September / October 2020 Issue (Volume 53, Number 5)

The September / October 2020 Issue features prime locations for the cybersecurity industry, and an update on economic development's response to COVID-19. Plus, startups, food processing and more.

Business Facilities September / October 2020

September / October 2020ON THE COVER

Cybersecurity 2.0 | The red-hot growth sector of cybersecurity has created an estimated 1 million jobs in the U.S., but at least half of these positions are going unfilled because of a severe shortage of workers with the specialized skills required for cyber jobs. Take our annual tour of the cyber sector and see which locations have put together the assets that are required to become a top cyber hub.


COVID-19: Response And Recovery | Economic development organizations and local businesses keep finding inspiring and innovative ways to join forces to meet the most urgent needs of this unprecedented crisis.

Planting The Seeds Of Growth | The most important metric in evaluating a startup ecosystem is how many startups succeed in putting down roots in a community. Find out which locations are nurturing startup ecosystems with access to skilled labor, angel investors and an affordable quality of life.

Staying Safe And Strong In Ohio | When the first coronavirus cases were announced in Ohio in early March, Gov. DeWine acted quickly, putting public health first and establishing best practices for staying safe and strong—which also is his blueprint for recovery in the Buckeye State.


Mississippi’s Battle Plan | Scientists at Vicksburg’s Engineer R&D Center have been deploying supercomputers to develop models illustrating how the coronavirus spreads.

Generating Growth In Genesee | Fast approval times along with preparation and delivery help maximize western New York’s abundant talent and power.

Putting Food On The Table | COVID-19 caused major disruptions to the agribusiness and food processing supply chain, but these locations have what it takes to bring goods from farm to market.

Lone Star State Can Take A Punch | Depressed oil prices and the coronavirus hit Texas like a one-two punch, but instead of hitting the deck, the heavyweight champ of state economies is punching back.

On The Front Lines | In locations throughout the nation, advanced manufacturing facilities and resources are being enlisted in the fight against COVID-19.

Find, Fund And Foster | Canada continues to position itself as a global cleantech leader with assistance from the Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC).

The Illinois Advantage | A great logistics network and a world-class education system enable the Land of Lincoln to generate the fifth-highest GDP among states.

Rolling On The River | River Ridge Commerce Center in southern Indiana has become an economic magnet for the entire region due to its logistical advantages.

Getting Busy In Baltimore | Record cargo volumes and the biggest container vessels ever are surging into the Port of Baltimore, raising the economic tide in Maryland.

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