Webinar Recap: Effective Facility And Asset Lifecycle Management

Oracle diagram. Presented on Wednesday, May 20, 2015, this webinar examined the need to balance workplace management with financial discipline, operational excellence, and risk management. It looked at how facilities professionals must manage rising end-to-end facilities costs of maintenance and upgrades as well as monitor the entire real estate portfolio, space demands, capital expansions, assets, and equipment. Without an integrated lifecycle management system in place, companies face wasted resources, maintenance and operations cost overruns, and overall poor financial planning and increased risk.

During this webinar, the presenter shared an overview of the Oracle Primavera solutions that provide the necessary capabilities to manage the overall facility lifecycle effectively, including Capital Project Management, Real Estate and Property Portfolio Management, Lease Administration, Facilities and Space Management, Maintenance Management, and Energy Utilization and Environmental Sustainability tracking.

A video of the presentation, “Effective Facility And Asset Lifecycle Management,” is now available below: