May / June 2021 Issue (Volume 54, Number 3)

The May / June 2021 Issue features a look at millennial magnets and customized training programs. Plus, how the manufacturing industry can keep and attract workers.

Business Facilities May / June 2021 Issue

May / June 2021
(Concept rendering by Mason Innovation Partners / EYP)


Millennial Magnets | They’re almost three-quarters of the workforce and they know what they want: to work where they really want to live, in a diverse place with a great quality of life, an affordable cost of living and a hip 24/7 work, live, play culture within walking distance. Check out the attraction strategies of locations that are bringing in the talent. Plus, Building The Top Tech Talent Pipeline In Virginia.


Finding The Perfect Fit | The training needed to close the 21st century skills gap in America is highly customized and it can take place in virtual space and laboratories as well as on factory floors—sometimes beginning before a recruit is hired. Take our tour of the customized training leaders.

Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Peter Denious, AdvanceCT | Denious, AdvanceCT President and Chief Executive Officer, discusses foreign direct investment, why Millennials are flocking to Hartford, and Connecticut’s new long-term economic development strategy.


Manufacturing: Jobs Multiplier | Nearly 500,000 jobs remain unfilled in manufacturing. Find out how the industry can retain and recruit workers in order to prevent a labor shortage that could end up costing the U.S. economy $1 trillion.

Industrial Parks: Building In Risk Resilience | By integrating resource efficiency, circular business practices and benefits of shared services, EIP practices can help industrial parks meet the demands of the post-COVID-19 world.

Turning Up The (Cargo) Volume | People have adjusted their purchasing habits, and the Port of Baltimore is ready as a leading e-commerce logistics hub.

Clear Skies, Strategic City | Henderson shines with Nevada’s highest per capita income, expanding healthcare sector and nationally recognized quality of life.

Poised For Liftoff In Alabama | Alabama is regaining the momentum it lost during the COVID-19 pandemic, with significant growth projects launching in key strategic industrial clusters.

Wilson Strong | Dealing with the effects of a natural disaster on top of the COVID crisis, this Tennessee county demonstrated the strength of its leadership and community resolve.

Creative Culture In Claremont, NH | This thriving New England mill town is full of forward-thinking, cutting edge manufacturers and creative entrepreneurs.

Collaborating For Success In York, NE | York County’s approach to economic development ensures access to all agencies and programs that can be of assistance to a project—with property and buildings ready to go.


North Carolina: Landing A Giant | Apple has chosen Research Triangle Park as the location of its first East Coast campus, a $1-billion project that will create 3,000 new jobs. The company also plans to establish a $100 million fund to support schools and community initiatives in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Delaware: Diverse Tech Talent Pipeline | The Delaware Prosperity Partnership (DPP) has completed a strategic plan to support a more diverse tech talent pipeline in the state.

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