      Cover Story: Deal Of The Year 2012  | Baxter International’s decision to make a $1.3-billion investment in an expansion of its bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing promises to propel the Peach State into the front ranks of national biotech powerhouses.

      Feature Story: Semiconductor HUBS – MACRO Growth From MICRO Chips | The nanotech circuits on today’s microchips can’t be seen with the human eye, but they support a $150-billion industry. Download our comprehensive look at the leading high-tech hubs that are generating gigabytes of growth.

      International Profile: Mexico – Mexico’s Export Economy Adds Emerson | Mexico is counting on a reliable workforce, countless industrial parks and a robust network of trade agreements to lift its fortunes in 2013. Join us as we sample the wares of a Latin American leader.

      Business Report: Georgia – GA Notches Record Job Growth And Investment In 2012 | Georgia Economic Development’s Global Commerce Division is helping to generate record job growth and investment for the Peach State.

      Industry Focus: Points of Entry for Cash-Rich Cargo | Book passage now and take our tour of the leading ports and FTZs.

      Business Report: Indiana – Indiana Employment is Getting Bigger, Faster | IEDC secured commitments from 256 companies in 2012 to create 27,620 new jobs.

      Business Report: Ohio – Ohio Launches Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher Program | The Buckeye State puts its best foot forward with a new employer-driven training program.

      Location Focus: California Dreamin’: A Rebound Fueled By New Energy | The Golden State emerges from the big downturn with its head held high and a bonanza beckoning beneath its feet.

      Location Focus: Kansas – Diversification From The Ground Up | Kansas is much more than the nation’s breadbasket. Let us fill your plate with a hefty helping of new developments.

      Business Report: Virginia – Streamlining FTZ Process Speeds Business Development In Virginia | Businesses that wish to locate in Culpeper’s FTZ will now face a much easier application process.

      Feature Story: State Of The Year – Texas | The dynamic and diverse economy of the Lone Star State made it a hands down pick for our most prestigious annual designation.

      Business Report: Florida – EC Railway, Port Everglades Join Forces On Intermodal | A Floridian partnership will help encourage use of a new intermodal container transfer facility.

      Inside LiveXchange: LiveXchange Review | Here are the highlights from our blue-ribbon panel of expert presentations at last year’s event, our most successful ever.

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      September/October 2012 Issue (Volume 45, Number 5)

        Business Facilities: September/October 2012

        First Word | Take Your Pick

        Snapshots: 60 Seconds | with Kenneth Adams, President & CEO, Empire State Development

        Business Report: Washington – Aerospace Suppliers Bringing Their Business To Spokane | Building on the success of this year’s aerospace/defense supplier summit, Spokane will host the 2014 confab.

        Cover Story: Editors’ Location Picks  | It’s time to shine our spotlight on the up and coming locations that caught our eye and earned a place in our annual showcase. As usual, the task of winnowing the candidates was much tougher than singing their praises. Click the link to find out who made the cut.

        Feature Story: Building A Jobs Bonanza In The Bluegrass State | From bourbon to advanced batteries, the Bluegrass State is executing a diverse development strategy and laying the foundation for long-term growth. Gov. Steve Beshear gives a high-level overview in the article.

        Location Focus: Texas – BIG Heart, Country, Business | Put on your 10-gallon hat and see how the Lone Star State Continues to outperform the rest of the U.S. in job creation.

        Business Report: The Carolinas – Carolinas Put Out Welcome Mat For Business From Far East | The governors of North Carolina and South Carolina are piling up the frequent flier miles seeking business from Asia.

        Special Report: Two Train Cars Forward, Three Cargo Ships Back | Getting goods to market is a top priority in site selection decisions. Hop on board as we ride the big cargo routes.

        Special Report: PSE&G Adds $883 Million T New Jersey’s Solar Power Push | New Jersey is second only to sunny California in installed solar power generation capacity—and its capacity is about to get bigger, thanks to an investment by the state’s largest utility.

        Business Report: New York – Regional Councils: Engines For Growth In The Empire State | Here’s a road map to the sweeping reorganization that transformed economic development in the Empire State.

        Location Focus: The Heartland Of America Beats Strong | A broad economic base, supported by strong infrastructure, brings business to the geographic center of the U.S. Check out this tour of the Land of Lincoln.

        Industry Focus: Biotech – A Recession-Proof Growth Sector | While the U.S. was losing more than three million jobs, the biotech industry was creating 96,000 high wage positions. This story takes the pulse of this growth sector.

        Feature Story: High-Tech Hubs Are Moving To Their Markets | Technology clusters are sprouting in unexpected places as everyone reaches for a piece of the 21st century tech jobs pie. Find out where the action is in this comprehensive look at locations that have put themselves on the high-tech map.

        Business Report: Georgia Is Attracting Businesses In Droves | Industry giants like Caterpillar, Starbucks and Baxter International are making long-term investments in Georgia.

        Inside LiveXchange: Staying Ahead Of A Rapidly Changing Curve | Anatalio Ubalde, co-founder/CEO of GIS Planning, will be a featured speaker at LiveXchange.


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        July/August 2012 Issue (Volume 45, Number 4)

          Business Facilities: July/August 2012

          First Word | The Best (Not The Rest)

          Snapshots: 60 Seconds | with Richard Fisher, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

          Cover Story: Rankings Report | Take a trip around the globe with our annual assessment of world beaters.

          Feature Story: Nothing Matters More Than Talent | Unemployment rates are still depressingly high, but what’s even more astounding is thousands of jobs going unfilled because of a shortage of skilled labor. Our in-depth roundup reveals which states are filling this gap with innovative and highly effective workforce training programs.

          Industry Focus: The Process Of Food | In the journey from farms to refrigerators, back-end considerations must be addressed before you get the first bite.

          Business Report: Mississippi – Nissan North America Expanding In Canton, MS | Nissan North America is planning to produce Sentra compacts at its Canton Plant, adding 1,000 jobs.

          Location Focus: Things Are Heating Up In The Hoosier State | Business Golaiths and entrepreneurial Davids alike get a friendly reception when they locate in Indiana.

          Business Report: Virginia – Virginia’s High-Tech Economy Keeps Growing | The Commonwealth is making sure that businesses have a technology edge when they put down roots in VA.

          Location Focus: Ontario Is Green, Growing, And Diversifying | Find out how our friends up North are moving quickly to diversify their base to cope with a strong Canadian dollar.

          International Report: Mexico – Nexus Of Industrial Development Across Mexico | Amistad’s Industrial Developers is a growth driver South of the border, working with more than 100 industry leaders.

          Business Report: California – California Is Preparing For The Future | The Golden State has made  commitment to link its transportation systems to a new high-speed rail line.

          Location Focus: Facets Of Florida | We all know you can get the best oranges, grapefruits, and suntans in Florida. But the Sunshine State also offers bushels of high-tech businesses.

          Business Report: Tennessee – Tennessee Initiates Site Certification Program | The Volunteer State is establishing a rigorous set of benchmarks and engaging a top-flight team of consultants to pre-certifty available sites.

          Inside LiveXchange: You Rank, We Rank, Some Stank | Dean Barber, principal of Barber Business Advisors, will be a featured speaker at this year’s LiveXchange event. Here,  Dean gives us his insightful take on rankings.

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          May/June 2012 Issue (Volume 45, Number 3)

            Business Facilities: May/June 2012

            First Word | Great Expectations

            Snapshots: 60 Seconds | with Stephen Moret, Secretary, Louisiana Economic Development

            Business Report: West Virginia – Open For Business | The mountain state is a bevy of information when it comes to public awareness about its businesses.

            Cover Story: Building A Biotech Bonanza | While the big biotech balloon isn’t soaring as high as expected prior to the financial woes of 2008, it definitely hasn’t popped. During the economic recovery, sector initiatives have traded fast and furious for slow and steady—and sometimes that’s what wins the race.

