VanRiet Material Handling Systems Opening First U.S. Location In Georgia

The Dutch manufacturer of automated transport and sorting solutions will create more than 70 jobs in Fulton County, GA.

VanRiet Material Handling Systems, a Dutch manufacturer of automated transport and sorting solutions, will create more than 70 jobs in Fulton County, GA. It will be the company’s fourth location, and first in the United States.

Fulton County GA
Photo: VanRiet Material Handling Systems

“At VanRiet, we strive for full-fledged partnerships,” says CEO Rik van den Boog. “This means that we explore the possibilities when our international customers ask us whether we can also develop, implement and maintain our intralogistics solutions in the United States, besides in Europe and Asia. Given our growth ambitions and the increasing demand, the opening of a sales office and production facility in the U.S. constitutes a logical step for us.”

“Moreover, we find that the automation wave that has swept Europe in the last ten years is only just gaining ground there. So, it is a good time to go there,” adds Marketing Manager Henne Tap.

VanRiet Material Handling Systems, specialist in automatic transport and sorting solutions, is focusing on the American market by opening the facility in Fulton County. The market is of interest for the Dutch system integrator due to the growing demand for solutions in North America among its current customers. In the U.S., the company will deliver sub-systems and cooperate with other system integrators in the CEP, e-commerce and 3PL markets.

“We see a growing demand for solutions in North America,” said COO Milton Ng-a-Tham. “It was a logical step to open a facility in America where we can produce and assemble. We have already sold approximately 65 High Capacity Sorters so far to keep our facility in Atlanta running until the end of 2018. After weighing the pros and cons, we chose Atlanta to open our first location in America. Atlanta offers a number of key benefits. It has world-class facilities and is also a host to industrial fairs. Atlanta is very easy to reach, boasting the largest airport and it is close to the port of Savannah, the largest container terminal in North America. This allows for efficient and fast import of materials from Houten, our HQ in The Netherlands.”

VanRiet employs around 220 people in its head office in Houten, The Netherlands and its branch offices in China and Poland.

“International investment is a vital component to the state’s economy, and we find that Georgia provides the ideal environment for international companies to thrive,” said Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) Commissioner Pat Wilson. “We are excited that VanRiet Material Handling Systems chose Georgia. Our dedication to maintaining strong global partnerships has allowed us to maintain a welcoming environment for international companies such as VanRiet.”

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