Nebraska’s Advantage

From the Desk of the Editor in Chief

Gov. Dave Heineman often likes to say Nebraska’s people are its greatest asset.

Our chat with Gov. Heineman in this month’s Governor’s Report reveals that this philosophy has been a driving principle of the state’s development strategy and it is working very well for the people of Nebraska.

The job-creating engine Gov. Heineman ignited with his Nebraska Advantage incentives program is fueled by a homegrown workforce prepared from a young age to fill hundreds of jobs that high-powered companies are bringing to the state. The governor’s credo is simple: “Give our young people a good education and then give them the good jobs that will keep them in Nebraska.” Sounds like a winning formula to us.

Major high-tech players like Yahoo and Dell have put down roots in Nebraska. Thanks to the recently enacted Nebraska Super Advantage program, they are required to bring high-paying jobs with them.

On the alternative energy frontier, Gov. Heineman is moving quickly to marry Nebraska’s 100-percent public power system with the growing number of private initiatives that are building the nation’s wind-energy power resources.

It may sound corny, but the Cornhusker State is planting the seeds for sustainable, long-term prosperity in America’s heartland.