Webinar Recap: Emergency Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery – Are You Ready?

Cooper's Color Codes. Presented on Thursday, May 14, 2015 this webinar looked at things to think about when it comes to emergency preparedness and response management: potential fires, weather emergencies, and power outages to gas or water leaks, intruders, or active shooters. It examined effective methods and resources available to help you evaluate your emergency plans, technologies, and training to ensure the safety of people, the protection of property, and the prevention of business disruptions.

From the mundane to the extreme, every facility has to be prepared for any number of potential threats to people and property. Is yours ready?

During this webinar, the speakers discussed:

  • The phases of emergency management.
  • Whether you have the protections you think you do.
  • How to avoid panic, confusion, delayed responses and costly mistakes if an emergency does occur.
  • Why a holistic approach to emergency planning, situational awareness and response management is so important.
  • What tools are available to enhance risk assessment, emergency planning, communication/mass notification and training.

A video of the presentation, “Emergency Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery – Are You Ready?” is now available below: