Quite Simply Hesperia, CA Works For Business

Hesperia has it all: a strategic location with great access to markets and a growing community that offers a low cost of living and a low cost of doing business.

Hesperia’s Rail Lead Track, served by BNSF Railway, is accessible to city-owned properties available for sale or lease. (Photo: City of Hesperia)

By the BF Staff
From the January/February 2017 Issue

Hesperia, located in a superior Southern California region outside the South Coast Air Quality Management District, but only 90 miles from Los Angeles, makes an ideal location for any industrial, distribution, and manufacturing operations.

Incorporated 25 years ago, Hesperia has, especially over the past decade, built a strong economic foundation supported by a young and growing population, good access to markets, a strategic location, along with relatively low living and operating costs. Hesperia is a thriving community of 102,123residents projected to reach a population of 113,151 by the year 2020. Hesperia is positioned as the gateway to the Inland Empire’s High Desert region with a population in excess of 431,000.

Encompassing over 111 square miles, Hesperia’s sphere of influence extends to hundreds of industrial/commercially-zoned acres along the desirable north-south frontage of Interstate 15. Sited along Interstate 15 and U.S. Highway 395, Hesperia combines access to air, ground, and rail transportation for fastest-to-market delivery, and offers exceptional time and cost advantages to companies requiring logistics benefits.

Interstate 15 and Highway 395 provide an economic lifeline for goods movement between the major shipping ports and population hubs of southern California and various communities throughout the southwestern and western regions of the United States. From a location in Hesperia, nine Western states can be reached by truck in 16 hours. Interstate 15 is a leading transcontinental north-south highway in the western United States that extends more than 1,470 miles through six states, connecting with the nation’s three transcontinental east-west highways: Interstates 10, 80, and 90. Logistics and manufacturing companies will benefit from Hesperia’s proximity to the ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach, less than 100 miles distant, as well as air service from Ontario International Airport and Southern California Logistics Airport.


The City has long understood the need to attract more businesses to provide its large labor force with better paying jobs and to help improve and balance the quality of life in Hesperia. This goal is achieved, in part, with an infrastructure investment in the industrial core of Hesperia, in particular to support the development of the city-owned properties adjacent to the G Avenue Rail Lead Track. A $2M grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration augmented construction funding for the $8.1 million track, runaround, service road and drainage channel, which were completed in 2012. Hesperia’s nearly one-mile long track is served by BNSF Railway, which reaches markets at every compass point of the United States.

A 488,000-square-foot manufacturing and distribution center in Hesperia, located in close proximity to US 395. (Photo: City of Hesperia)

For those companies requiring large scale facilities and proximity to transportation corridors such as Interstate 15 and US Highway 395, Hesperia offers what is becoming a rarity in the Los Angeles Basin and Inland Empire valleys of Southern California—two strategically located 200+ acre sites, each controlled by a single entity, as well as 80+ acres of rail-accessible city-owned land. All of these properties are adjacent to or in close proximity to major transportation corridors.

The 232-acre Hesperia Commerce Center is a five-phased, entitled project which at build-out could consist of up to 3.5 million square feet. Comprised of up to 34 buildings of industrial warehouse and office space, the future logistics development is located on the west side of the I-15, just north of the new Ranchero Road Interchange at I-15.

Five parcels, all under a single ownership, encompass 225+/- acres zoned as Commercial/Industrial Business Park. The approximate aggregate dimension is 3,988’ x 2,585’, plus a flag lot connecting the site to U.S. Highway 395, which ultimately joins with Interstate 15 to the south. However, just over a mile to the east of this site on Phelan Road/Main Street, I-15 is also fully accessible to exiting and entering truck traffic.

With its strong Interstate highway network, large parcels and prime rail-accessible land, Hesperia can forge a strong link in any supply chain. Goods movement has never been easier—or more cost effective—than in the City of Hesperia. The city is staffed with pro-development professionals who make it their business to cut through red tape. Wielding a toolbox that includes a huge selection of prime sites; a City Council committed to commerce; and incentive and assistance resources, the Hesperia team will remain your strategic partner, making your transition here expedient, affordable, productive and profitable.

Commercial, industrial, retail and office properties abound throughout Hesperia, and this pro-development, customer service-oriented city is serious about bringing your business to Hesperia! To see how Hesperia can work for you, contact Economic Development Management Analyst Lisa K. LaMere at (760) 947-1910 or by email at econdev@cityofhesperia.us.