Facebook To Locate First Data Center in Ireland

Facebook To Locate First Data Center in Ireland.
Source: Facebook

Facebook has selected Clonee, County Meath, Ireland for its newest data center. Ireland has been Facebook’s international headquarters since 2009, but the Clonee data center will be the social media giant’s first in the country. It follows Luleå, in Sweden, as its second European center. The facility will become part of the infrastructure that enables billions of people to connect via Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and more.

“Clonee will be packed full of cutting-edge technology, making it one of the most advanced, efficient and sustainable data centers in the world,” Tom Furlong, Facebook’s VP, Infrastructure, shared on his blog. “All the racks, servers, and other components have been designed and built from scratch as part of the Open Compute Project, an industry-wide coalition of companies dedicated to creating energy- and cost-efficient infrastructure solutions and sharing them as open source.”

Facebook’s Clonee data center will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy, thanks to Ireland’s robust wind resources. This will help the company reach its goal of powering 50 percent of its infrastructure with clean and renewable energy by the end of 2018.