May/June 2012 Issue (Volume 45, Number 3)

Business Facilities: May/June 2012

First Word | Great Expectations

Snapshots: 60 Seconds | with Stephen Moret, Secretary, Louisiana Economic Development

Business Report: West Virginia – Open For Business | The mountain state is a bevy of information when it comes to public awareness about its businesses.

Cover Story: Building A Biotech Bonanza | While the big biotech balloon isn’t soaring as high as expected prior to the financial woes of 2008, it definitely hasn’t popped. During the economic recovery, sector initiatives have traded fast and furious for slow and steady—and sometimes that’s what wins the race.

International Report: Germany And Belgium | The economies of advanced and emerging Europe have been spilling over into each other as they jockey for position in the midst of crisis. Find out which areas may get the upper hand as an economic union battles to hold itself together.

Location Focus: Carolinas – Coastal Clout With Global Reach | Follow North and South Carolina as they certify shovel-ready sites and pioneer new incentives for long-term growth.

Industry Focus: Data Centers – Growing By Gigabytes | From the snow-capped Rockies of Wyoming to the scenic vistas of the Tennessee Valley, the growth of cloud computing and a defrosting economy have heated up a resumption of planned expansions and put new projects on the front burner. Look over our shoulder as we measure the expanding footprint of this hot growth sector.

Feature Story: Powerhouses That Put A Jot In New Projects | A select group of utilities have made economic development a central part of their mission. Join Business Facilities as it showcases these standouts and delivers the results of its comprehensive Top Utilities survey.

Business Report: Maryland – Maryland Is Leading The Pack In Energy Efficiency | Maryland’s aggressive energy efficiency goals are within reach as the state moves up in the environmental rankings.

Industry Focus: Ports Of Success  | With export numbers on the rise, find out which ports and FTZs are situated to help keep businesses afloat.

Business Report: Utah – Job Creation Efforts Are Buzzing In The Beehive State | Gov. Gary Herbert is leading and ambitious effort to create 100,000 jobs in 1,000 days. Find out what’s making the Beehive State’s economy buzz.

Special Report: Northeast Ohio – Region On The Rise | The triangle that connects Cleveland, Akron and Youngstown is quickly transitioning to the 21st century knowledge economy. Take our tour.

The Growth Specialist: Everything Must Change – Rethinking Workforce Development | A skilled workforce must be equipped to meet project needs. Let our Specialist help you avoid a mismatch.

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