March / April 2019 Issue (Volume 52, Number 2)

The March / April 2019 Issue features a look at workforce training programs, manufacturing growth, biotechnology and STEM leaders. Plus, data centers and green development.

Business Facilities March / April 2019

Business Facilities March / April 2019 IssueON THE COVER

Putting Talent To Work | Your father’s workforce training doesn’t live here anymore. What used to be an on-the-job osmosis of acquired skills from senior co-workers now starts in college or even high school, and it’s a cooperative effort with locations leveraging higher ed and business resources to set the curricula. Jenny Vickers will tell you how they’re doing it.


Snapshots: 60 Seconds With Jose Lozano, Choose New Jersey | Lozano, President and Chief Executive Officer, Choose New Jersey, Inc., discusses the state’s workforce development plans, plus efforts to encourage its innovation ecosystem.

Manufacturing Growth | The U.S. manufacturing sector finally has regained the output levels lost during the Great Recession. Find out which locations have put in place the essentials to attract and sustain the high-tech manufacturing clusters that are turbocharging the U.S. economy.

Biotech Is Ready For The Big Time | The biotechnology sector has shown great promise for more than a decade, but until recently the path from the lab to the marketplace was a bumpy road. The surging science of genomics promises to speed things up, by deciphering the DNA in the formula for success.

Editor’s Picks: STEM Leaders | The U.S. is trailing in the critical race to develop a STEM-skilled workforce, with China outpacing us at a rate of almost 10-1. The only thing at stake is the global technology crown, which the U.S. has owned longer than the Stanley Cup. The good news: locations across the U.S. are busy creating an army of high-tech reinforcements.

Special Reports

Data Centers: Get Ready For 5G | The Industrial Internet of Things will be connected by 5G networks. Burgeoning clusters of data centers will be there at the creation.

The Best Are Moving To New Brunswick | International giants are finding it easy to support their global footprint while they enjoy the scenic wonder of Canada’s New Brunswick.

Making Green By Being Green | More and more places are hitching their growth wagon to green development and sustainability. Take our tour.

Recreational Development In New Mexico |  New Mexico is putting its spectacular landmarks and parks to work with a new Division of Outdoor Recreation.

Retail Is Rushing To Goodyear | Find out why the retail giants are falling all over themselves to plant their flag in the valley west of Phoenix, AZ.

Corridor Of Industry In Islip | You can’t get to the center of industrial growth on Long Island without going through the middle of Islip.

Growing Side By Side In Fairmont | Agribusiness, manufacturing and distribution are thriving shoulder-to-shoulder in this rural gem in south central Minnesota.

It All Comes Together In Sierra Vista | History, nature and education converge in Sierra Vista, AZ, a military outpost that has become a high-tech hub.

The Commonwealth Of Choice | The industries are diverse, the workforce is skilled and it seems like everyone wants to put their HQ in Virginia.

Business Reports

Texas Extends Its Bootprint | Tomball’s Business & Tech Park grows while state officials go to California looking for silicon cowpokes yearning to roam.

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