Manufacturing Growth To Bring Nearly 140 New Jobs To Virginia

Virginia MetalFab will invest $9 million to establish operations in the Town of Appomattox; E-Z Treat will invest $3.5 million to expand in Fauquier County

In the Town of Appomattox, VA, Virginia MetalFab will invest $9 million to expand to a larger facility and create 130 new jobs over the next three years with support from the Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP). The full-service metal manufacturing provider will lease the former Thomasville plant, occupying 250,000 square feet of production space to meet increased demand for its products and services.

“Residing here in Central Virginia has helped propel our growth in part due to the central location of the North Carolina Triad; Washington, DC; and Virginia’s own Eastern Shore,” said Virginia MetalFab General Manager Brian Morris. “As we looked to expand significantly, we determined this area provided the best opportunity for growth to continue to serve these high-growth areas. Additionally, for our future growth we wanted to strategically be between the I-81 and I-95 corridors for simplified logistics both to the northeast and southeast. Moving to Appomattox was the cherry on top for our company’s expansion and we couldn’t be happier to partner with this community as we seek our continued growth.”

Manufacturing Virginia
(Photo: Virginia MetalFab0

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) worked with the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance and the Town of Appomattox to secure the project for Virginia. Virginia MetalFab’s job creation will be supported through the VJIP, which provides consultative services and funding to companies creating new jobs in order to support employee recruitment and training activities.

“Today is a celebration of economic resurgence and revitalization for the Town of Appomattox, and we thank Virginia MetalFab for creating high-quality, well-paid jobs and giving new life to this property,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. “This homegrown company is boosting the manufacturing industry in the region and will benefit from a skilled workforce that is primed to fill these positions. We look forward to a continued partnership with Virginia MetalFab in its next phase of growth.”

“Virginia MetalFab has been a valuable employer in the Commonwealth for two decades, and this important expansion will help secure its future longevity in Appomattox,” said Virginia’s Secretary of Commerce and Trade Caren Merrick. “Manufacturing is a priority sector in Virginia and our workforce recruitment and training programs are critical to ensuring a talent pipeline in an industry that is ever-changing and modernizing. We are proud of the company’s success and remain committed to providing an environment for businesses of all sizes to thrive.”

“Virginia MetalFab values their customers, employees, and community. They have grown very quickly due to those commitments, and we are thrilled they have chosen to expand their operations in the Town of Appomattox,” said Megan Lucas, CEO & Chief Economic Development Officer, Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance. “The company’s excitement to bring well-paying jobs to the community is contagious.”

E-Z Treat To Expand In Fauquier County

E-Z Treat, a family owned-and-operated manufacturer of next generation wastewater treatment systems, will invest $3.5 million to expand in Fauquier County. The company will build a new 30,000-square-foot facility next to its existing site in the Village of Catlett in order to increase capacity and production capability, creating 16 new jobs.

Manufacturing Virginia
An E-Z Treat wastewater treatment system being installed. (Photo: E-Z Treat)

“E-Z Treat relocated to Fauquier County years ago because of Virginia’s better business climate and lower utility costs, as well as lower state and local taxes,” said Carl Perry, Owner of E-Z Treat. “As a result, we’ve grown significantly here and it makes sense to expand in Catlett, especially with the support we’ve received from Fauquier County and the Virginia Economic Development Partnership. We appreciate the Virginia Jobs Investment Program grant to help us offset the costs of workforce recruiting and training.”

VEDP worked with the Fauquier County Economic Development Department to support the E-Z Treat project, which will make use of the VJIP.

“E-Z Treat has been creating quality jobs in Virginia for more than 20 years, contributing to the local tax base and providing opportunities for the region’s skilled manufacturing labor pool,” said Gov. Youngkin. “Virginia is committed to investing in workforce development to ensure a talent pipeline across a broad spectrum of industries, and we are pleased to support the company’s expansion.”

E-Z Treat designs and manufactures efficient and affordable onsite re-circulating sand filter, wastewater treatment systems. The company’s primary customers include educational institutions and residential housing developers located in Arizona, California, and Florida. E-Z Treat’s patented Re-Circulating Synthetic Sand Filter is the first and only biological-based treatment system to pass the National Sanitation Foundation-250 Water Reuse 245 and 40 testing.

“E-Z Treat has been a cornerstone advanced manufacturer in Fauquier County for five years, and we appreciate their continued investment as they add more jobs with good wages for our community,” said Rick Gerhardt, Chairman of the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors. “We also appreciate the collaboration with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership on this Virginia Jobs Investment Program grant to assist E-Z Treat with workforce recruiting and training.”

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