March / April 2018 Issue (Volume 51, Number 2)

The March / April 2018 Issue features the emerging cybersecurity sector, an exclusive interview with Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, plus a look at biopharm, robots, STEM, data centers, and retail.

March / April 2018 IssueBusiness Facilities March / April 2018


Cybersecurity Takes Center Stage | You just need to glance at the latest headlines to know that the cyber crime threat is growing exponentially. Here’s the good news: at least a dozen states are competing for a leadership position in the emerging cybersecurity sector. You are cleared to take our tour.


Snapshots: 60 Seconds with Jason Ford, Greater Houston Partnership | Jason Ford, CEcD, Greater Houston Partnership’s VP of Regional Economic Development, discusses his city’s recovery from Hurricane Harvey, and opportunities for startups, foreign direct investment, and technology.

Biotech: Hungry for Big Deals | Industry analysts are predicting that 2018 will turn out to be a banner year for merger and acquisition activity in the biotech/pharma sector, a side effect of the federal tax overhaul.

From the Boardroom to the Governor’s Mansion | Gov. Matt Bevin is bringing his CEO skills to the dealmaking table, and the results are spectacular: an annual record of $9.2 billion in capital investment in the Bluegrass State.

The Cobots Are Coming | Collaborative robots—the type that work alongside human workers—are the next big thing in advanced manufacturing. Join us as we rub shoulders with our new automated friends on the factory floor.

Editor’s Picks: STEM Leaders | Here are our choices for the locations that are ahead of the curve in filling the STEM gap: the shortage of workers with science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills.


New Mexico’s Energy Capital | Lea County produces more oil than 43 states, but diversity is the hallmark of its energy initiatives, including a $4 billion nuke facility.

Aiming for the Leading Edge | The need to be near end-users is driving an uptick in the expansion of smaller satellite markets in the data center sector.

A Niagara of Revitalization in NY | The restoration of the Gorge at Niagara Falls is part of an effort to give a shot in the arm to the tourism industry.

Retail: Alive and Kicking | Reports of the demise of the retail sector are a bit premature. Online sales may surge, but bricks and mortar shops are still here.

There’s Good Karma in the Valley | Moreno Valley is booming in the heart of Southern California’s Inland Empire adding more than 8.4 million square feet of industrial space during the past two years.

Asian Markets Like Minnesota | More than $7 billion in goods were shipped from MN to Asia in 2017, lead by a 30 percent surge in exports to Japan.


Arizona: A Bridge, Not a Wall | AZ heralds a new era of cross-border commerce with SkyBridge, the first international air cargo hub to house customs operations for the U.S. and Mexico.

New Jersey: A Feast in South Jersey | The food processing sector is thriving in Vineland, a gem that offers ease of access to key markets along the East Coast and in Canada.

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