            International Report: Germany And Belgium | The economies of advanced and emerging Europe have been spilling over into each other as they jockey for position in the midst of crisis. Find out which areas may get the upper hand as an economic union battles to hold itself together.

            Location Focus: Carolinas – Coastal Clout With Global Reach | Follow North and South Carolina as they certify shovel-ready sites and pioneer new incentives for long-term growth.

            Industry Focus: Data Centers – Growing By Gigabytes | From the snow-capped Rockies of Wyoming to the scenic vistas of the Tennessee Valley, the growth of cloud computing and a defrosting economy have heated up a resumption of planned expansions and put new projects on the front burner. Look over our shoulder as we measure the expanding footprint of this hot growth sector.

            Feature Story: Powerhouses That Put A Jot In New Projects | A select group of utilities have made economic development a central part of their mission. Join Business Facilities as it showcases these standouts and delivers the results of its comprehensive Top Utilities survey.

            Business Report: Maryland – Maryland Is Leading The Pack In Energy Efficiency | Maryland’s aggressive energy efficiency goals are within reach as the state moves up in the environmental rankings.

            Industry Focus: Ports Of Success  | With export numbers on the rise, find out which ports and FTZs are situated to help keep businesses afloat.

            Business Report: Utah – Job Creation Efforts Are Buzzing In The Beehive State | Gov. Gary Herbert is leading and ambitious effort to create 100,000 jobs in 1,000 days. Find out what’s making the Beehive State’s economy buzz.

            Special Report: Northeast Ohio – Region On The Rise | The triangle that connects Cleveland, Akron and Youngstown is quickly transitioning to the 21st century knowledge economy. Take our tour.

            The Growth Specialist: Everything Must Change – Rethinking Workforce Development | A skilled workforce must be equipped to meet project needs. Let our Specialist help you avoid a mismatch.

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            March/April 2012 Issue (Volume 45, Number 2)

              Business Facilities: March/April 2012

              First Word | Taking The Prize

              Snapshots: 60 Seconds | with Joseph E. Zeis, Jr., Vice President and Chief Strategist, The Dayton Development Coalition

              Business Report: Georgia – GT Info Security Center Supports Cyber Start-Ups | Georgia Tech Information Security Center start ups continue to attract capital funding for cyber security development.

              Cover Story: Digital Media Takes The Prize | Millions of pixels are helping to create thousands of jobs in a new high-growth sector of the economy. From feature films to video games, digital media is spreading its computer-generated wings and flying, from traditional locations like California, Massachusetts and New York to up and coming industry leaders Utah, Louisiana and Rhode Island.

              Feature Story: 2012 Economic Development Awards | Business Facilities is continuously adapting to meet the needs of our community. What better way to celebrate growth than with a gaggle of new Economic Development Awards? Our new standard of excellence crowns achievement in categories honoring the agencies and organizations who have established the best practices in our industry with measurable success.

              Business Report: New Jersey – Transit Hub Tax Credit Fuels An Urban Renaissance In NJ | The Garden State’s Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit is a major tool for investment, development and employment.

              Business Report: California – Finding The Lowest Denominator Of Business Cost | In a challenging economic environment, municipalities find that a low cost of business is the key that unlocks new jobs.

              Industry Focus: The “Space” That Keeps Us Grounded | From the ground up, find out how the aerospace industry contributes to our safety and economy and advances our way of life.

              Business Report: Texas – A Decade Of Prosperity | According to Gov. Rick Perry, low taxes, a fair legal system and a skilled workforce have helped put the Lone Star State on a decade’s long roll for job growth.

              Location Focus: New York – A Wealth Of Everything | From the City that Never Sleeps to the City of Good Neighbors, the City by the Sea to the City of Parks, anything can and does happen in New York—and the Empire State is always ready for action.

              Business Report: Arizona Is Challenging Its Homegrown Innovators | The Copper State is hoping to win the gold with a money-driven challenge for its dedication to innovation.

