Kyndryl Creating New Cloud Innovation Center In Québec

The bilingual technology services center in Montréal is expected to create nearly 500 new IT jobs in the next five years.

Kyndryl will create a new bilingual technology services center in Montréal, Québec that is expected to create nearly 500 new IT jobs in the next five years. The center will enable Kyndryl to meet the growing demand for cloud skills and extend delivery of its industry-leading digital transformation services to Canadian organizations.

“This center creates tremendous opportunity in several ways. Our customers and organizations across Canada can now leverage Kyndryl’s world class talent, with the top skills in cloud and technology services, to help them accelerate their digital transformation strategies and achieve their business goals,” says Xerxes Cooper, President of Kyndryl Canada. “The next-generation workforce from local technical colleges and universities have the opportunity to deliver the technology skills needed to drive business innovation, and this centre positions Quebec as a hub for global businesses.”

Montréal, Québec
(Photo: Kyndryl)

Kyndryl is an independent infrastructure technology services company that spun off from IBM. It is the largest in Canada and the world, and supports mission critical workloads and digital transformation for top Canadian organizations. The company’s customers include financial institutions, airlines, governments, industrial products, and more.

The Montréal Cloud Innovation Centre will provide Canadian customers with high value certified skills in areas including cloud application modernization, automation for DevOps and service management, analytics and artificial intelligence, and digitization services. By expanding access to this advanced expertise, Kyndryl will help its existing and new customers tackle business objectives in modern, digital ways.

The center has already created more than 100 new IT jobs in Montréal. New employees are receiving training across the tech industry’s leading cloud platforms, automation tools, cybersecurity, and from Kyndryl’s vast partner network.

“Canada is home to a diverse, highly-skilled, and well-educated workforce and a thriving innovation ecosystem,” said Mary Ng, Minister of International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business and Economic Development. “Investments like Kyndryl’s will play an important role in supporting Canada’s strong, sustainable, inclusive economic recovery. Our government will continue to promote Canada as a leading investment destination and create good-paying middle class jobs around the country.”

“By leveraging cutting-edge expertise, this new service center will undoubtedly enrich our technological ecosystem in order to shape the future of businesses here and abroad,” said Hubert Bolduc, President of Investissement Québec International. “We are pleased to support Kyndryl in its transformation and growth projects in Québec, and our teams will continue to support foreign companies looking to invest in Québec for the long term.”

“Canada’s technology sector, from large multinational companies to innovative scale-ups, is a key driver of our economic future and it is clear we have all the ingredients to put Canada back on the world stage,” said Angela Mondou, President & CEO, TECHNATION. “What our country needs is a coherent approach that combines Canada’s digital transformation agenda with an economic development agenda – fueled by Canada’s innovative technology businesses. Kyndryl’s significant investment today is an example of how large tech drives entire supply chains – delivering jobs of the future, supporting entrepreneurs and thousands of SMEs and fueling business success across all sectors. It is a win for everyone.”

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