Get Ahead in Alabama

Companies choose Alabama because of its pro-business attitude, its strong infrastructure, and especially because of its best-in-class employee training program.

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Alabama offers a wealth of advantages for companies seeking a business location that will contribute to their long-term success. It all starts with a labor pool of more than two million dedicated, reliable, and skilled workers. As you’ll read later, the workforce training system in place in Alabama ensures that your employees are second to none in the country—and that they’re ready to work as soon as you’re
ready to hire.

Furthermore, Alabama’s transportation infrastructure can meet the demands of companies in any sector. The infrastructure includes five interstate highways and a network of over 74,000 miles of paved public roads. Alabama is served by 25 freight railroads, including five Class 1 railroads, carrying cargo over 3,362 miles of track. The state also has one of the largest inland waterway systems in the nation, with nearly 1,300 miles of navigable waterways along six corridors that connect to more than 15,000 miles of inland waterways in 23 states.

In Mobile, AL, the Alabama State Port Authority operates Alabama’s deepwater port, which is served by some 100 overseas shipping lines and a dozen towing companies, and which connects Alabama with major ports around the world. Alabama is served by 13 airlines operating through six airports and providing more than 300 daily flights. The state has international air freight service primarily through the Huntsville, AL International Intermodal Center.

Most importantly, Alabama is a state that appreciates the contribution of business and industry. Its leaders and residents truly value the companies that are located there, and the state is committed to helping your company succeed. That’s reflected in the fact that Alabama has the lowest property taxes and one of the lowest overall corporate income tax burdens in the United States. Alabama’s commitment to business is the reason so many world-class companies have located and expanded their operations in the state in recent years.

Train With the Best

Alabama Industrial Development Training—known as AIDT by those acquainted with it—is cited as “Alabama’s Number One Incentive.” That’s an apt description, but AIDT is more. Created as part of the two-year college system, AIDT provides recruitment, assessment, and training to fill jobs employers are creating in Alabama.

What does AIDT provide? AIDT’s “Total Workforce Delivery System” has provided more than 300,000 skilled, motivated employees to Alabama industries since its creation in 1971. Key to AIDT’s response is a unique infrastructure allowing the upfront commitment of its full resources to the success of your company. It begins with job-specific pre-employment and on-the-job training training and assessment, which AIDT customizes for your business—at no cost to you or the trainees. AIDT also provides leadership development, industrial maintenance assessment, safety assistance, and other services. Knowing you’ll always have qualified workers at every level is real peace of mind during periods of growth.

AIDT Leadership Development training programs introduce team leaders, supervisors, and managers to effective leadership responsibilities, communication skills, teamwork, and motivational techniques. The programs are tailored to company needs.

AIDT’s comprehensive, full-day Maintenance Assessment program provides the answers before you hire, promote, and train maintenance personnel. Job candidates are tested to give you the information you need to select qualified employees. AIDT uses a proven battery of written and practical tests to make certain that what you see is what you get—and what you get is productivity.

AIDT Industrial Safety service offers you the chance to see what the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) might see if it visits your facility. With AIDT’s help, you can correct any problems before OSHA arrives and avoid costly fines—and more importantly, ensure the safety of your employees.

Pre-employment and on-the-job training provided by AIDT is delivered to meet specific company needs. Training is conducted in local facilities and mobile training units near the job site to provide classroom and hands-on training. AIDT’s philosophy means it’s not uncommon for AIDT to provide on-the-spot training before you even have a place to provide on-the-job training. AIDT’s
unique workforce selection and training processes achieved the world’s first ISO 9001:2000 certification for a state-funded workforce training program. Dare to compare AIDT’s quality, breadth, speed, and cost against the job training offerings available from other states, and you’ll find out why Alabama is in a league of its own.

From lead-time planning to program delivery, AIDT rallies its total in-house capabilities to deliver a top-quality workforce that’s ready to go as soon as you are. For more information about any of AIDT’s services, visit or call 334-242-4158.