May/June 2015 Issue (Volume 48, Number 3)

Business Facilities May/June 2015business-facilities-may/june-2015

First Word | Precious Commodity

Snapshots: 60 Seconds… | With Val Hale, Executive Director, Utah GOED

Business Report: New Hampshire – A Welcome Move | A neighbor’s loss is New Hampshire’s gain as High Liner Foods puts its a new headquarters in Portsmouth.

Cover Story: Global Bio Report | If there’s one bright spot in the economic gloom enveloping most places in Europe, that glimmer of hope is pulsing out of the Old Continent’s burgeoning biotech sector. Join BF contributing editor Stefanie Ramsperger as she navigates the new terrain of Europe’s bio map and updates the latest from leading labs in the U.S.

Industry Focus: Manufacturing High-Tech Growth | In terms of its contribution to U.S. GDP, the advanced manufacturing sector is punching well above its weight, producing $2.7 trillion in value-added economic activity.

Cousins With Coastal Clout | While obviously not twins, North and South Carolina share enough similarities to make them look like business kin.

Business Report: Maryland – Records, Set, Go | Exports from Maryland reached a record high last year, spurred by trade with Canada, Saudi Arabia and China.

Business Report: Alabama – Investment Tide Keeps Rolling | There were 392 new projects in Alabama in 2014, bringing in nearly $3.4 billion in investments.

Thumbs Up For Business Expansion | They’ve got more than a green thumb in Michigan’s thriving 1-69 region, where a bevy of industries have discovered a prime location within reach of key markets.

Far From Thirsty | Greater Memphis wants you to know they have a 100-trillion-gallon supply of pure, sweet water in one of nature’s underground wonders.

Special Report: New Heights In Washington | The Evergreen State’s economy is experiencing historic growth fueled by a diverse group industry sectors with products and services that have changed the world.

Feature: A Rising Star In The Southwest | Whether it’s wiping out a budget deficit while cutting taxes 24 times, doubling trade with Mexico or giving 70,000 students the skills they need for 21st-century jobs, New Mexico is one step ahead of the competition. Gov. Susana Martinez gives BF the secrets to NM’s success.

Special Report: Reaching For The Wild Blue Yonder In Nevada | A major player in national security, Nevada’s aerospace and defense industry has a long, rich history and a bright, innovative future.

Special Report: Reigning Supreme In The Southeast | With so many projects and new jobs announced in Tennessee recently, the Volunteer State shows no signs of giving up its grip on our State of the Year trophy.

Special Report: Nothing Common About Its Wealth | Left, right and center, Massachusetts looks every which way to bring new business home. And once it succeeds, the Bay State is ready to deliver.

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