Pedal/Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Expands North Carolina Manufacturing, Opens West Coast Facility

Posted by Heidi Schwartz

Organic Transit’s ELF, an urban mobility solution that fills the space between a bicycle and a car. Legally a bicycle, the ELF  is pedal powered and assisted with a solar powered electric motor. If the ELF did use gasoline, it would get the equivalent of 1800 mpg. Made in the U.S., each ELF on the road prevents six tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each year. (Photo: PRNewsFoto/Organic Transit.)

Organic Transit, manufacturer of the ELFpedal/electric vehicle, has outgrown the old retail furniture store where it began in 2011 in downtown Durham, NC. With the move, the company will use sustainable design in the building renovation and implement a higher volume manufacturing process.

“We love the old building, and it was perfect for getting us into business,” said Rob Cotter, Organic Transit Founder and CEO,  “But like Henry Ford realized 100 years ago, we need more room for a proper assembly line to increase our productivity.”

The company builds the ELF, a pedal and solar electric powered vehicle, which is the cleanest, most efficient vehicle commercially available. Organic Transit began taking orders after a January, 2013 KickStarter program.  Since that time, more than 200 vehicles have been sold.

Organic Transit is also opening a San Jose manufacturing facility in partnership with Good Karma Bikes, a non-profit that trains homeless individuals to become bicycle mechanics.

“Interest in the ELF on the West Coast has been huge,” said Cotter. “Through this partnership, we’ll have an assembly plant to service customers in western states as well as give something back the local community.”

Cotter said the San Jose location will also be a base to make local deliveries of vehicles and act as a regional maintenance facility.

The ELF, legally a bicycle, can travel on bike paths and roads without a driver’s license. The vehicle  is constructed of recycled or recyclable materials.