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Having access to a robust transportation system has made Washington a dependable state for businesses that need an end-to-end supply chain.

By Roneshia Thomas
From the May / June 2023 Issue

Governor Jay Inslee has made it a top priority to create the prime economic climate for innovation, entrepreneurship, and high-paying jobs across the state of Washington. With more than a half million businesses in the state, the economy here includes a vast array of industries and professions.

The Evergreen State has 3,300 miles of roadway, 75 ports, and 139 airports. The transportation structure offers businesses a dependable end-to-end supply chain. Washington can provide businesses with ready access to raw materials, just-in-time components, and domestic and overseas partners.

With an established infrastructure through which to deliver, the state has attracted a bevy of aerospace and aviation-related industries. Aerospace is a $70 billion industry with over 1,300 companies across the state. The sector ensures that Washington maintains leadership as a prime location for aircraft and uncrewed aerial systems manufacturers and suppliers. Success in the aerospace sector has crossed over to other industries with aligned business needs, such as space, electric, hydrogen, and hybrid-powered aircraft, and next-generation air mobility.

Washington Technology
Richland, WA is home to the Horn Rapids Industrial Park, which has more than 3,000 acres of industrial property. (Photo: City of Richland)


First Mode, a global carbon reduction company that developed the world’s first integrated battery and hydrogen fuel cell power plants for retrofitting behemoth diesel-powered trucks, has established a facility in the state that will demonstrate performance and optimize the next generation of hybrid hydrogen and battery-powered haul trucks. The associated infrastructure for recharging and refueling will be deployed at mines internationally.

Washington currently produces 73% of its power from clean energy sources, with enough of a surplus to provide electricity to 10 other western states through its network of hydroelectric dams. The state is working toward a 100% non-carbon-emitting energy portfolio by 2045. There is legislation in place that requires greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced by 45% by 2030 and 95% by 2050. To meet this aggressive goal, the state will need to eliminate its reliance on fossil fuels by 2050.

To support this goal, the clean technology sector works with a cross-section of industries and stakeholders to explore and perfect new technologies and production processes to improve their environmental and business performance. Washington is the second most competitive state in the U.S. for labor, material, energy, and construction costs.

Richland, WA Offers Space And Opportunity For All

Richland offers strong economics, clean energy, a highly educated and skilled workforce, rich history, 300 days of sunshine annually, and less than seven inches of annual rainfall.

The Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland) is the third fastest growing region in Washington state, located in southeastern corner and unique to other communities. Richland is the place to do business because it offers strong economics, clean energy, a highly educated and skilled workforce, rich history, 300 days of sunshine annually, and less than seven inches of annual rainfall.

The Horn Rapids Industrial Park in the north Richland area is home to some of the nation’s strongest agribusiness producers, advanced manufacturers, the largest fully automated zero-oxygen flash freezer facility in the world, the newest National Guard facility on the West Coast, and the place that the coating on M&Ms was invented.

Population growth, a diverse and growing housing market, available property (small and large sites), accessibility and proximity to emerging technologies, research and development, industry, and manufacturing have led to diverse interest in the Horn Rapids Industrial Park. In January, the City of Richland adopted a Targeted Urban Area Tax Exemption program, a tax incentive for manufacturing facilities, making the area highly competitive for companies that provide family-wage manufacturing jobs focusing on key industries and technologies. Clean energy, ag-tech, and advanced manufacturing are just a few examples of industries leveraging the benefits of locating in Richland.

Washington TechnologyIonQ Plans First U.S. Quantum Computing Manufacturing Facility

New Seattle-area manufacturing facility will support development of world-class trapped-ion quantum systems and meet growing demand for quantum computing across commercial applications. Read more…

Also located in the Horn Rapids Industrial Park, has more than 3,000 acres of industrial property, with service from two class one rail providers, Burlington Northern Sante Fe, and Union Pacific rail lines. The industrial park sits minutes away from the interstate and has quick access to barge facilities. Available property has all utilities and offers some of the lowest electric rates in the country. The city is ready to help find the perfect custom site, ranging from a small two to five-acre site up to a 200+ acre site. Richland is a one-stop-shop for planning, permitting, and utilities, except natural gas, expediting the development process, and putting the customer first.

The industrial park is located adjacent to the Tri-Cities Research District which is home to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Washington State University Tri-Cities, and Bechtel National, all working to support private industry and the region’s growing economy.

To support continued innovation, the Port of Benton developed a clean energy collaboration hub—Washington VERTical—with an integrated and growing supply chain alliance to support next-generation energy technology and the growth of the region’s Clean Energy Hub. This industry-led coalition is positioning Washington State as the premier clean energy innovation hub to source and provide solutions for this rapidly changing market, and Richland is the place. Exciting things are happening in Richland. Come be a part of the growth, excitement, and success.

Visit www.richlandbusiness.com for more information.

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