Nevada Promotes Innovation

With a robust transportation system already in place, Nevada focuses on low emissions and utilizing natural resources. 

By Roneshia Thomas
From the May / June 2023 Issue

Nevada prides itself on its geographic location and access to five major U.S. ports, only one day’s drive away, serving the Pacific Rim. Because of its expansive transportation infrastructure and proximity to the West Coast markets the cost of shipping and storage can be significantly lower than in other states.

The state also contains major Union Pacific and Southern Pacific rail connections and two international airports that handle around 300 million pounds of cargo annually.

Nevada Promotes Innovation
Reno, Nevada. (Photo: Adobe Stock)


To build upon its robust infrastructure, Nevada is committed to clean energy and renewable resources. A major goal for the state is to be ground zero for the energy transition. In February, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) released an economic strategy aimed to aid in this goal. Realizing Nevada’s Electric, Innovative, and Connected Future: 5-Year Comprehensive Economic Strategy aims to quickly grow the clean tech industry, innovations, and investments that have positioned Nevada as a leader in the U.S. in strengthening critical supply chains and securing energy independence.

“Nevada’s natural resources, people, reasonable cost of living and doing business, and proximity to West Coast tech-hubs have enabled innovation to flourish in the state,” said Tom Burns, GOED Executive Director. “This new strategy will be critical to the continued growth of our economy.”

Innovation does not stop with energy and natural resources in Nevada. The state also plays a big role in national security. Home to several military bases, the state is known for its researching, designing, developing, and applying a variety of technologies for defense applications.

“Nevada’s natural resources, people, reasonable cost of living and doing business, and proximity to West Coast tech-hubs have enabled innovation to flourish in the state.”

— Tom Burns, GOED Executive Director

With a focus on innovative industries with strong growth potential, the state welcomes sectors such as information technology, transportation and logistics, natural resources and technologies, hospitality, tourism, sports, creative industries, and advanced manufacturing.

To help attract these industries Nevada offers the Workforce Innovations For The New Nevada (WINN) program. This is a workforce development training program that is committed to arming businesses with the skilled employees they need. The program is administered by GOED in coordination with Nevada System of Higher Education, the Governor’s Office of Workforce Innovations, the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, and the Nevada Department of Education. Since its inception, WINN has made more than $11 million in strategic investments to enable accelerated on-ramps to high-skill and high-wage jobs.

“Nevada is playing a key role in the energy independence and security of the United States,” said Governor Joe Lombardo. “My administration is committed to growing Nevada’s global leadership with new investments in our workforce, infrastructure, and education.”

Henderson, NV Continues Economic Winning Streak With Pro-Business Attitude

As the second-largest city in Nevada, Henderson is making powerful moves through bold investments, strategic expansion, and impactful public-private partnerships. The City of Henderson is all in to win by making audacious plays solidifying itself as the premier place to do business.

Thriving with opportunity, the City of Henderson invests in its people, infrastructure, and quality of life in ways many other cities only talk about.

Nevada Promotes Innovation
The Las Vegas Raiders Headquarters and Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center includes a three-story, 135,000-square-foot office area, along with three outdoor football fields and a 50,000-square-foot performance center. (Photo: City of Henderson)


Henderson Mayor Michelle Romero is a champion of economic development and redevelopment. Her support, along with council and city leadership, has allowed the city to capitalize on Southern Nevada’s explosive sports scene. As a result, Henderson is becoming the top choice for sports magnates to conduct business, as it is now home to the headquarters of current world champs Las Vegas Aces and the iconic Las Vegas Raiders.

The innovative investments made in the sports sector have parlayed into strong public-private partnerships, such as the one with the famed Vegas Golden Knights organization, which invested alongside the City of Henderson in a new state-of-the-art sports and events venue, The Dollar Loan Center. In only two years, this venue became home to three professional sports teams and is a world-class amenity that enhances Henderson’s nationally recognized quality of life.

With an all in to win approach to economic and business opportunities, Henderson boldly purchased a former hotel and casino for a future sports and recreation facility to serve youth sports in the community and attract regional and national sporting tournaments—an audacious investment estimated to yield $200 million in regional economic impact.

Also experiencing a winning streak in Henderson are the distribution and manufacturing businesses relocating, expanding, or starting their operations within the growing city boundaries, including the recently annexed 8,000 acres in Eldorado Valley, with 850 acres already being master-planned by a team of industrial developers.

Henderson is the MVP of location due to its low-cost access to major southwest markets that includes more than 27 million people and one million businesses within a five-hour drive. Business operators can reach Southern California, including Los Angeles ports, in a one-day turnaround, with San Diego, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City within a half-day or less.

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Not only does Henderson bring a prime location to the table, but the city ensures an available and skilled workforce. With Haas Automation’s new headquarters under construction in West Henderson, the city chose to invest in its workforce and developed the Center of Excellence, an advanced manufacturing training center operated by the College of Southern Nevada.

Henderson is a nationally recognized city and continues to earn nearly 100% satisfaction rates from its residents and business communities. The city provides a culture of opportunity and assures unmatched ease of doing business while emphasizing the importance of quality of life for the more than 332,000 residents who live, learn, work, and play in Henderson.

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