Red Sun Group Investing $140.5M In UK Auto Plant

The new CAD CAM Automotive plant in Coventry, England will produce commercial vehicles powered by the highly efficient hybrid Ecotive Vehicle Platform.

Red Sun Group is investing nearly $140.5 million in the United Kingdom with a new plant in Coventry, England for CAD CAM Automotive (CCA). Building on the specialized work CCA performs for Jaguar Land Rover, the investment will build a factory for the new breed of commercial vehicles powered by the highly efficient hybrid Ecotive Vehicle Platform, starting with the production of the MetroCab.

Coventry, England“I have always been driven by applying new technologies to provide better products and reduce the impact on our environment,” said Yang Shou Hai, President of Red Sun Group. “This is another strong step in Red Sun’s stated ambition to becoming China and the world’s pioneer in new technology, independent innovation and industrial models. This investment opportunity brings together highly skilled workers, and the application of market leading technologies to provide highly efficient commercial vehicles with vastly reduced harmful exhausts. We are very excited at the longer-term prospects this technology and plant can deliver.”

Red Sun Group’s new investment is in addition to more than $421 million it has already invested in the UK.

“Through our modern Industrial Strategy, the government is committed to building an automotive sector that is fit for the future that leads the way in low-emission vehicle production,” said Richard Harrington, MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Minister for Business and Industry. “Today’s investment is further evidence of the UK’s strength in developing electric vehicle technology and highlights the significant innovation within the Midlands Engine.

“Our landmark Automotive Sector Deal, announced in January, also committed [$562 million] towards building new charging infrastructure for electric vehicles as well as another [$281 million] for advanced battery technology – all of which will help ensure that the UK leads the world in the development of new technologies that support a cleaner future.”

Coventry, England
Photo: CAD CAM Automotive

Cad Cam Automotive Limited, with a significant shareholding by Red Sun Group, is the UK’s leading provider of lightweight aluminium bodyshells for vehicle providers such as Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicles Operations. It is the only complete aluminium bodyshell facility in the UK for volumes up to 15,000 vehicles per year.

“This investment is not only a testament to the quality of our company’s employees and their output, but further proof that the automotive production business is thriving in the Midlands and especially in Coventry,” said Martyn Wheeler, Managing Director of CCA.

“Today marks another important day as the Ecotive Vehicle Platform moves towards full production, firstly through the MetroCab,” commented Gérard Lopez, Executive Chairman Ecotive Limited. “We look forward to working closely with both Red Sun Group and CCA as we head towards production of our revolutionary cab.”