Lordstown Motors Closer To First All-electric Pickup Truck Production

The Ohio Tax Credit Authority approved support for Lordstown Motors’ hub motor and battery line, taking it one step closer to producing the world’s first full-size, all-electric pickup truck in Lordstown, OH.

Lordstown Motors Corp., an Ohio-based original equipment manufacturer of light-duty fleet vehicles, has moved another step forward in its plans to produce the Lordstown Endurance, the world’s first full-size, all-electric pickup truck. The Ohio Tax Credit Authority approved support for the project’s hub motor and battery line, which will accelerate the project’s timeline. The $423 million project is expected to create more than 1,500 high-tech jobs in the Mahoning Valley and surrounding communities. Production of the Endurance is expected to begin in September 2021.

Lordstown Motors
Steve Burns, Lordstown Motors Founder & CEO

Lordstown Motors was founded by Founder & CEO Steve Burns, who envisions the company playing a leading role in transforming Ohio’s Mahoning Valley into the epicenter of electric battery and vehicle manufacturing. The company owns the 785-acre, 6.2 million-square-foot Lordstown Assembly Plant, where it plans to build the Lordstown Endurance to serve the commercial fleet market.

Burns announced his vision to bring the Mahoning Valley closer to being “Voltage Valley,” after buying the previous General Motors plant in 2019.

“The Mahoning Valley is beginning to become the ‘Voltage Valley,’” said Burns. “We really think this is an opportunity to claim that the Midwest is where vehicles should be made. We can’t let California have all the fun.”

Lordstown Motors chose Ohio for its favorable ecosystem, including Northeast Ohio’s built-in workforce that knows how to build cars, an available plant to fit its needs, and a training program developed with Youngstown State University.

Lordstown Motors Endurance
The Lordstown Endurance, the world’s first full-size, all-electric pickup truck designed to serve the commercial fleet market.

“From day one, Lordstown Motors was designed to represent the tough, gritty, hardworking people that have maintained this community for more than 50 years,” said Burns. “We are not just here to build electric vehicles, we are here to impact this region, by providing innovative and sustainable technology and resources.”

Centrally located to more than 70% of current North American automotive assembly plants, Ohio’s large auto-specific workforce of over 108,000 individuals is among the largest in the Midwest. Business Facilities ranked Ohio the No. 2 state in automotive manufacturing strength in 2020.

“Electric vehicles are part of the automotive industry’s future, and Lordstown Motors’ Endurance will be one of the first of its kind, built by talented workers in the Mahoning Valley,” said Governor Mike DeWine. “We share Lordstown Motors’ long-term vision of a ‘Voltage Valley’ that will make Ohio a leader in advancing automotive technology.”Lordstown Motors Ohio

Team NEO, JobsOhio, the Ohio Development Services Agency, the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber, the village of Lordstown and Youngstown State University, plus state and regional representatives worked together to bring this project to the region.

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