MasterControl Solutions Expands In Utah

Software, analytics, and AI solutions company MasterControl Solutions expects to add about 155 jobs at its Salt Lake County location. Plus, Fairmat and Chromalox also grow in Utah.

The Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity (GOEO) has awarded MasterControl Solutions, Inc. a post-performance tax reduction for its expansion in Salt Lake County. The corporate incentive is part of the state’s Economic Development Tax Increment Financing program. As part of the agreement, MasterControl expects to add approximately 155 new, high-paying jobs in Utah during the next six years.

“We are pleased to see the expansion of a globally reputable company such as MasterControl as it reflects Utah’s thriving spirit of progress,” said GOEO Executive Director Ryan Starks. “MasterControl’s expansion speaks to Utah’s reputation as a hub for tech innovation and underscores the company’s commitment to economic growth within our state. We congratulate them on this strategic decision.”

MasterControl Solutions Utah
Jon Beckstrand, CEO of MasterControl, addresses customers and employees at Masters Summit 2023. The annual event held in Salt Lake City brings over 1,000 people together to learn about MasterControl’s latest technology and what’s next on the product roadmap. (Photo Credit: Austen Diamond Photography)

Cottonwood Heights, UT-based MasterControl provides manufacturing software for pharmaceutical, medical device, and other regulated industries. MasterControl’s Advanced Data and Process Technology (ADAPT) Platform helps companies digitalize, automate, and connect complex processes to accelerate operations, reduce costs, and ensure compliance. More than 1,100 companies worldwide use MasterControl’s software, analytics, and artificial intelligence solutions to manufacture high quality products faster. MasterControl has global offices in the UK, Japan, Australia, and Singapore.

“MasterControl started in Utah more than 30 years ago, and we are delighted to be expanding once again as we develop quality and manufacturing software that will help our customers bring life-changing products to market,” said Jon Beckstrand, CEO of MasterControl. “Utah offers a healthy business environment, a highly educated workforce, and lifestyle amenities that are all important aspects for MasterControl’s continued success.”

“In addition to being a Silicon Slopes company itself, MasterControl is a key contributor to several of Utah’s targeted industry sectors, including software and IT, life sciences, and aerospace and defense,” said Scott Cuthbertson, president and CEO of the Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDCUtah). “We’re pleased to see one of Utah’s anchor companies continue to grow right here in Utah.”

Utah Lands $60M In Capital Investment

Earlier this month, Utah gained a total of 175 new jobs and $60 million in investment from two expansion projects.

Fairmat Utah
Fairmat’s new U.S. manufacturing facility and office will bring the company closer to the region’s carbon fiber material hub and its U.S. clients. (Photo: EDCUtah)

Fairmat, a French deeptech company specializing in carbon fiber recycling, selected Utah for its first U.S. facility, which is expected to open in the second quarter of 2024. The expansion will leverage Fairmat’s tech-enabled manufacturing processes to address carbon fiber waste in the U.S.

“This partnership demonstrates how strategic economic development can support existing Utah companies and target industries,” said EDCUtah’s Cuthbertson. “Company leaders in Utah’s advanced manufacturing industry saw an opportunity to improve the carbon fiber supply chain locally. After years of collaboration to find the right solution, Utah will welcome the first carbon fiber recycling facility of its kind in the U.S.”

Fairmat’s recycling process transforms carbon fiber composites, working with clients across industries. The company’s R&D investments in robotics, artificial intelligence, and data-driven manufacturing allows it to produce 100 percent recycled, high-performance repurposed materials.

The new U.S. manufacturing facility and office will bring Fairmat closer to the region’s carbon fiber material hub and its U.S. clients. Building on its success in Europe, Fairmat will establish a high-tech closed-loop ecosystem, diverting carbon fiber materials from landfills by recycling these composites and incorporating them into product design in the U.S.

“At Fairmat, we are reinventing the recycled carbon fiber chain. Our ecosystem is a fully-integrated infrastructure that spans the entire value chain, from research and development to design and manufacturing,” said Antoine de Turckheim, Fairmat U.S. country manager. “Today, I am excited that our highly skilled workforce will soon provide our solutions and engineering know-how for our U.S. customers.”

Meanwhile, in Northern Utah, electric thermal technologies company Chromalox will expand its Ogden manufacturing facility and add up to 150 jobs to Utah over the next 10 years.

Chromalox Utah
Chromalox will expand its manufacturing facility and add up to 150 jobs over the next 10 years. (Photo: EDCUtah)

“The significance of Chromalox’s expansion is not just about creating jobs in northern Utah, and not just about expanding business opportunities and expanding the tax base,” said Stephanie Russell, economic development director of Weber County. “It’s a key example of the Weber County and Weber County Commissioners’ vision to create quality of life and sustainability for generations to come.”

Chromalox’s Ogden facility has served as the cornerstone of the company’s advanced thermal manufacturing operations for the last 47 years and is one of four state-of-the-art Chromalox manufacturing plants throughout the world. The expansion will allow the company to increase capacity, create jobs, and advance new manufacturing technology while also implementing key technology and systems.

“This building and facility has been on the front lines of a thriving industry,” said Roberto Potenza, Chromalox director of operations. “Now, this is where a transformation will take place that will not only impact the future of the company but further expand our partnership with Ogden and Weber County to add 100,000 square feet to our current 186,000-square-foot facility.”

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“This expansion is a testament of our commitment to innovation and growth,” Potenza added. “We are proud to be a part of Utah’s vital and thriving business economy and community. And, as we enjoy the picturesque landscape so close to home, we are grateful for the inspiration to the working name of this project – the Rocky Mountain Expansion.”

“Chromalox is a longtime established industrial employer in northern Utah,” said Chris Roybal, president of Northern Utah Economic Alliance (NUEA). “Their continued expansion and capital investment in our market is a strong indicator that we continue to be a leader in advanced manufacturing.”

“Chromalox’s strategic decision to expand its Utah footprint underscores Weber County’s dedication to the businesses and residents within their community,” said GOEO’s Starks. “As a longstanding pillar in industrial innovation, Chromalox’s commitment to growth not only reinforces Utah’s position as a hub for advanced manufacturing but also showcases their dedication to fostering economic prosperity in northern Utah.”

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