              Feature Story: Memphis Bioworks – Breaking Ground On Medical Breakthroughs | The new Memphis Specialized Laboratory rising at the UT-Baptist Research Park in Tennessee will help speed the FDA approval process for new vaccines, orthopedics and drugs at one of the nation’s leading biomed hubs.

              Industry Focus: Automotive Shifts Into High Gear | Learn why the automotive industry is roaring back to life and who is expected to come out on top.

              Business Report: Indiana – A Warm Business Climate Grows A Multitude Of Jobs | The Hoosier State received a record number of job commitments last year and aims to keep pace in 2012.

              Feature Story: Rhode Island Is Big On The Future | Gov. Lincoln Chaffee is positioning Rhode Island at the forefront of 21st century economic development by focusing on the building blocks of the new economy. Join us as the governor gives us the tour.

              The Growth Specialist: Top Ten Things Local Officials Can Do To Promote Job Creation | The man who oversaw the U.S. government’s $787-billion stimulus program emphasizes a common-sense approach to job-creation based on planning, efficiency and shoe leather.

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              January/February 2012 Issue (Volume 45, Number 1)

                Business Facilities: January/February 2012

                First Word | Bigger and Better

                Snapshots: 60 Seconds | with Chris Cummiskey, Commissioner Of The Georgia Department Of Economic Development

                Business Report: Louisiana Keeps Moving Up Way Down South | Best-in-the-nation workforce training and technology incentives are growing high-quality jobs in the Bayou State.

                2011 Economic Development Deal Of The Year Awards

                • Gold: Kentucky-Ford Partnership
                • Silver: Continental Tire-South Carolina
                • Bronze: First Solar-Arizona
                • Honorable Mentions

                State Of The Year: Utah | When the folks in the Beehive State climbed to the top of our flagship Best Business Climate ranking last summer, we knew it was only a matter of time before they planted their flag on our awards summit: Utah is our 2011 State of the Year.

                Business Report: Mississippi Aims To Move To The Head Of The Creative Class | A new governor has the Magnolia State focusing on an emerging clean-energy industry and a creative economy.

                Industry Focus: Ships, Planes, Trains And Automobiles | For the latest info on thriving distribution centers, all roads lead to our roundup.

                Feature Story: Renewable Energy Is Generating Greenbacks | Sky-high expectations that renewable energy would be the growth driver of the new economy are giving way to market-driven realities. The outlook for alt energy is still sunny, and the smartest players have the wind at their backs.

                Feature Story: Aerotropolis Update | Find out which airport cities are landing in the heart of 21st Century urban planning by embracing the aerotropolis concept for high-flying growth.

                Business Report: Ontario – Going Green By Keeping Fit | A pioneering feed-in-tariff (FIT) program yields long-term pricing for electricity generated by alternative energy.

                Business Report: Florida – Shines Its Light On Innovation | With its population increasing as fast as its GDP, the Sunshine State is tying its ambitious job-creation juggernaut to innovative industry clusters and high-wage jobs.

                Business Report: Washington – Aerospace Aims Higher | The global aerospace manufacturing hub of the Pacific Northwest is focusing on new investments in training and a statewide coalition on competitiveness to maintain its lofty position as the industry leader.

                Inside LiveXchange: 2012 | Our 7th annual LiveXchange event in San Diego matched site selectors with economic development pros for some intense, productive dealmaking. Here’s an inside look.

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                Rankings & Awards

                2021 Deals of the Year

                Ford, Samsung Electronics, KORE Power Named 2021 Deals Of The Year

                The three winners were selected from a record-setting number of entries submitted for Business Facilities’ 2021 Deals of the Year awards.
                2021 States of the Year

                BF Names Virginia, Tennessee, Massachusetts 2021 States Of The Year Award Winners

                The two commonwealths and one state were chosen for excellence in Business Climate, Dealmaking or Workforce/Educational System.

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