September / October 2018 Issue (Volume 51, Number 5)

The September / October 2018 issue features locations that are foreign direct investment magnets, ports and Foreign Trade Zones, and an exclusive interview with Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper.

September / October 2018 IssueBusiness Facilities September / October 2018


Foreign Direct Investment Lives Here | FDI begats more FDI. Locations that have successfully transformed themselves into FDI magnets are busy forming “recruiting committees” of transplants that already have put down roots in their community, targeting overseas players in the same industries. Join Jenny Vickers as she tours our Editor’s Picks of FDI magnets worth emulating.


Snapshots: 60 Seconds With Andrew Deye, JobsOhio | Deye, Managing Director for JobsOhio, discusses Ohio’s strategy to become a top U.S. destination for foreign direct investment.

Ports/FTZs: Critical Link In Global Chain | Ports and Foreign Trade Zones continue to upgrade their ability to move cargo in and out as critical links in the expanding global supply chain. Come aboard for our annual voyage.

A High-Tech Leader With Home-Grown Talent | Colorado is more than a great place to chill amid the scenic splendor of the Rockies—CO is a high-tech powerhouse poised to plant its flag atop a bevy of emerging growth sectors. Join us as we sit down with Gov. John Hickenlooper and analyze his formula for success.


Ontario Has Everything You Want | If you’re looking for a skilled talent pool, solid infrastructure, great universities, ease of access to global markets and an unmatched quality of life, look North. Ontario, Canada has it all.

Manufacturing Is Back | U.S. manufacturing is in the midst of an impressive resurgence. Here’s a report from the field on locations that are busy making things.

Mississippi: A Team Effort | Find out how the can-do cooperation between state, regional and metro EDOs in the Magnolia State can bring your project to fruition.

Mid-Sized Market With Maximum Reach | With quality of life a top site selection priority, big players are choosing Richmond, VA over larger metros.

Renewal In The Midwest | Renewable energy companies are flocking to Illinois to reap the benefits of IL’s Future Energy Jobs Act.

Colorado Is Aiming Higher | The Rocky Mountain State supports advanced industries with four types of grants and two global business programs.

Texas Is Big And Getting Bigger | The Lone Star State—the leading exporter among U.S. states for 16 years—shows no signs of slowing down.

Cyber Jobs Are Open In California | The Golden State is stepping up efforts to ensure that it has the skilled labor pool to support its cybersecurity sector.

World-Class Cluster In Tennessee | The Sullivan County region in Northeastern TN is home to a dynamic plastics and chemicals industry cluster.


New Mexico: Intel Expands Footprint | The microchip giant is developing a new class of faster, denser storage and memory tech in Rio Rancho.

South Carolina: Green Tech Grows | Cherokee County lands China-based Green Tech Solution’s $75-million recycling facility.

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