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European Union Avoids Fracturing

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The EU’s financial union may be cracking, but our friends overseas seem to be uniting over one thing: they don’t like fracking.

U.S. Natural Gas: In The Midst of A Change That Will Alter Flows, Prices

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The report focuses on supply and demand fundamentals and highlights regional market changes afoot for more than a dozen natural gas production basins.

“Mitbestimmung” in Tennessee

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Volkswagen seeks the middle ground as the UAW targets the German automaker’s assembly plant in a right-to-work state.

After Sandy: New Report Looks At Mitigating Climate Change Through Land Use

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Urban Land Institute report offers recommendations on strengthening community resiliency based on the reality of a post-Sandy world.

New Partnership Encourages Private Investment In Natural Infrastructure

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Report is first effort of “NatLab,” a cross-sector partnership between the Nature Conservancy, the Natural Resources Defense Council and EKO Asset Management Partners.

We ARE the Government

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It’s time to shut down the anarchists in Washington and remind them who really runs this country.

Top U.S. Markets For Life Sciences Trend To Smaller Cities In Face Of Patent Cliff

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Jones Lang LaSalle’s 2012 Life Sciences Cluster Report shows greater Boston, San Diego, Philadelphia and Raleigh-Durham rising in importance as industry hubs.

Report Ranks U.S. Cities’ Efforts To Save Energy

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Boston earns top honors in a new report ranking 34 of America’s largest cities on their efforts to cut energy use and costs; all cities have opportunity to save more.