Prepare To Surface

From the Desk of the Editor in Chief

In every great submarine warfare movie, there always is a scene in which a crippled sub is dropping like a stone, heading for a hull-popping tomb on the bottom of the ocean. At the last second, someone will grab a wrench and head down to the engine room. Standing in chest-deep water, with oil dripping into his eyes, the hero finds a way get the power going again.

For the past few weeks, there has been much discussion about when our great economic ship will stop sinking—or at least how long it will crawl along the gloomy bottom. Well, in this real-life drama, there are no less than 50 would-be heroes. The nation’s governors have grabbed their tool kits and a host of 21st-century spark plugs and they are working tirelessly to breathe life into our mighty economic engine.

In this issue, we publish the third installment of our new Governor’s Report series. Like the two governors we profiled earlier this year, Iowa’s Chet Culver and Michigan’s Jennifer Granholm, Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear is moving aggressively to jump-start a bevy of new industries in his state.

Gov. Beshear and his fellow state chief executives are faced with challenges that have not been seen in the U.S. since the 1930s. We are pleased to report they are rising to the task. Speaking of rising, that faint rumbling under your feet is coming from the first tentative turns of the gears. And yes, the floor is tilting ever so slightly, because the bow of the big ship is inching its way off the bottom.

It is pointing in the best possible direction—up.

Jack Rogers