May / June 2017 Issue (Volume 50, Number 3)

The May / June 2017 issue features our annual tour of the locations that are leaders in logistics and distribution, ports and FTZs, LiveXchange 2017, biotech, tourism, and certified sites. Plus, what’s going on in Maryland, Louisiana, Nevada and Tennessee.

May / June 2017Business Facilities May / June 2017

Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Matt Hurlbutt, Greater Rochester Enterprise | Hurlbutt, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Greater Rochester Enterprise, discusses the Economic Gardening program, local talent, food processing, photonics, higher education and the importance of water.

ON THE COVER – Logistics Leaders | New technology is poised to digitally transform the supply chain from end to end, bringing logistics and tech services closer together as system-guided manual processes at distribution centers move to full automation. Join Jenny Vickers as she takes our annual tour of the locations that are leaders in logistics and distribution, moving the goods by land, by rail, on the water and in the air.

Ports and FTZs: Perfect Together | With the nation’s ports handling a record amount of shipping, importers are getting more bang for their buck by moving their goods through the duty-free foreign trade zones located within or adjacent to ports. Find out how and where you can gain these financial advantages in one of the more than 230 foreign trade zones or nearly 400 subzones in the United States.

LiveXchange 2017 Review | A five-time U.S. Olympian, a spirited debate on the future of free trade and unparalleled face-to-face dealmaking between corporate site selectors and prime locations. All of this was to be had at BF’s 13th Annual LiveXchange event, held in the scenic splendor of Park City, UT. Check out our review and get the skinny on next year’s event.

Maryland’s Winning Combo | Harford County offers a strategic position on the I-95 corridor along with a highly skilled workforce and business friendly environment.

Risk and Reward | After a tough year in 2016, new immuno- and gene therapies are leading the way for a much stronger biotech performance in 2017.

A Global Water Management Mecca | Coastal rebuilding projects are driving the growth of the water sector in Louisiana, with the state aiming to become the Silicon Valley of the global water industry.

Tennessee: Prime Destination for FDI | Businesses across the globe are eager to make huge investments in Tennessee, which already has more than 900 foreign-based companies operating in the state.

Small Business Leads to Big Things | After getting clobbered in the Great Recession, Nevada’s economic recovery has been led by small businesses and fueled by functional policies.

The Symbiotic Sector | Travel and Tourism offers “both sides of the coin” benefits—with tourists enjoying what they spend money on and destinations benefitting from the money they spend.

Fired Up and Ready To Go | The competition for projects requires sites that are ready on demand. Find out which locations have certified sites programs that streamline the approval process.

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