BF Editors’ Blog: A Site To Stand The Test Of Time

Celebrating its 400th anniversary in 2023, cymbal maker Zildjian has a long history in each of its locations. Whether a startup or a long-established operation, a company's location decision impacts both the foundation and the future of the firm.

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By Anne Cosgrove, Business Facilities Editorial Director

Whether a startup business or an established company, choosing a location for your business is a decision that impacts the foundation of operations and the future of the firm.

Depending on the nature of the operation, the location is most likely a long-term decision, and evaluating logistics, workforce, and cost of doing business are among the factors taken into account. Will the community and the site itself stand the test of time is a central question?

Cymbal maker Zildjian was founded in Turkey in 1623, and is one of the oldest continuously operating companies in the world. Having celebrated its 400th anniversary in September 2023, the company now is headquartered in Norwell, MA. Zildjian remains a family business four centuries after its founding, relocating from Turkey to the United States in 1929 when a member of the family called on his nephew in the U.S. to take over the company.Zildjian

The American manufacturing facility opened in Quincy, MA initially, moving to Norwell in the 1970s. Massachusetts has stood the test of time as a successful location for Zildjian, with the cymbal maker operating in the state for nearly 100 years. The longevity of the company itself, along with its presence in the state where it located in the early 20th century is a testament to finding the right location that evolves with business needs.

Avedis Zildjian Company is an American cymbal manufacturer founded in Turkey at 1623. (Photo: Adobe Stock / BGStock72)

Moving Fast In Modern Times?

Time can not be rewound, but it can be saved. With many site selection projects moving at a faster pace than in the past, collecting data to evaluate locations and identify sites that are ready for construction or occupancy in a short timeline have become more important than ever.

Data Collection & Analysis: Ensuring your team has access to the most current information about the locations on your site selection list is crucial. Whether the company has its own site search team or is working with a site selection consultant, it’s important to use all the tools available to collect, analyze, and hone in on a short list. Though in its nascent stage, artificial intelligence is an area to consider here for collecting information, crunching the numbers, and handling documentation.


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Shovel-Ready & Certified Sites: Another way to save time in a site search is to seek out communities with shovel-ready sites that fit your project’s criteria. From roadways to utility infrastructure and graded sites, the ability to hit the ground running for construction or occupancy saves valuable time, allowing the company to get to market sooner.

What tried-and-true measures do you and your team apply to relocation and expansion decisions? Share your Comments below.


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