LiveXchange 2014 Presentation: The Site Selector’s Guide To Working With Boomtowns & Bustvilles

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Business Facilities LiveXchange 2014 offered a comprehensive, practical, and strategic conference program to help corporate delegates better plan and manage their companies’ relocation or expansion projects. This unique experience was supplemented by an all-star list of guest speakers, including Al Jones, Chief of Scouts,

In his presentation, “The Site Selector’s Guide To Working With Boomtowns & Bustvilles,” Jones discussed how every community reflects past and current booms and busts in what sites, buildings, infrastructure, supply chains, housing, and workforce are present already and their condition, with the most aggressively offered sites Al Jones.smallerin the most desperate and “busted out” places and the highest cost sites amid booms that often further mask the nearly insurmountable shortages of construction for both the new facility and workforce housing.  Moving to where wages are low, houses are cheap, workers are desperate, and communities will do anything to get some jobs has many false economies and figuring out how deep and prolonged their bust is (often a century’s worth of bust) is a challenge we’ll talk about as is shoehorning into boom towns like the 20 shale oil/gas booms or resort areas the boss has bought a vacation home at.

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