Korean Automotive Supplier Picks Georgia For First U.S. Facility

Boogook Industries will invest nearly $7M to redevelop an existing building in Macon, GA, where it will create 80 jobs in 2024. 

Boogook Georgia, LLC, a Korean automotive supplier specializing in fluid-carrying systems for vehicles will launch its first U.S. location in Macon, GA. The company will redevelop an existing building location within the Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority (MBCIA) Industrial Park. Boogook Georgia plans to spend $300,000 on leasehold improvements at the former B&W property, as well invest $6.8 million to support its operation.

The decision to bring Boogook Georgia to Macon was driven, in part, by proximity to Hyundai Motor’s $5.5B Metaplant America in Savannah, and Kia’s West Point manufacturing facility.

“Our leadership recognized the unique opportunity to support our Korean automotive manufacturing partners more locally,” said Joong Suk Oh, Chief Executive Officer of Boogook Georgia, LLC. “Expanding operations to Macon will be a driving force for our ability to serve the Southeast U.S., and we look forward to a successful partnership with the MBCIA.”

Boogook Industries Georgia
The Macon, Georgia downtown skyline. (Photo: Adobe Stock / Designpics)


The decision to bring Boogook Georgia to Macon was driven, in part, by the proximity of the area to Hyundai Motor’s $5.5 billion Metaplant America in Savannah and Kia’s West Point manufacturing facility. Playing a pivotal role in increasing productivity and overcoming obstacles caused by supply chain limitations, the location offers quick highway access via I-16, less than two miles from the company’s new site. This strategic positioning ensures seamless connectivity to key transportation routes, further enhancing the company’s ability to serve its customers effectively with improved access to critical parts.

“Our location in the state of Georgia and easy access to interstates and highways makes us a prime location for industries looking to move their products quickly and efficiently,” said Macon-BibbCounty Mayor Lester M. Miller. “I want to thank the Industrial Authority for their ongoing efforts, and to welcome Boogook Georgia as the newest member of Team Macon-Bibb.”

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Boogook Georgia will create 80 full-time jobs when it opens in 2024 with more jobs expected on the horizon. These employment opportunities will bring the local community professional jobs in the automotive sector across management, manufacturing, assembly, quality and assurance, and delivery functions.

“The decision by Boogook to locate to Macon reinforces the importance and value of growing our automotive industry partners in the region,” said Stephen Adams, Executive Director of the MBCIA. “Middle Georgia is an extremely attractive and competitive area for these companies, and we’re excited to see how this industry becomes a key player in our future economic and job growth.”

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