Workplace Satisfaction: What Do Workers Want?

Here are the top 10 factors that keep employees engaged and productive in the workplace, according to new research from Aerotek.

While most companies strive to keep employees engaged and productive, they may find it difficult to know which workplace factors will make a positive and sustainable impact, justifying the investment of time and resources. A new report from staffing firm Aerotek ranks the factors that employees most want in the workplace, contrasting that with how often they experience these things. By examining the gap between the two, employers can take a knowledgeable approach to determining ways they can go above and beyond to create an exceptional employee experience.

workplace satisfaction
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To find how workers prioritize the drivers that influence their workplace satisfaction, Aerotek surveyed more than 1,200 workers across industries and skill sets. The resulting research report is Workplace Satisfaction Report: What Workers Want — and What Doesn’t Matter.

Here are the top 10 factors that survey respondents say are important, according to the report:

  1. Business practices in line with my values
  2. Opportunities for growth and advancement
  3. My ideas are taken seriously
  4. Recognition for my work
  5. Manager(s) care about my career
  6. Transparent communication about job and company
  7. Compensation in line with expectations
  8. Gaining marketable skills
  9. Clear communication about what is expected
  10. Gaining a broad spectrum of skills

“Most people understand that workplace satisfaction is an important driver of employee engagement. But understanding workplace satisfaction, to a degree that drives employee engagement, requires a deeper commitment to and understanding of employees that unlocks individuals’ motivations to do more and achieve more,” noted Charmaine Thomas, Aerotek senior manager. “Employers have to go beyond what employees expect and prefer, to provide what workers really want — what delights them and makes them want to come and stay.”

In addition to the rankings, the report provides tangible recommendations to employers and can serve as a guiding methodology for organizations that want to invest in the satisfaction of their employees and retention of top talent.