United We Stand


A small news item caught our eye the other day, and we hope it is a sign of the times. This is what it said:

“Twinsburg, Ohio and Solon, Ohio, have agreed to limit the tax incentives they can offer to lure businesses away from each other, hoping rather that economic development for both communities will improve with regional cooperation.”

These two neighbors in the Buckeye State are on to something that is much more important than simply declaring a partial truce in their competition to secure new businesses for their communities.

The unity of purpose they have embraced is sorely needed everywhere, for challenges big and small.

This same spirit can keep the world from tipping over the precipice of proliferating weapons of mass destruction. It can lift regions and nations out of an all-encompassing economic malaise. It can convert destructive gases into renewable resources that will not threaten our most precious lands and oceans. It might even convince our leaders to put aside their political mudfights and conduct the public’s business to the benefit of all.

And it can honor a courageous heritage bestowed upon us from those who came before us. It is our responsibility to preserve this legacy and deliver it unbroken to the generations to come.

On Monday, we will remember all of those who came together and made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our liberty. Their common purpose and courage is a beacon that lights our way as we move past the dark shadows that threaten our future.

It is up to us to lift that beacon and carry it forward, which can only be done together.

Have a great holiday, everyone.