RELiON Opens New Technology Center In Washington

The new Technology Center and Lab in Seattle, WA serves as a central hub making room for the company to conduct research and development, product testing, and sustaining engineering.

RELiON, a global lithium battery provider has opened a new expanded Technology Center and Lab in Seattle, WA. This facility serves as a central hub making room for the company to conduct research and development, product testing, and sustaining engineering. One key onsite investment is new testing equipment to be used by the company’s team of highly skilled engineers. South Carolina-based RELiON is also hiring additional engineers in Seattle to join the team in bringing the next generation of lithium batteries to the global market.

Seattle, Washington
(Photo: RELiON)

This new location is part of RELION’s footprint in 10 cities and provinces across the globe, including the Shenzhen, China location which opened last year. With distributors and partners on every continent, RELiON has developed a strategic network with product available anywhere in the world, redefining how to service current and future markets. RELiON’s ongoing expansion efforts support the exciting new technology and products that RELiON will be launching this year as well as into 2020.

“Our continued investment furthers our mission to develop the most intelligent and high-quality lithium batteries for virtually any application our customers needy,” stated RELiON CEO, Paul Hecimovich. “This new Tech Center gives our engineering team the room, equipment, and resources they require to bring our mission to reality. As the need for higher performing and safer lithium batteries grows, we will be in the forefront delivering innovative technology.”

RELiON’s investment in innovation has led to several highly successful product launches resulting in battery technology for marine, recreational vehicles, industrial machinery, renewable energy, electric vehicles, and golf carts. This summer, the company will deliver its highly anticipated InSight Series™, a new drop-in replacement lithium battery with a patented SuperSmart Battery Management System (BMS) that automatically balances battery cells and maximizes battery performance when connected in parallel. Ideal for golf carts, scissor lifts, floor cleaning machines, RVs, boats, and industrial equipment, the InSight Series™ is the only battery technology that can accurately balance and maintain battery integrity without the need for an external BMS and complicated integration.

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