November / December 2021 Issue (Volume 54, Number 6)

The November/December 2021 features our annual Site Seekers' Guide: State Profiles and Featured Locations Directory. Plus, a look at the manufacturing, automotive, film, tourism and retail industries.

First Word: Man In The Arena

Has there ever been a time that requires a better knowledge of the business of doing business?

I don’t think so and that is exactly why I am here, ready to take on the challenge of continuing to educate our readership as the new Editorial Director of Business Facilities magazine.

Seth MendelsonBetween the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the battle between states and communities for relocations, expansions and startups, hybrid work environments and skyrocketing costs across most of the spectrum, those who decide the future of their companies need more information than ever from sources like ours.

I intend to continue this publication’s great tradition of offering our readers as much information as possible to allow them to make the right decisions on where to operate their businesses from.

But, I need your help. No journalist can successfully cover any marketplace or issue without help from those in the middle of the action. You are the experts, the people who can explain what is happening out in the real world and what steps need to be taken to benefit the most businesses and their employees.

So, I am asking you to reach out. Whether by phone (973) 650-0263 or email at, I hope that you feel comfortable enough to engage me—and educate me—as I start on my next adventure. All of us at Business Facilities have the same goals as you: to help businesses understand what locations and communities will help them be most successful in the years to come.

I am up for the challenge. I hope you come along for the ride.

Seth MendelsonSeth Mendelson

Business Facilities November / December 2021 Issue

November / December 2021 Issue


Site Seekers’ Guide: State Profiles* | Our Annual Site Seekers’ Guide, featuring in-depth profiles of all 50 states, is your one-stop source in your quest to find the best new location for your company’s expansion or relocation project.

Featured Locations Directory* | As a critical part of our Site Seekers’ Guide, our Featured Locations Directory provides all the economic development listings you’ll need to make your journey a success!

* See the digital issue for our State Profiles and Featured Locations Directory.


Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Felicia Howard, Dominion Energy | Howard, Dominion Energy’s new VP of Economic Development Strategy, discusses the future of economic development, clean energy, and the “new normal.”

Manufacturing: Building Back Fast | Despite turbulence caused by labor and supply chain challenges, the manufacturing industry is experiencing a positive trajectory as it recovers from the pandemic.

Automotive: The Road To Everywhere | While we’re still deep in the drive toward technical and autonomous, what’s old is new and what’s mine is yours when it comes to next year’s auto trends.

LiveXchange 2021 Review | Corporate executives and economic developers hailed the return of an in-person LiveXchange event in 2021 while participating in more than 265 one-on-one meetings.


Focus On Film Production  | Its many advantages—including incentives, facilities and skilled crews—make Louisiana a perfect host for film and TV production.

Tourism: Headed For Recovery | U.S. domestic travel is nearly at pre-COVID levels, but business and international are seeing a more uneven recovery.

Retail Trends Put Shoppers First | To keep customers happy and meet expectations in the year ahead, savvy retailers must focus on these five key trends.

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