November / December 2020 Issue (Volume 53, Number 6)

In the November / December 2020 Issue, we unveil our new 21st Century Site Seekers' Guide and Site Seekers’ Guide Featured Locations Directory. Plus an update on economic development's response to COVID-19.

Business Facilities November / December 2020

November / December 2020ON THE COVER

COVID-19: The Road To Recovery | It’s been our privilege to tell you about the heroic efforts of economic development organizations and state governments who have joined forces with local businesses to respond to the most urgent needs of the COVID-19 pandemic.


State Profiles | In this issue, we unveil our 21st Century Site Seekers’ Guide, featuring our new State Profiles. Spoiler Alert: We put each state’s most dazzling gems into our new showcase (and there’s a new Directory!)

Ready To Scale New Heights | Join us as Colorado Gov. Jared Polis explains how the Rocky Mountain State is getting the jump on climate change and growing a highly skilled workforce for emerging growth sectors like cybersecurity.

Wanting To Live Where You Work | Businesses and EDOs are vying to attract Millennials—and quality of life is key—making it crucial that talent attraction strategies address work-life balance as well as affordability.

Featured Locations Directory | As we were saying, we’re also debuting a new Site Seekers’ Guide Featured Locations Directory in this issue. If your eyes are tired when you get there, just scan it with your smartphone.


Insurance Capital Of The World | The Hartford Region offers a skilled workforce with an ideal and strategic location for cutting-edge advances in InsurTech innovation

From Skincare To Supplements | Find out how the business of biotech is branching out and becoming a coveted asset in a number of other industries.

Shifting Supply Chain Priorities | Minimizing lead times and lowering costs was a top do-do in Logistics, but COVID-19 moved ensuring critical supply chain resiliency to the number one spot.

Cutting The Red Tape In Kentucky | The Bluegrass State is putting expansions on the fast track with several new facilities in the works and job creation on the rise.

Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Matt Hurlbutt, Greater Rochester Enterprise | Hurlbutt, President & CEO, Greater Rochester Enterprise, discusses the region’s Economic Gardening program, along with its status as a high-tech, life sciences and food processing hub.

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