Ford Adds Jobs, Invests Millions In Buffalo Stamping Plant

Posted by Heidi Schwartz 

Ford Motor Company will invest $150 million and add approximately 350 new jobs at its Buffalo Stamping Plant, reinforcing the company’s commitment to the plant, the city of Buffalo and the state of New York.

The investment is for more than 25 new subassemblies, including hoods, doors and fenders, more than 500 new dies and a new blanketing line, as well as equipment upgrades and refurbishing to support future product programs. In addition, Buffalo Stamping will add a third shift to its press room to help increase plant capacity.

“We produce crucial components for several key vehicles in Buffalo,” said Paul Kosaian, director of manufacturing for stamping operations at Ford. “With the help of our UAW and government partners, we were able to secure additional jobs and investment to keep Buffalo Stamping Plant competitive and efficient.”

Jimmy Settles, UAW vice president and director of the National Ford Department, credited workers’ commitment to excellence for helping to bring new work to Buffalo Stamping Plant.

“These additional jobs are the direct result of the dedicated effort our UAW members display every day at facilities all across the country, and serve as another reminder of the resilience of American workers and our nation’s manufacturing sector,” said Settles.

The job additions at Buffalo Stamping Plant are a combination of new workers, transfers and employees coming back from temporary leave. Ford is more than three-fourths of the way to its goal of creating 12,000 hourly jobs in the United States by 2015 to support new products and investment. The company also is investing $16 billion in its U.S. product development and manufacturing operations – including$6.2 billion for plant-specific investments. Additionally, Ford announced earlier this year its plans to hire 2,200 salaried workers in the United States in 2013 to fill jobs in such key areas as product development, manufacturing and IT.

“Ford’s investment of $150 million in its Hamburg facility is proof positive of western New York’s status as a leading hub of advanced manufacturing,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. “With this major investment, Ford is cementing its competitiveness in the region and keeping hundreds of well-paying jobs in westernNew York. As we work to attract and retain businesses here in upstate New York, the state is committed to providing the support needed to drive our economy and keep it moving forward.”

Buffalo Stamping Plant opened in 1950 and has approximately 650 employees. It produces doors, quarter panels, hoods, fenders and other stamped parts for the Ford F-250, F-350, Flex, Edge, Focus and Econoline, as well as the Lincoln MKX and MKT.