July / August 2022 Issue (Volume 55, Number 4)

Business Facilities' July / August 2022 issue features our 18th annual Rankings Report, including state, metro, and global rankings. Plus, healthcare, fintech, and corporate HQs.

First Word: Challenges And Opportunity

This 18th annual Rankings Report issue presents a look at leading locations for business across more than 60 categories relevant to your site selection decisions. From broad evaluations like Best Business Climate to industry-specific lists and the impacts of renewable energy policies, the Business Facilities Annual Ranking Report holds a wealth of information that aims to help you and your teams in relocation and expansion decisions.

Anne Cosgrove, Editorial Director, Business Facilities

The renewable energy story brings you on a tour of infrastructure developments around the nation. From Rhode Island to Virginia and Arizona to Kansas, you’ll read about significant investments poised to impact business decisions.

If you have not explored the U.S. Qualified Opportunity Zone Program yet, take a look at the stories that provide an update and insights on if this program might benefit your upcoming projects. Established as part of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the opportunity zone program focuses on drawing investment to designated low-income tracts across the U.S.

Businesses are stepping up investment in 2022 even as we continue to navigate the changes wrought by the pandemic, global conflicts, and changing weather patterns. As the ground solidifies, this year’s Annual Rankings serve as one tool to help you navigate.




Business Facilities July / August 2022 Issue

July / August 2022 Issue


As business navigates an evolving landscape, take a look at the top ranked locations in our 18th Annual Rankings Report.

2022 Rankings Report: Top-Ranked States | Our annual State Rankings Report looks at Best Business Climate, workforce programs, industry-specific growth, and more.

2022 Rankings Report: Top-Ranked Metros | See which locations are ranked this year for business climate, tech-related growth, and a new category, Metros for Movers.

2022 Rankings Report: Global | As the global economy continues to shift, see what nations are leading in GDP, Manufacturing, FDI, and more.


Growing Green Energy | The U.S. renewable energy sector is expanding and evolving quickly with infrastructure investments from government, utilities, the private sector, and other stakeholders.

Opportunity Zones: Revitalizing Communities | The U.S. Qualified Opportunity Zone program introduced in 2017 shows promise to revitalize designated low-income tracts.

Investing in Opportunity Zones | A vehicle to reinvest capital gains, the U.S. Qualified Opportunity Zone program holds certain criteria.

Governor’s Report: No Slowing Down For Arizona | This southwest state’s economy is propelled by policies that kept business moving during and after the pandemic.


Healthcare Industry: Looking To A Healthy Future | Companies in the healthcare and medical devices space are growing, looking for locations.

Forward-Looking Financial Locations | Financial services firms seeking supportive ecosystems see growing number of promising places.

Corporate Headquarters: Finding A Home Base For Business | Where a company calls home is significant, even in the age of remote work.

Florida: The Sunshine State Is Bright For Business | Low costs and ready workforce are among the advantages in the Sunshine State.

California: Good Vibrations | With a large, diverse economy, this West Coast locale has much to offer.

Louisiana State Focus | The Bayou State’s strong energy sector includes legacy producers along with growth in low carbon technologies.

Mighty Mississippi Ready For Business | This southeast state stands ready for both new and expanding businesses to succeed.

Indiana: The Heart Of The Heartland | The Hoosier State is seeing growth in traditional and emerging industries.

Plastics On The Move | Demand for products from the eighth largest industry in the U.S. shows no signs of slowing.

(North) Carolina On My Mind | Infrastructure, R&D, and workforce foster business growth in this southeast locale.


Missouri: Show-Me State Shines Bright | Plan for an $800 million Meta data center in Kansas City has been announced.

Ohio: Capturing Attention, And Investments | Intel’s semiconductor plant and Ford’s EV plans are among big projects in 2022.


Why… New Mexico? | New Mexico Partnership President & CEO Melinda Allen shares why businesses should consider the Land of Enchantment.
Q&A: Pulling Together In Texas | A new Regional Economic Development Partnership focuses on growing the business community west of the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metro.
Q&A: Sevier County, UT | With a strategic location, two business parks, and a can-do attitude, Sevier County is ready for business.


Canada Leads With World-Class Workforce | Canada’s top-notch education, support for tech knowledge, and business-friendly programs deliver for companies from around the globe.

A Force Of Change | Consumers Energy is moving forward with a landmark energy transformation plan that will reshape Michigan’s future.

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