September / October 2022 Issue (Volume 55, Number 5)

Business Facilities' September / October 2022 issue takes a look at sites for advanced manufacturing and finding tech talent. Plus, cybersecurity, semiconductors, and more.

First Word: Collaboration At The Core

From a very young age, we’re taught the value of cooperation and teamwork. There are, of course, many scenarios where individuality is the best approach. But when it comes to growing a business, a location, and an economy, working together is often the most impactful way to accomplish a goal. At the recent IEDC Annual Conference in Oklahoma City, President and CEO Nathan Ohle centered his opening keynote speech around collaboration. Speaking to the audience, Ohle told us to expect to hear that word—Collaboration—from him many times in the coming months. The reason, he shared, is that collaboration is a linchpin to growth.

Anne Cosgrove, Editorial Director, Business FacilitiesIn his speech, Ohle was addressing an audience of economic developers—those individuals who you as a site selector work with when making important decisions on where to locate or expand a business. But, as you undoubtedly already know collaboration is key in so many aspects of evaluating, exploring, negotiating, and eventually deciding where a new operation will lay down roots. Especially in the current economic and social climate, it’s become increasingly valuable to identify how all stakeholders in your site search might contribute to a successful decision.

Our cover story on advanced manufacturing shares insight about this burgeoning sector’s site selection process—and it includes collaboration. Throughout this issue, the potential of shared resources and open lines of communication is highlighted. From finding tech talent to cybersecurity to streamlined logistics, a common thread is the recognition that collaboration is a useful tool to gain ground.

Business Facilities September / October 2022 Issue

September / October 2022 Issue
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Advanced Manufacturing Sites | Manufacturing companies are seeking cutting-edge locations for their state-of-the-art production lines and processes.


Finding Tech Talent | Attract a skilled workforce and bolster growth in locations where ecosystems support the innate agility of tech businesses.

Kansas Governor’s Report | Underpinning record job growth is Governor Kelly’s Framework For Growth Plan.

The Cyber Frontier | The shortage of cybersecurity skills across the U.S. is being addressed in earnest by government and private industry.


Shoring Up Semiconductors | Across North America, companies and locations are moving semiconductor manufacturing and ecosystems closer to home.

Texas State Focus: The Lone Star State Expands | With low taxes and key incentives, the Lone Star State offers business wide open opportunity.

Arizona State Focus | A regulatory environment to streamline business is among the Grand Canyon State’s advantages.

Moving At Speed Of Business | Through ports, rail, roadways, and airports, the ideal location provides companies quick transport.

Feeding The Future | The growing global population calls for agribusiness operations to find locations with ready resources.

Illinois Driving Economic Growth | Programs focused on workforce training and tax credits for job creation are driving growth.

Advanced Manufacturing Advances In Iowa | The Manufacturing 4.0 initiative in the Hawkeye State aims to grow advanced manufacturing.

Utah Helps Local Businesses | Grant programs focused on modernizing manufacturing and readying sites for business are the latest in the Beehive State.

Innovation Hubs For New Ideas | At the intersection of tech resources and innovators, locations are growing what the future holds.


Alabama: Flying High | Aerospace remains a pillar of the state’s strengths, with other sectors diversifying the economy.

Florida: Navigating For Success | The Sunshine State attracts diverse investment, from boat making to fintech to food processing.

Kentucky: Expanding Horizons | Grants for exports along with significant expansion investments keep the Bluegrass State humming.

New York: Forward Momentum | Green CHIPS legislation aims to support semiconductors, while other sectors also grow.

Connect With Tennessee | Gig speed internet in Chattanooga and manufacturing growth are pushing advancement.

Virginia: Building A Green Future | Plan for offshore wind along with a flood of new and expanding business are shaping the state’s future.


  • Community Profile: Fort Worth, TX – The Frontier Of Innovation |This city’s solid foundation and agile ecosystems support growth across traditional and emerging industries.
  • Community Profile: Hoosier Energy | Indiana cooperatives are out in front of electrification opportunities.
  • Why… Oklahoma? | Brent Kisling, Executive Director, Oklahoma Department of Commerce, shares how clean energy, central location, and strong workforce set the stage for success in the Sooner State.
  • New Jersey Q&A: Grow In The Garden State | Choose New Jersey President & CEO Wesley Mathews describes how the state’s strategic location and diverse population offers what business needs to thrive.
  • Texas Q&A: Big Business In Abilene | Development Corporation of Abilene President & CEO Misty Mayo discusses how this Texas community welcomes companies of all sizes by embracing economic development.
  • The Last Word | Workforce challenges in the transportation industry reflect what other sectors are facing to keep business moving.

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