INTEGRIM Opens U.S. Headquarters In New Hampshire

INTEGRIM's new U.S. location will enable the company to serve a market that is ripe for Process Automation solutions nationwide.

During a recent official ceremony with the New Hampshire and Massachusetts business community and government representatives, INTEGRIM announced the opening of its U.S. company and its new headquarters in the Manchester, NH region.

New Hampshire
Ben Rioux, General Manager INTEGRIM US, Mike Skelton President & CEO, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Marc Voyer, CCO, INTEGRIM.

For more than 25 years, INTEGRIM has assisted Canadian businesses with Electronic Content Management (ECM) and Process Automation. INTEGRIM is now positioned as an important paperless document automation partner in the U.S. Market.

“Our company, created in 1992, has kept a focus on building the foundations for solutions whose goals are to bridge the gap between unstructured content and corporate transactional content, thus our name, INTEGRIM, which stands for INTEGRation and IMaging,” said André Denis, President & Founder, INTEGRIM.

“We chose Manchester for our U.S. headquarters due to this community’s great location and the unparalleled support we received from the local stakeholders we met during our selection process,” he continued. “We’re beyond proud to be part of this great community today. In New Hampshire, we have found a dynamic and vibrant professional environment along with many friends, as well as a fantastic place to live and get involved.”

INTEGRIM’s new U.S. location will enable the company to serve a market that is ripe for Process Automation solutions nationwide.

“Among those we want to recognize for their support, we would like to specifically thank Michael Bergeron and Benoit Lamontagne (NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs), Yann Lamarche  (Quebec Government Office in Boston), Mike Skelton and Heather Avella (Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce),” said Ben Rioux, U.S. General Manager, INTEGRIM. “We really appreciate the hard work, guidance and support you provided in helping us get established in our new office

“I always look forward to new projects and pitches that have the potential to become great additions in our stable of New Hampshire businesses,” said Mike Skelton, President & CEO for Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. “While success is never guaranteed, some pitches have the potential to turn out to be great projects and solid contributors to our community. It’s important we’re there because we want to help bring in businesses and create jobs in our community. It’s been great to see Marc Voyer and Ben Rioux get involved early on with the business community at our Chamber events and connect with other Chamber members. I am looking forward to hearing their success stories.”

“After several months of preparation, the establishment of our U.S. headquarters in Manchester is now a reality,” said Marc Voyer, Chief Commercial Officer, INTEGRIM. “This process required over a year of development and due diligence because everything needed to be done perfectly to ensure that a strong foundation was in place to collaborate effectively with this community in the hopes of growing our business and create opportunities for all involved.

“It was important for us to establish our U.S. Headquarters in a community that aligns with our corporate and personal values,” Voyer continued. “In New Hampshire, the high level of entrepreneurial energy, the receptivity of the business community to our project and the growth mentality of the Greater Manchester Area seduced us and convinced us to involve ourselves not only professionally but also personally.”

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