Technology Startup Capstak Opens Nevada HQ

Capstak co-founders considered both national and global markets to headquarter the company, but decided Reno was the most strategic fit.

Commercial real estate market network Capstak, Inc. recently celebrated the grand opening of its headquarters in Reno, NV. Capstak co-founders Michael Schnabel and Heather Goldman considered both national and global markets to headquarter the company, but decided Reno was the most strategic fit.

Reno Nevada
Capstak, Inc. celebrated the grand opening of its Reno headquarters at the Whitney Peak Hotel. (Source: Capstak, Inc.)

“Reno quickly became the obvious location for us to headquarter and as the place to build our core technology,” said Michael Schnabel, CEO of Capstak. “Reno has a vibrant commercial real estate community, and we also benefit from the great university system. The University of Nevada, Reno has provided us with world-class space at the Innovation Center and a qualified pool of graduates.”

“Michael and I are thrilled with the decision to be based here in Reno, by the support we are receiving with our beta product launch and with Reno as a base for building out our international platform,” said Capstak President Heather Goldman.

Capstak worked with the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) when choosing the location for its global headquarters.

“They certainly had other options to scale their company,” said Mike Kazmierski, president and CEO of EDAWN. “That opportunity to grow the next great company here is something we all should be really involved in and supportive [of], because it really does make a difference.”

Capstak enables the $14 trillion commercial real estate industry by providing a market network for commercial real estate professionals to make actionable decisions based on real-time knowledge of market activities. Capstak helps industry professionals do more deals, identify capital, and source business partners and service providers.

“I really love when we see technology modernize and improve traditional industries, and that’s exactly what Capstak does,” said Governor Brian Sandoval. “I’m confident that this grand opening is just the beginning of what will likely translate into a global transformation in commercial real estate, and it’s happening right here in Northern Nevada.”

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