Plastics Looking For Sustainability

Plastics companies are strategizing how to boost profitability while satisfying recycling and consumer demands.

By Roneshia Thomas
From the July/August 2023 Issue


Over the last decade, the total imports of plastic material rose 19.4%, totaling 432,635 metric tons in 2022. However, from 2012-2022, the exports of plastic materials have decreased by 78.5%. The decline can be attributed to the heightened awareness of the need to increase recycling efforts nationally.

With recycling as a growing issue, the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) aims to support the plastics industry in advancing sustainability goals and improving recycling capabilities. PLASTICS is an organization that represents over one million workers in this $468 billion industry.

Plastics Recycling
Heap of red, yellow, blue dirty plastic canisters for bulding priming


In the U.S., this has spurred bipartisan bills such as The Recycling and Composting Accountability Act and the Recycling Infrastructure and Accessibility Act of 2023. The Recycling and Composting Accountability Act would improve data collection on the nation’s recycling systems and explore the potential of a national composting strategy. The Recycling Infrastructure and Accessibility Act would establish a pilot recycling program at the EPA, which would award grants to communities that improve recycling efforts.

Alongside the plastics industry, both chemical and oil and gas industries have also stepped up sustainability and emission goals. According to a Deloitte analysis, the chemical industry has four areas to improve: sustainability and innovation, portfolio transformation, supply chain woes, and digital transformations.

The chemical industry is vast and very diverse in the products that it produces and has several subcategories, such as inorganic and organic chemical producing industries, fertilizer industries, electroplating, and heat treatment industries.

The most common subcategories of the chemical industry are expected to reach a worth of $953.9 billion by 2027 at a 5% CAGR from the $873.38 billion worth market of 2019 (Allied Market Research, 2020; BCC Research, 2020).

Although the petroleum industry earned record profits in 2022, according to a Deloitte analysis, the industry is still taking strides to transition to cleaner energy to create a more sustainable economy. A combination of economic, geopolitical, trade, policy, and financial factors have triggered a readjustment in the broader energy market.

TexAmericas Center Offers Business-Friendly Environment And Support

A winning combination of logistics, transportation, and workforce amenities has put Texarkana’s TexAmericas Center on the map. Innovation, leadership, and solution-driven service are keeping it there.

Since 1998, TexAmericas Center has dedicated itself to helping businesses succeed. TexAmericas Center is a State of Texas-sanctioned Local Redevelopment Authority, managing the redevelopment of the former military property as part of its effort to revitalize that land while boosting employment and economic opportunities for the residents of the region.

Manufacturing jobs in Texarkana represent 18.6% of the workforce, and sectors with the highest net job growth have overlapped with many of Texarkana’s key industries, including plastics and rubber products.

Plastics Companies
TexAmericas Center redeveloped a former military property as part of its effort to boost the economy. (Photo: TexAmericas Center)

Workforce Availability

There are clear reasons why companies find TexAmericas Center appealing. Nearly 25% of the area’s workforce is made up of commuters who travel from Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. That allows Texarkana employers to draw from a labor shed of more than 1.1 million residents, many of whom have been trained at any one of 23 universities, colleges, or vocational schools within a 75-mile radius of the industrial park.

Plastics and rubber manufacturing companies in the Texarkana region employ almost four times as many people than the national average. Companies in the region include Cooper Tire & Rubber, Red River Army Depot Vulcanization Plant, Sterno Products, and others.

In-Demand Amenities

Additionally, TexAmericas Center knows exactly what businesses need to succeed. The organization has invested more than $40 million in its property, giving them top-of-the-line features.

Plastics and rubber companies considering the Texarkana area will enjoy enhanced fiber optic lines, a new airport terminal and pending flight expansions, expanded training options at area higher learning institutions, and plans for an on-site $400 million water treatment plant.

Transportation Advantages

TexAmericas Center also offers logistics benefits because of its central location. Tenants appreciate an impressive transportation corridor that uses multiple interstates, rail lines, air freight, and state highways.

Texarkana’s growing transportation corridor includes an interstate loop made up of I-30, I-49, and I-369 that provides improved access to Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. Beyond the region, that highway system links Gulf of Mexico ports to markets in the Midwest, both the Eastern and Western seaboards, south into Mexico, and north into Canada.

TexAmericas Center Winning Combination: Business & Industrial Parks

Amidst economic shifts, demand for space and amenities provided by industrial parks and business parks remains high. Read more…

TexAmericas Center provides abundant rail, with seven rail lines connecting at Texarkana and 36 miles of owned rail serving the shovel-ready property. Build-to-Suit options are also available.

Third-Party Logistics Services

Companies at TexAmericas Center have the option of offloading logistical troubles so they can better focus on company growth and success. Whether it’s a small company that enjoys the benefit of an industry expert or a large operation boosting efficiency to maximize profitability, TexAmericas Centers’ third-party and rail logistics services are intended to grow and shrink with business demands.

Such innovative solutions are part of the reason why 48 growing companies have chosen TexAmericas Center—and they invite you to explore the ways this location can help you succeed too.

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