Hanwha Aerospace Picks Connecticut For International Engines HQ

Hanwha Aerospace picked Cheshire, CT for its International Engines Business Headquarters to take advantage of the skilled workforce and close proximity to key customers.

Hanwha Aerospace will establish its International Engines Business Headquarters in Cheshire, Connecticut, creating a base for its global engines division. Hanwha selected Connecticut as the center of this global division to take advantage of the skilled workforce and close proximity to key customers such as Pratt Whitney and other commercial and military customers.

The International Engine Business is a global division of South Korean multinational company Hanwha Aerospace, which currently has sites in Korea, Vietnam and the U.S. It has more than 1,600 employees worldwide, with over 600 employees and four facilities in Connecticut. The company plans to expand its Cheshire facility and has hired Tim te Riele as CEO of the International Engine Business, creating a hub for its global operations in Connecticut.

“Our decision to establish the International Engines Business Headquarters in Connecticut underscores Hanwha’s unwavering commitment to the U.S. market,” said Jae-iI Son, CEO and President of Hanwha Aerospace. “Through this strategic move, we will be able to better serve our key customers, expand our customer base, and solidify our position in the aerospace and defense industries. Furthermore, our expansion in Connecticut demonstrates our strong relationship with the state and our intention to strengthen these ties.”

Hanwha Aerospace
Hanwha Aerospace headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. (Source: Hanwha Aerospace)

Hanwha has made significant investments in the region over the years, fostering a skilled aerospace workforce, improving local manufacturing capabilities, and contributing to sustainable energy initiatives. This expansion not only demonstrates Hanwha’s commitment to its global customers, but also solidifies its position as a global leader in the aerospace industry, contributing significantly to the state of Connecticut.

“Hanwha has been in the Connecticut market for years,” said Governor Ned Lamont. “They have found the skilled workforce they need, and they have been successful at expanding their business here. We are thrilled that Hanwha is thriving in Connecticut, and we are thrilled with their decision to further invest in our state again to become an even bigger part of Connecticut’s aerospace economy.”

As a part of the Cheshire community since 2019, Hanwha has taken advantage of the many assets available in Connecticut to enhance its operations, including a partnership with Central Connecticut State University’s Engineering Design Lab which presents a strategic opportunity for the company to align its corporate goals with curriculum.

Central Connecticut State University has proven to be the primary talent incubator for Hanwha Aerospace and the partnership between the university and Hanwha has produced a pipeline of engineering talent and research collaborations.  Hanwha has also hired more than 100 students from Connecticut’s community college programs and technical high schools.

“Connecticut is an excellent fit for us,” said Tim te Riele, Head of International Business Engines, “We have found the talent, customers, academic partnerships, and state support in one place. The partnerships we have been able to establish in Connecticut have been vital to our success and growth.”


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“Since their acquisition of the Samsung Techwin aero engines business in 2015, Hanwha has been a great partner for Pratt & Whitney,” said Dave Emmerling, vice president, GTF Engines. “Hanwha is our only partner who is with us across our entire business; Commercial Engines, Military Engines, Pratt & Whitney Canada, and Operations via our manufacturing JV in Singapore.  Having Hanwha close to us in Connecticut will only serve to allow us to expand our relationship further.  The Connecticut facilities in particular facilitate manufacturing of development hardware for both Commercial and Military Engine development programs as well as a smooth transition into production at facilities here in Connecticut and around the world.”

“Hanwha has taken a good look at the aerospace assets we have in Connecticut and realized that we have a collaborative academic community, that we produce world-class engineering talent, and that our state leadership is here to work with them to ensure their success,” commented John Bourdeaux, President & CEO of AdvanceCT. “Connecticut is one of the largest producers of aerospace components in the world, and there are good reasons for this.”

“The state is here to be a true partner to Hanwha, and there is no greater testimonial for our aerospace industry than their further investment in Connecticut,” said Alexandra Daum, Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development, “We are committed to ensuring that our state remains one of the top aerospace markets in the United States, and Hanwha’s decision underscores what we know to be true: nothing flies without Connecticut.”

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