Majority Of Professionals Use Multiple Devices At Work More Than 50% Of The Time

Posted by Heidi SchwartzFull Kensington infographic about mobile devices.

Kensington has announced findings from a North American survey on productivity and the use of mobile devices in the office/desktop environment. The data shows that more than 60% of professionals surveyed use multiple devices in the office at least half the time, with nearly 60% sending files back and forth between a mobile device and computer at least three times per week.

Research by Forrester shows that 74% of employees have two devices that they use for work, and just over half of users juggle three devices.1 When sending files between a mobile device and computer, most rely on multiple resources—including e-mail, Dropbox, iCloud, and/or Google Drive—as well as a range of external accessories like monitors, keyboards, and chargers to try to boost productivity.

“The limitations caused by a cluttered digital landscape show a clear need for employees to have access to more flexible accessories at their desktops,” said Louie Yao, Global Product Manager, Kensington. “More organizations need to move toward a standardized process that allows professionals to use a single solution in their work environment, rather than always worrying about how to sync their devices.”

Kensington’s productivity survey also revealed that professionals in organizations large and small, across diverse industries, are concerned with the effects on their productivity from lack of integration among their various computing devices. Over 80% of those polled use e-mail for file transfer between two devices, and 90% of IT management, IT staff, and corporate managers believe that integrating their computing devices would enhance their productivity.

The survey also identified that the top five business tasks of respondents using a smartphone are phone calls, e-mails, texts, maps, and photos. Kensington conducted the survey in the second quarter of 2015.

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