MRI Software Introduces Latest Version of Corporate Real Estate Management (CRE)

MRI-corporate-real-estate-softwareThe latest version of Corporate Real Estate Management (CRE) is now available from MRI Software, a property and investment management solution provider. MRI’s CRE software is designed with the corporate tenant in mind and helps retailers, health systems, data centers, and other office and industrial lease holders stay on top of lease expenses, terms, and other critical information. MRI’s CRE solution helps lease administrators and lease accountants take control of their real estate expenses.

Dashboard views display key performance indicators while automated alerts and other system generated notifications ensure that all crucial lease details are accounted for. Transaction and accounting flexibility allow the system to easily support diverse business requirements. MRI CRE empowers corporate lease administrators to minimize expenses and maximize lease performance.

The new version of MRI CRE leverages MRI’s most innovative platform to date: Version X. This new platform features flat menu structures, browser and device freedom, and data mobility. For example, lease administrators can now view critical performance data on their tablet or mobile device. For lease accountants, the intuitive modern interface makes finding lease information and accounting details quicker than ever before. MRI CRE in Version X maintains the robust functionality that clients require while creating a more efficient user experience. The updated CRE solution brings the power and flexibility landlords have been enjoying for years to the corporate tenant side of the market.

MRI Software now provides solutions that cover both sides of the commercial real estate relationship: landlords and tenants. This expanded coverage highlights the breadth of real estate solutions from MRI. This growing portfolio of innovative products now includes accounting and property management products for landlords and tenants, long range financial investment models, and an ever-expanding Partner Connect network facilitating best-of-breed software ecosystems.

MRI’s Commercial Real Estate solution provides the following benefits.

  • Monitor accounts with alerts so details, such as lease terms and payments, are not missed.
  • Transaction flexibility and automation of complex calculations like percentage rent, breakpoints, lease offsets, and CAM creates a solution that is both powerful, and easily adapts to unique business requirements.
  • Corporate tenants now have more control of their real estate expenses and can manage them as efficiently as possible.

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