SaaS For Streamlined Lease Administration

Broker Savant has introduced a semi-automatic, software as a service (SaaS) learning engine that complements a lease administrator’s daily workflow so that he or she can safeguard against errors, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies and be exponentially more effective and efficient with their lease review. 

The offering is designed to standardize the lease abstraction process for administrators and real estate professionals by ensuring efficiency, uniformity, consistency, and accuracy.Broker_Savant_logo

Lease abstraction is a very labor-intensive, manual, and frustratingly redundant process, notes the firm. This SaaS is designed eliminate many of these inefficiencies, for abstractors—to be a total solution to the daily management of leasing data where critical information is available in a timely and easily discernible manner.

Tailored to each client, the annual contract is based on two components: an Annual Usage Fee (determined by historical lease/abstract volume) and, secondly, an Annual Maintenance Fee (a percentage of the Usage Fee attributable to that month).