Geobrugg Expanding In New Mexico

Fence and safety protection manufacturer will double its footprint, add 60 employees in Sandoval County, NM.

Fence and safety protection manufacturer Geobrugg will invest $8.8 million to expand its manufacturing operations in Sandoval County, New Mexico. As part of the project, the Brugg Group company will add 60 jobs, and create a North American manufacturing hub at the location.

“North America is a key market for Geobrugg products to protect people and infrastructure from geohazards,” said Andrea Roth, CEO, Geobrugg Group. “For decades, Geobrugg has been committed to produce its solutions directly in the United States with our manufacturing hub in New Mexico. The planned expansion in Sandoval County will give us the potential to meet the growing demand in the market and offer possibilities for other products from the BRUGG Group such as EV charging cables or wire ropes for cable cars.”

Geobrugg North America moved to Algodones from Santa Fe in 2011, then expanded in 2018. It has since outgrown its 25,000-square-foot facility and has purchased an additional 13.5 acres for offices and manufacturing capacity with a goal of doubling its footprint.

Geobrugg’s expansion includes a new 20,000-square-foot factory building to increase production capacity, plus 4,195 square feet of office space. Geobrugg is expected to break ground this month with project completion by the end of 2023. Geobrugg currently operates 24 hours, 3 shifts per day, 5 days per week.

To support the expansion, New Mexico has pledged $500,000 from the Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) job-creation fund. The award will be paid out as Geobrugg achieves economic development benchmarks.

“Geobrugg has identified its New Mexico location as a strategic hub in its global operations,” said New Mexico Economic Development Department Deputy Secretary Jon Clark. “The interstate system, our workforce, and New Mexico’s business climate is driving manufacturing growth in the state. Geobrugg and other companies are seeing these advantages and choosing New Mexico to expand operations.”

Geobrugg New Mexico

Geobrugg New Mexico

Geobrugg New Mexico

Geobrugg New Mexico
(Photos: New Mexico Economic Development Department)

Sandoval County is serving as the fiscal agent for the project.

“Geobrugg North America has grown to over 100 employees in four years and will continue to have a major economic impact on Sandoval County,” said Katherine Bruch, District 1 Sandoval County Commissionerd.

“It is important to invest in projects located in the rural areas of Sandoval County. The Geobrugg North America expansion in Algodones will have a positive impact there and throughout the county,” added Joshua A. Jones, Sandoval’s District 5 Commissioner.

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In addition to providing for Geobrugg’s current and five-year manufacturing growth needs, the expansion will also provide space for Geobrugg’s sister company, eConnect, which makes DC (direct current) fast-charging system solutions for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. This will allow eConnect, now with facilities in Poland and Switzerland, to begin manufacturing in the U.S., providing products for the rapidly growing EV charging station market, and addressing the needs of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

The Sandoval Economic Alliance provided the company with technical assistance during its expansion planning.

“Sandoval Economic Alliance is proud of our long-term relationship with Geobrugg and Pierce Runnels, their General Manager. We have enjoyed watching and assisting them grow over the years. Each time we meet with them we learn more about their international presence and are proud to have them in our community,” said Fred Shepherd, president and CEO of the Sandoval Economic Alliance. “They are yet another world-class manufacturing gem in Sandoval County and were the initial manufacturing anchor in Algodones which has now seen additional manufacturing companies establish operations there.”

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