Prolamsa Group Picks Texas For New Pipe And Tubular Products Mill

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

The Prolamsa Group has announced it will build its new 300,000-plus tons-per-year pipe and tubular products facility at Texas Triangle Park in Bryan, TX. The mill, which will cost in excess of $120 million dollars, is expected to employ more than 285 people.

The facility will operate under a newly formed company, Axis Pipe and Tube, Inc. It is scheduled to begin production by mid-2014 and will produce Energy tubular products aimed at meeting the growing demand of the U.S. oil and natural gas industries.

Bryan, TX located in Brazos County, was selected after a comprehensive search of possible sites throughout the southeastern and southwestern United States. Company officials said that Bryan was chosen for several reasons including the business-friendly environment, the adequate supply of skilled labor nearby, and its proximity to a large and growing base of customers for the plant’s products. Prolamsa has been granted approvals for certain economic incentives and is in the process of processing and finalizing others, which played a critical role throughout the site selection process.

Company officials went on to praise the state and local public officials who assisted in the selection process. A company spokesman said, “Everyone from Governor Perry’s office, to public officials from Brazos County and the city of Bryan, and the Research Valley Partnership was extremely helpful and provided the information and an enthusiastic spirit that convinced us to locate in Bryan. We felt they truly wanted us as neighbors and business partners.”

The new 183 acre plant will produce ERW energy tubular products in diameters up to 16″, with wall thicknesses up to .625″. It will have the capability to produce API grades as well as ASTM specified products.